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 [Journal] Bethany Koiv

[Journal] Bethany Koiv

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[Journal] Bethany Koiv

Bethany Alessandra Koiv |

Posted on Wed Jan 16, 2013 10:04 am

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ecc: 5

Basic Info

First Name: Bethany
Middle Name: Alessandra
Last Name: Koiv
Five traits: Hard-hearted, Artisitc, Pessimistic, Secluded (when it comes to her past) , Gloomy

Age: 26
Birthday: 04.02.1986
Star Sign: Aries

Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: American and Russian

Gender: Female
Relationship Status: Single, and content with it.
Sexual Preference: Bi-sexual

Residence: Rusty's Trailer #47
Education: Bachelors degree in Psychology (Although she hates it, and can't get a good job without continuing her education and getting a Masters.

Fluently Spoken Languages: English
Non-Fluently Spoken Languages: N/A

Criminal Record: Associated with possession of Cocaine & Crystal Meth (found in her mother's car).


Weight: 100lbs
Build: Lanky,

Skin Color: Porcelain
Hair Color: Black and Purple
Eye Color: Bright Blue-ish Green

Scars: She cuts herself, Mostly her arms, and thighs.
Birthmarks: Freckles

Tattoos: Roses half sleeve, and chest piece
Piercings: 3 eyebrow piercings, Labret, Septum,
snakebites, right nostril, Nipple piercing, Christina Piercing,
Tongue piercing.

Style: very dark and edgy. Sometimes wears Lolita dresses.


Hometown: Allentown, PA
Bethany comes from a small town called Allentown in Pennsylvania, where she lived with her mother Mina and her sister Saige Koiv. The motives she had for moving to Index was solely because of her sister Saige, and because of the fact that she liked the darkness of it when she visited. She was living in California before and it just didn't feel right, she prefers being closer to her little sister. Bethany is not shy at all, but she finds it difficult to make relationships with others, because of how secluded she is when it comes to actually getting to know someone really well. She is very cold-hearted and grim because of her mother and her childhood. Bethany was raped at a young age by one of her mother's clients who at the time had become her mother's boyfriend. She self-harms and tends to have suicidal thoughts, but she tries to keep that from absolutely everyone included her overly emotional sister, Saige. She prefers hanging out with men, as opposed to girls, in order to cut down her daily drama intake. Although, she much rather have a relationship with a woman. She finds it vindictive to trust anyone except her sister. Bethany is very creative when it comes to writing, music, and drawing.

NPC Family: Mina Koiv (Mother), Markus Koiv (Deceased, Father)


Favorite Color(s): Brown/ black
Favorite Animal(s): Snakes

Favorite Game: WoW
Favorite Book(s): The Vampire Lestat
Favorite Movie(s): Requiem for a Dream
Favorite Television Show(s): Does not like watching stupid shows, but likes to watch Big Brother, & Supernatural
Favorite Musical Artist(s): My Chemical Romance, LetLive, Dance Gavin Dance, Motionless in White, Blessthefall, La dispute, Man Overboard, Enter Shikari, System of a down, Emarosa, The Story So Far, A lot like Birds
Favorite Song(s): Enter Shikari : Sorry, you're not a winner, and Letlive: We, The Pros of Cons, La Dispute: King Park, A Lot Like Birds: Recluse

Favorite Place(s): Mosh pit.
Favorite Past-time(s): None.

Favorite Meal(s): Mashed Potatoes with corn
Favorite Drink(s) (Non-Alcoholic): OJ
Favorite Snack(s): Danimals
Favorite Dessert(s): Apples with peanut butter

Favorite Drink(s) (Alcoholic): Vodka
Favorite Drug(s): Crystal Meth (now addicted), Coke, and Ecstasy, smokes weed too but not often.

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Re: [Journal] Bethany Koiv

Bethany Alessandra Koiv |

Posted on Thu Nov 07, 2013 11:24 pm


1.Getting Acquainted (Eli Cruz) 

2.Eat, Sleep, Repeat (Jasper Levins)

3. Graveyard Souls (Eli Cruz) 

4. Sweet Tooth(Eli Cruz)

5. Entering Up a Back Alley(Lenny Tronconi, Raven Thorne) 

6. Ink(Constantine Chapman, Rivet Harkness)

7. Death Song(Eli Cruz)

8. My Stomach has a black hole (Eli Cruz, Darian Stark)

9. Ready For Repair (Gabriel Wright, Metrofanes Papageorgiou)

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