Index was once a small and close-knit community, but the town located on the western side of Washington state has grown in recent years beyond anyone's expectations. It is the ideal place for those who work in Seattle but can't afford the city's high real estate prices, and for others the natural beauty attracts them to the town. And Index truly is a beautiful place - surrounded by thick evergreen trees, tall mountains and glistening rivers and lakes. While weather is typically rainy with overcast skies even this does nothing to take away from the beauty of the town, and it is only highlighted further when the heavy snow graces the town and caps the mountains in winter. To many, Index would seem like a paradise. And yet lurking beneath this visual beauty there is more to this town than anyone might ever imagine...

Current Time in Index, Washington:
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 Character Brainstorming - Lilith Alysbury: Questionnaires/Surveys

Character Brainstorming - Lilith Alysbury: Questionnaires/Surveys

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What foods do they love, and what foods do they refuse to eat?
Mexican. Lils can’t resist spicy foods particularly if she has a hangover. Or is anticipating one. Hot sauce is a needed condiment. She tries to avoid highly processed foods. Preferring the local diner to franchised alternatives. Wild game is appreciated. Has a crazy obsession with strawberries.

What is their weapon of choice, and what weapon do they dislike using the most?
Everything is her weapon. Her paws. Her deceptions. Her lies. Nothing is out of the question when something is worth fighting for.

What is their preferred method of transportation?
Wolf form running. However moving from place to place with belongings means that Lils has a deep appreciation for hitchhiking and just walking out in the wilderness. She is, however, a terrible driver.

Who did they look up to the most as a child? Who do they look up to as an adult?
As a child Lils had two heroes. Her younger brother Finn and her Grandmother. Both are now dead. As an adult Lils has a connection that’s stronger than blood with every Spiritual Leader. They are living embodiment of the Ancestors.

What kind of weather makes them happy, and what kind makes them sad?
She does love snow but having to rough it has led to her finding the bright side of all weather. Raindrops on a tin roof. Insects hissing in the heat of the sun. She can hate and also love any and all changes in climate.

What languages do they speak? Do they have any idiosyncrasies or identifiable patterns of speech, word usages, etc?
Lils has a slight French inflection to her voice which is more apparent if she's whispering. She can fluently speak French and think she's very good at picking out others accents, when in fact she’s miserable. Lils swears a lot, in particular, the word fuck which can sometimes be used as a noun, adjective, exclamation etc etc. Her insults are often laughable, though creative but on the odd occasion she can show she knows how to push buttons.

What clothing do they like to wear, and what do they wear most often?
Short skirts. Black leather, Vins jacket is a tag alongside with almost every outfit or just worn blatantly. Combat boots, Kitten heels. A little bit of goth, rocker, punk and all American cut off jean shorts. Around her wrist is always a crudely woven leather bracelet which is well worn.

Do they eat a healthy diet? A varied one?
While under the influence of Vampire blood Lils doesn’t eat often. When she does it seems like raw meat settles quicker in her stomach. Otherwise, her diet would not much vary from any other Wolfs. Aside from copious amounts of liquor and hot sauce.

As a child, what did they want to be when they grew up? Did they realize their dream?
Might be a bit cliché for an abused kid to dream about a vocation that meant that could ‘fly away’. But in the words of lils…fuck it. That dream was the reason she became a flight attendant in the first place. Something that came in handy for fast travel avoiding the Dominion later on.

What makes them feel safe or secure? What makes them feel insecure or unsafe?
I don’t think lils ever feels truly safe. Letting her guard down would be a mistake. Though I would imagine that in the arms of someone she cares about is the closest she gets to it. Anger is somewhat a safe zone as is music.

What do they do when they need comfort? Do they seek out a person, a food, an activity, etc?
She dances. One of the few things Lils is truly good at. Aside from brutality, drinking and fuckery. She’s had training in so many different forms of dance. Really bonds with music. Liquor is a comfort at times. Being drunk produces a far more carefree side to Lils.

Do they sing or play any musical instruments, even if just for fun? How well?
Lils can’t play any instrument. Not that she's tried. There is a fear there that she will never be able to make her own music because she can’t sing. While she's a bottomless pit of song lyrics she only ever lip syncs or at most whispers. Unless of course she's drunk and doesn’t give any fucks.

What decision in their past did they most analyze and fret over after the fact?
It has taken a long time for Lils to truly start questioning her past actions. Now there are so many she thinks about and wonders if she took the right pathway. Examples: Her leaving and then returning to the Dominion. Her deal with Xavier in concerns to Sona’s life. Her decision not to kill Apollo’s Alpha. Her joining the Reprisal pack.

What are they like when they are drunk?
Lils is very animated. Giggles a lot. Is a lot less mean about everything though still holds onto a touch of attitude. She smiles. Is far friendlier and isn’t as Feminist Nazi when someone tries to sleaze on her.

Where in their body do they keep stress or tension?
The flesh and muscle over her heart is a rather sensitive spot for Lils now. Though she does gather tension in her neck. Figurative thoughts weighing her head down. Physically the drag of her long mane of curls.

What do they think about where they currently live? If they could move elsewhere, would they?
Considering Lils doesn’t have a home right now I would say this is a hard one to answer. She likes Index itself. If she had a choice and there were no repercussions and it was possible she would move back into Vin’s apartment. For now, she’ll bounce around trying to find a place that feels right.

Do they have any pet peeves or petty dislikes, and how do they react to encountering them?
Lils isn’t a fan of spitting, however, this pet hate tends to go out the window when drunk or suffering from a mouthful of blood. She's not a fan of underhanded sexist comments. She can’t stand people who drink right out of the milk bottle. Though it's hard sometimes to decipher what is something that actually winds her up or whether it's just her being irritable.

What foods do they eat most often? Do they enjoy it?
Spicy ones. The hotter the better. Lils like to nuke her taste buds.

What is their favorite texture?
Fur. Enough said.

Do they like to travel? How do they pack and prepare?
Lils loves traveling. She's seen most of the US on foot and via commercial flights when working for a domestic airline. Also, parts of Canada are well known to her. She's had a few random stop overs in various other parts of the world too. Packing depends on how much lils has accumulated. Time and time again she will be forced to reduce her belongings down to a single knapsack.

How well do they take criticism? How do they react to others noticing their flaws?
Ummm, yeah. Depends on who the criticism is coming from, the situation and what is picked on. Lils is volatile. Too many factors to consider to gauge her level of pissed off. Sometimes she’ll act insulted but take on board the criticism. Use it to work harder. To prove them wrong.

What are they like when they get sick? Do they have a particular system (ears, lungs, etc) that illness gravitates to?
Ignoring sickness is the way to go. No pity parties for this Wolf. With Lils now being a smoker and having the early stages of Vampire blood addiction manifest with coughing up blood, I think her lungs are always going to be a germ party hotspot.

What is their favorite drink?
Vodka and Redbull. She’ll probably drink straight vodka more than she mixes but it’s her go to drink at nightclubs. Get drunk and have extra energy for the dancefloor.

How do they react to being physically injured or undergoing medical treatment?
Once again avoidance is key. Even when seriously injured Lils will just try to carry on as normal. She doesn’t like asking for help. She dislikes hospitals due to the links to her previous pre occupation with brain scans checking for damage. She’d rather deal with Wolf medics or Onyx with a needle.

What do their hands look and feel like?
When dealing with blood addiction Lils hands look horrific. Nails were bitten right back to the point of scarring on the tips of her fingers. Tendons and bone visible under paper thin skin. When healthy her nails are short but manicured. A silver scar of the Reprisal X is burnt into the palm of one of her hands.

How much do they eat, and how often? Do they drink appetite suppressants (tea, coffee, etc)?
More than a human of course. Lils can put away a fair amount of meat. It depends on whether she's drinking Vampire blood which tends to work as a hunger suppressant. She will drink coffee but only in the mornings.

Do they have children? Do they want children? What names would they choose?
Lils has no children. She loves them but fears that her rank and lifestyle will mean she will never be a suitable Mother. Due to this, she spends a lot of time with pups of any pack she spends any significant time with. She once told Nebula that if she had a girl she would name her Vega.

What is a gift that they have received that was especially touching or significant?
The Sequoia Canteen Lils has is probably the most significant gift she has ever received. Aside from being turned into a Wolf. While Lils has no idea the ceremony she participated in was a gateway into joining the Sequoia she feels bonded to them due to the ritual being a solo endeavor. Though forever Dominions gift of turning her will always trump any other gift.
How do they arrange or decorate their living space?
Lils has never really had a home of her own. She has lived with others and roughed it. Stayed in hotels etc. Currently, her living space is bizarre. She has strung up fairy lights to give the illusion of stars. Lils prefers to have a connection to the outdoors, particularly the sky. Big windows etc. She has a habit of living out of bags. Leaning towards being untidy because of always being in such a rush.

Do they have any allergies or chronic conditions?
Alcoholism. An all round addictive personality.

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How do they react to pouring themselves a bowl of their favorite cereal and discovering there’s no milk?
“What the fuck? Great. This is a sign that today is going to be a shark infested pair of low hanging giraffe testies isn’t it? Fine. I’m taking my cereal to the 59er. Problem solved.”

How do they respond to telemarketers?
“Now if you’d been calling to offer me a way to enlarge my penis then we would have had a conversation. I’ll find you a sap to talk to one moment.” “Ozra! Phones for you!”

How many burgers can they eat in one meal?
One if she has company. Two if that company is a Wolf. Three if she's alone.

If they found fifty dollars, what would they do with it?
Buy a new set of headphones currently. In other circumstances, it would be spent on cigarettes and vodka

What’s their immediate thought upon hearing a baby crying on a bus/plane/ect?
She would complain though be searching for the child being unable to deny maternal instincts. Most of the nit picking would be focused on the parent being shit at doing their job.

Opinions on bubble wrap?
Great tool to annoy someone. Only exceptionally awesome when it’s a large sheet so she can roll on it.

What would they do if a sleazy person tried hitting on them in the street?
Depends on whether she's drunk or not. Whether said person is a Wolf. Whether she's in a good mood or a bad one. Who it actually is. Reactions range from a kick to the nuts to suggestions about the nearest alleyway.

Would they take online personality quizzes?
Nope. Online escapades usually end up being epic journeys through youtube listening to music.

How much belief do they invest in horoscopes?
None. Thats a Human thing.

If sent back in time to save the future, how badly would they fuck up?
Is this a serious question? Hahaha. She would probably fuck it royally.

How much time would they spend customizing a video game character?
More than she would playing the game. Would have to look almost exactly like her if remotely possible.

What do they do if they’re at home and the electricity goes out?
If this happens while she's ass deep in a song then out comes the phone, or ipod so she can resume listening. While a lot of swearing takes place. If she's not currently using any technology then Lils won’t be phased and just leave and head out into the forest or check to see if One Shot is also out of power.

Someone pushes the character into a pool while fully dressed. Do they seek revenge?
If she's wearing something she loves or is particularly expensive then probably. Aside from that, she would see it more like play fighting than anything else. Even if the other person was obviously trying to be malicious about it.

If the OC made an original character, what would they be like?
In this universe? She’d make a Wolf obviously. Would have put her hand up to play either Alpha or Spiritual Leader in a heartbeat. Alpha being her first choice since I think she would prefer to play male characters. They would have a drink in their hand in almost every thread. Would claim not to write smut but flirt at every opportunity with Onyx and Apollos OC’s.

How would they conduct themselves if taken to a concert?
She’d be rowdy as fuck. No seating ticket needed because she would be right up front near the stage for the duration of any set. Dancing. Plastic cup in hand more often than not. Almost completely focused on the musicians. The type to climb on the shoulders of someone else to get a better view.

Would they buy merchandise of a TV show/movie/ect they like?
As lils doesn’t watch television nor is a movie buff I wouldn’t think so. She’d be more likely to buy band/singer related merchandise. Even then she doesn’t own anything like that she has worn Vin’s t-shirts on a couple of occasions.

How do they act on social media sites?
Lils doesn’t do social media.

What would they suggest to help someone rid themselves of the hiccups?
Stand on their head, while holding their breath and drinking a cup of water. Then she would push them over to scare the hiccups out of them.

How long would they be able to listen to a 24 hour loop of their favorite song?
Oddly not long. Lils goes through stages of having certain songs on repeat but she listens to all kinds of music and has multiple favorite songs that eventually she’d end up switching onto something else.

How would they react to discovering someone has stolen their lunch while they were in class/working/etc?
You don't mess with the girls food or liquor. Or her music collection. Those are all declarations of war.

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