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 [Journal] Giovanni, Reyes

[Journal] Giovanni, Reyes

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[Journal] Giovanni, Reyes

Giovanni Michael Reyes | Wolf; Warrior/Fighter

Posted on Fri Dec 28, 2012 12:18 am

Giovanni's Application

Traits:Insolent, Intimate, Deceiver, Good-Humored, Artistic


First Name:
Middle Name: Michael
Last Name: Reyes

Age: 24
Birthday: July, 31, 1988
Star Sign: Leo

Ethnicity: Mexican
Nationality: American

Gender: Male
Relationship Status: Single and ready to mingle?
Sexual Preference: Straight

Occupation: English Teacher
Education: Bachelor's degree in English

Fluently Spoken Languages: English
Non-Fluently Spoken Languages: un poco de espanol

Criminal Record: He likes to speed, but other than traffic tickets, he is clean.


Weight: 168 lbs

Skin Color: Bronze
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel/Green

Scars: One on the back of his head

Piercings: Septum, stretched lobes 1 inch.

Style: Rockerish/Casual

NPC Family: Heather his mom, Dave his dad, Alina is his sister, and David his brother.

BESTFRIEND: Brandon Owens
Michelle Hawke
Rayen Sinquah
Logan Byrne

Attracted To

Hair Color: Dark hair
Eye Color: Brown/Blue
Style: Any style
Ethnicity: Caucasian, or Hispanic
Nationality: Any
Accent: ANY

he ain't picky ^


Favorite Color(s): Red
Favorite Animal(s): Pitbull

Favorite Game: (Doesnt play much)
Favorite Book(s): He won't read for fun, but he likes: Fight Club
Favorite Movie(s): He likes X-Men Days of Futures Past, All the Batman Movies, Inception, etc.
Favorite Television Show(s): Hannibal and the Walking Dead
Favorite Musical Artist(s): Suicide Silence, Memphis May Fire, Emarosa, Whitechapel, Parkway Drive, Slaves, Every time I die, Woe Is Me, Dance Gavin Dance, The Amity Affliction, Neck Deep, A lot Like Birds, Blessthefall, Chiodos, A day to remember, The Devil Wears Prada, Enter SHikari, A Skylit Drive, Silverstein, Linkin Park and Confide.
Favorite Song(s): Generation Hate by Memphis May Fire, And I told them I invented Times New Roman :Dance Gavin Dance, Breaking the habit: Linkin Park
Favorite Place(s): None really.
Favorite Past-time(s): None.

Favorite Meal(s): T-BELL potato taco
Favorite Drink(s) (Non-Alcoholic): Water
Favorite Snack(s): Doritos
Favorite Dessert(s): Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Favorite Drink(s) (Alcoholic): Grey Goose
Favorite Drug(s): Drug-free.

Gio's baby :

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Re: [Journal] Giovanni, Reyes

Giovanni Michael Reyes | Wolf; Warrior/Fighter

Posted on Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:01 pm


Your Loneliness is Only You (Linus Jansson, Lyca Stark, Natoli Meyers, Barney Lee)

The Curse of Curves (Ebony Reed)

Ready to Blow (Michelle Hawke, Lilith Alysbury)

Vices (Ebony Reed)

What Happens in the Teacher's lounge... (Jude Fischer, Rayen Sinquah)

I Don't Read (Koso Lee)

Dull Perfume (Marcia Saki)

Live it, Lust it, Love it. (Michelle Hawke)

Somtimes Love is Not Enough (Logan Bryne, Michelle Hawke)

Damaged Goods (Michelle Hawke)

A Perfect Circle(Michelle Hawke, Rhiannon Jovovich, Ebony Reed)

You are in Good Hands (Michelle Hawke, Eli Cruz, Charlotte wills.)

Shut up, Rayen. It's a date.(Rayen Sinquah)

Challenge Accepted (Michelle Hawke, Britney Miami Spears)

Locked Up Like a Jar of Mayonnaise (Britney Miami Spears, Michelle Hawke)

The Mexican Fucking Wall of Death (Sybil Stone, Clio Stirling, Amelia Lear, Britney Miami Spears)

Elevated (Noelle Benson, Emmett Stephenson)

The Devil Rocks a Skrillex Cut (Michelle Hawke, Ebony Reed)

Thug City (Zara Freeling)

Mattress Priveledges (Michelle Hawke)

Mosh, Bitch, Mosh (Michelle Hawke, Logan Byrne)

Relentless Chaos (Logan Byrne)

Tresspassers Will be Prosecuted (Amelia Lear, Stephanie Wisemen)

New Kid in Town (Jodie Wicks, Emmett Stephenson, Rayen Sinquah)

The Comfort of Oz (Michelle Hawke)

Call Kenny Logins cuz' you're in the danger zone?(Michelle Hawke, Calypso Paxon)

Where the fuck is the free food? (Brandon Owens, Eden Evans, Regalia Hollow)

Single and Ready to Mingle(Joel West, Romy Cascio,  James "Kool Aid" Suzuki)

The Right Thing to do (Michelle Hawke, Claire Trevino)

Bitches Goin' Down (Michelle Hawke)

Washing Out the Stank(Michelle Hawke)

The Cool Cat Crew (Gabriel Wright, Michelle Hawke)

Step Out (Arden Rowe)

Event Bennigan's Annual Halloween Party (Michelle Hawke, Vincent Byrne, Mark Stonebridge, Erika Richards, Ren Davenport, Gabriel Wright, Bethany Koiv, Alyssa West, Arden Rowe, Poet Sienna, Peyton Marx, and Asgeirr Haagan.)

Kanye (Logan Byrne)

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