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[Private] Immersion

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Re: [Private] Immersion

Ebony Reed |

Posted on Thu Nov 09, 2017 10:01 am

Perhaps choosing the wording for ‘human’ interaction wasn’t the real way to describe how I really felt. Was it wrong that I felt a little bit like a loner? I had no desire to connect with anyone, rather I would like to shove them all away and live in my own little world if I could. Yet at the same time I craved some sort of connection, to feel like I didn’t have to be afraid anymore. I put up the front that I didn’t give two shits, but deep down I was fucking terrified of the entire situation. I knew I wasn’t entirely defenseless, I mean I knew how to fend for myself, but those fucking brutes were like rhinos.
My crowd? I have to have a crowd?  I raised my brow a little giving a side glance at that smug face of his. Did you ever think that maybe I just prefer the likes of your company? Or rather your type of company? Maybe once you go vampire you never go back. Hahaha, good one Ebony. For some reason I felt more at ease knowing he was around, I don’t know if it was his funky little vibe, or just because I had consumed some of his blood. Because damn the lust I had for him afterwards was no fucking joke that’s for sure. I was rather curious what it would be like being around other vampires. I knew he couldn’t be the only one running around town.
Of course, he had to bring up the people that were chasing me through the woods.  I honestly didn’t think he gave two shits about it. I still asked myself why he had even bothered playing a hero so to speak, yet I had been a meal for him and he got lucky too. So I guess that could have been the reason. Or did he just didn’t want to share me when it came to food? Fuck I didn’t know. As for said pursuers, no I would never join with them. I sighed a little. In fact it’s the latter, I would rather put them through hell. If I could I really would. I would rip their organs out and listen to them scream if I could. I think I would rather enjoy dismembering them unlike all those innocent people I had taken advantage of. Drugs and a nice set of tits usually worked out perfectly to lure in those innocent men too. Hmm I wonder if I could get my hands on something strong enough from the hospital? I’m sure I could. Yet I’m sure they wouldn’t fall for the tits thing, I think they were all secretly gay. I knew they got off by sitting outside the door as I did my dirty work. Fucking perverts.
Stopping in my tacks noticing he was no longer walking a smirk slid across my lips. I never said you couldn’t. The face he pulled almost looked like I had slapped him across the face for saying such things. Rolling my eyes I shook my head as he answered my question with exactly what I was thinking. So you’re into slightly boozy and floosy blood huh?  I suppose it would be easy pickings, but something told me that he didn’t have a hard time getting what he wanted. I wonder if he had to charm at all. I wouldn’t lie, Ben was sexy as fuck, always has been. Down girl, down.
I wasn’t expecting his hand to wrap around my waist, I had almost leaned into him, but stopped myself. I wasn’t so sure what was going on in that head of his, but I wanted to know. Instead of leaning into him my hand moved around and shoved into his back pocket. Good enough, always liked the way his ass looked in whatever pair of pants he decided to wear. You want to spend time with little ol’ me huh? My voice teased a little, but I liked the thought of just hanging out. Honestly I couldn’t remember the last time I had ever spent time with anyone. I hadn’t realized that the gravel beneath our feet finally turned to some form of pavement. The ruckus around us clamored into my ears as cars zoomed off hoping to beat the long ass lines of cars and traffic that was sure to come.

Seriously with the damn fucktards again? I had feeling that he wasn’t going to drop it. I just couldn’t believe he really wanted to know that much about them. Was it because we had a past? It had to be didn’t it? I could see his car not to far away, and part of me wanted to just bolt, but the other part didn’t want to be alone for the night either. What is you want to know Ben? If he wanted to know, then fuck it I would tell him. It wasn’t like he was going to go and run off telling all the fucking world about it?I’ll tell you all my little dirty secrets if that’s what your heart really desires. I owed him I guess. I would have been dead in that forest had he not swooped in when he had.

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