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 [Private] Electric

[Private] Electric

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[Private] Electric

Logan Milo Byrne | Human; Citizen

Posted on Fri Apr 27, 2018 6:10 pm

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Lookout ⋅ Clear/Calm AF ⋅ Dark

It's you and me, babe. I proclaimed confidently, and my hand grazing past her less confidently. I wanted to grip her, tell her everything was going to be alright, tell her how much I loved her and needed her and couldn't live without her. She'd been so quiet lately... So distant. I missed hearing her. I missed her scent... God that smell. It drove me crazy like you wouldn't believe. I missed the way she felt, so smooth... So electric.

Being here with her right now, looking out across the town of Index below, and up at the stars above us... Could I have asked for a better moment to share with her? Could I have asked for a better moment to do what I was about to do?

I brought my fist up to my mouth, biting my knuckles nervously. I want to start with the truth. I couldn't even look up, my eyes staring down at my lap. You really scared me. The way you... I couldn't even finish that sentence, my eyes were already welling up. I just... This time my movements were more confident, and I gripped her tight as I leaned in... I love you. I love you so much...

One question... Are you holding a mirror up or sitting in your car? D's voice came through my phones speaker. You wanna leave me on hold for twenty minutes, that's what happens. I grinned, stroking my steering wheel as if the moment I was having with my car had never ended. You're doing that shit alone now? For fucks sake bro it's getting creepy. She was only in the shop for a few days! His voice trailed off as his phone no doubt fell to the floor once again. Call me when you have your hands free. Or at least one hand, keep the other in your pants I know how much my voice turns you on. I cackled, hitting the "end call" button before he could respond.

And I was back to being bored and alone, waiting for people to arrive...

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Claire Trevino

Re: [Private] Electric

Claire Trevino | Human; Citizen

Posted on Sun Apr 29, 2018 7:58 pm

Look. Sound of her car is the first 40 sec of this video. Car.

I was nervous. Way more nervous than I should have been. I mean… my life, my choices, right? I was making better money than I’d expected, picking overtime left and right at the hospital during the cold months. Not much else to do, and I was getting great experience although sometimes… well.. More than sometimes, I was regretting my career choice. I think I was finally coming through that dark period where I didn’t think I could hack it. But in a way it empowered me. It was my leverage, I guess. I worked this hard, I put this much of my blood, sweat and tears into this - so what I did with my life outside was all the more justified. I felt myself going back and forth, feeling I was being too neurotic, like this wasn’t that big of a deal. And then in a flash I could just see myself gradually drifting away from the closest thing to a family I had…..

Over a car. Why did it feel like betrayal? The car people were close, in a way but just like in politics there was division. Old versus new. Domestic versus import. Rhp versus this modded four banger stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I could get my WRX going if I wanted. I’ve seen some damn good times by this guy in a Focus. But… it was a Focus. No, my eyes were looking to the Hellcats, the ZL-1s, the modern muscle. Power AND beauty. And it was all just a small amount of daydreaming, a little motivated daydreaming searching some listings when I stumbled upon it. A 2015 Z/28 Camaro. Something about it hit me, and looking at comments, asking a few “internet” friends… lead me to the realization that this car was a rare gem. Maybe built a little more for the track than the strip, but that had my mind even more excited. I began watching dash cam track videos when no one was around, as if I were covering some kind of drug addiction. It seemed much more exciting than a straight drag. I was definitely feeling this decision.  

Forty two thousand… for an almost four year old car. But less than 20k miles. And… well, hell, I wasn’t buying a sedan! Could I do this? Could I do it and keep the Nova? Could I keep both habits? Or maybe just take the Nova to shows? Everything I’d done was planned. I never let my gut fully decide without giving myself cool off time. But one evening, as re-runs of something played on the TV and Logan watched - I tried to contain myself as I sent a message to the seller. I was sure my face flushed and my entire lower region of my face hurt as I contained my smile. That was last night. Now the car is sitting in the driveway and about to make its debut to the group. Holy moly. When my phone dinged I almost jumped. Tori was going to be late. So was I, if I could even get the nerve to go. I mean, it’s not like they talked down about the cars but you could tell their preference. But… but…  The only time I could move was to step to the window and look at the beast. Finally, if nothing else, the urge to drive it again had me up and out of the door.

The guilt faded away once I felt the difference of the lighter, responsive and nimble car on the curves of the roads. Exhaust and everything was stock - for now. But still sounded good. And I definitely felt the speed creep up on me much faster than I’d realized. I even went the long way - and then circled around and did it again before finally turning off the road toward the lookout, ignoring all the “where are you” texts from Tori. I wriggled my brows at her as I drove past and eventually backed my 2015 Z/28 in between her Caddy and Logan’s Impala. I got out, grinning widely.

It’s a rental.

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Re: [Private] Electric

Logan Milo Byrne | Human; Citizen

Posted on Fri May 11, 2018 2:56 pm

The truth was, I couldn't remember the last time I'd felt this way. Yeah I had my jokes, my friends... Claire... But something was missing. Each meet up and hang out like this was feeling more and more empty without that missing piece. Like all of the pillars that made Logan Byrne, Logan Byrne were slowly crumbling. And it wasn’t just these gatherings that made me feel that way… Any time I spent with anyone that mattered to me felt increasingly unstable.

I'd ignored so much. Never reacting with more than a quip or subtle nod to acknowledge that our world was made up of things far more real, powerful, and monstrous than one could imagine.

I used to feel so strong before moving to Index. So unbreakable and utterly capable that nothing could penetrate my wall of confidence. But after a shooting, wolves… Vampires… Magicians… Lost friends to evil sorcery (ha)... Lost children… And everything else I’d endured, I was starting to realize something. Enduring was all I’d done. I hadn’t once fought back. I always defaulted to the guy that sits through this life like it’s a movie; Providing everyone around him with comical commentary as the devastation tears through the screen in front of us.

But this wasn’t a movie. And that devastation was tearing through us. I was tired of it. I was tired of enduring and sitting back while lives of people I loved were toyed with. Tired of making excuses for family because blood isn’t always thicker. I was sick and tired of feeling helpless.

And I had no intention of feeling that way anymore.

Meeting up with friends tonight was more to me than the usual social gathering. Meeting up with friends tonight was my reminder that I had something to fight for. I had a circle of people that I wanted to protect even if they didn’t know how badly they needed that protection. But more than that, I wanted to have that assurance. That guarantee that every night when we parted ways, and they returned to their homes, they’d be perfectly safe.

I popped a pill into my mouth and reached for my Gatorade to wash it down. All of my instincts said that one was never enough, but my window of time was narrowing. Tori had pulled up and I panicked. Without thought I shoved the baggy to the floor and used my heels to kick it under my seat as she exited. Where is it? I yelled out through my window as I opened the door. Right here. She yelled back, her voice muffled as she bent over the drivers side with one knee propped onto her seat. Her ass was in full view, and I took a moment to appreciate the sight by framing it with my index fingers and thumbs.

As she crawled out, tupperware container in hands, I shoved my hands into my pockets and whistled, moseying on over to retrieve my prize. Do you have something for me? She asked, hiding the container behind her back. My everlasting appreciation? I grinned. She began tapping her foot. So I pulled a quarter from behind her ear, EH? I asked, hoping for her approval.

She was straight faced. Unamused by my antics as she pulled the container around and made a fork magically appear from her sleeve. Which was impressive, slightly more so than my coin trick, admittedly. But it wasn’t the fork that had my attention, it was the way in which she opened the tupperware and begin stabbing at my homemade lasagna that had my eye twitching.

FINE! I growled, reaching in through my passenger window to retrieve her moisturizer. Why don’t you just buy your own? She asked, fighting back a laugh. This shits like three hundred bucks Tori! I replied as I shoved the moisturizer tub into her hands and retrieved the tupperware container before she could blink. Or rather, you just don’t want Claire to find out about your beauty habits. The giggles finally escaped her, and repeated her own words back in a mocking tone.

I hopped onto the back of my car and popped open the lid to my meal. My mouth was already salivating, stomach growling, and nose filled with the scent of garlic and mozzarella. I want you inside me. I said to my food, rubbing the container against my cheek lovingly. Kyle and Josh will be late. Claire is on her way. Now take a bite and tell me how it is. She grinned as she hopped on to the back right next to me. You’re all late Miss Tori.

I slowly dug my fork in, trying to cut out the perfect square from the edge where the cheese got nice and crispy. I slowly pulled it away from the container, giving the bite on my fork a sniff before letting the tip of my tongue creep out of my mouth. Damnit Logan, will you just take a bite already? Tori asked, but didn’t wait for my answer. Instead she reached over, pulled down my jaw, and forced the fork into my mouth. You didn’t even make airplane noises! I tried to protest, but my mouth was too full for any of it to make sense.

My hand gripped her shoulder as I leaned back, moaning as I chewed. My eyes closed and I reacted in the only way appropriate for a lasagna this good… I took another bite, kissed the tips of my fingers and rubbed my belly in appreciation.

But before I could dig my fork in any deeper, I heard it coming. The ground was practically vibrating, the air almost electric, and then the view… She came zipping around that corner and backed into the space in between like it was made for her, and both Tori, and myself hopped off the back of my car. The look on my face was probably the same look a Dad gets when he insists on seeing the baby crowning. That thought alone had me setting down the lasagna.

You sure about that? I asked in response to her rental comment, because that grin on her face said she wanted more of a commitment than a fling. I grinned back and took a step over to lean in through the drivers door for a good ol’ sniff and look around. Primarily I was looking for Claire’s soul, or maybe some sacrificed goats, because something had to have been traded or given in order for her to get her hands on a new toy.

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