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 [Private] Na Roto i te Atarau

[Private] Na Roto i te Atarau

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[Private] Na Roto i te Atarau

Anahera Te Kaitiaki | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Fri Aug 04, 2017 2:53 am

Thread Details
The Forest ⋅ Clear. Few Clouds. ⋅ Evening

Thread title Translation. "By Moonlight".

I wondered if I was being a coward. Complete chicken shit. Or whether I had decided it was in the best interests of the Index community to not tell Father Talon I was here to investigate him. Honesty was important but what was more so was the task we had accepted. To protect the people. After I had gotten the down low on my new home, I did what I did best. Hunting Wolves felt different this time around. Not just because I was in a different stomping ground than usual either. It still didn’t feel right to spy on someone. The guilt was chomping away at me even though I didn’t even know if what the council feared was true. That Helios Tallon was unfit for duty.

I stuck to the forests in the vicinity of the church. That was where I’d found the hound. He was young. Barely a teen. Searching for something. The keen nose of an animal. That’s what Wolves were. Beasts. Some found it difficult to see past the fact they did have a human face at times. Killing the little ones when they were in their true forms made it much easier to sleep at night that was for damn sure.

Tracking him through the trees silently. Knowing when and where to place my feet. To breathe. Even then there were moments when the wind changed and I knew he caught my scent. A snap of his head. Whatever he was following was far more important however and I went along for the ride until I realized where he was headed. Back towards town. Snaking a pathway to the church graveyard. He obviously didn’t see me as a threat. Normally I didn’t allow my prey to even know what was happening to them. Not if I wanted a kill. Surprise was a weapon. Maori Tribes had mastered the art of an ambush. It increased odds dramatically.

That was why when he paused to lift his snout higher trying to tear my smell from the one he was seeking I climbed a tree quickly leaping from it to another branch. The sudden movement startled him. He turned and his glowing eyes met mine just as I shot him in the chest. His yowl echoed and I got my arse into gear. Sliding down the bark of the tree, removing a silver bladed traditional Maori weapon. He tried to shift as I ran toward him. His right paw completely limp and his eyelids drooping with the mint tranquilizer I was testing. Note to self. Current dosage is enough to partially incapacitate an adolescent Wolf.

Not slowing at all I swung my Wahaika up and across his neck. Opening a considerable wound. A vibrant display of red fanning out from the swing. Usually, they were made from whale bone but mine, of course, was heavily silver plated. The normally dulled hooked edge sharpened. His eyes widened for a second and then dimmed. The body falling limp to the ground. Lurching my frame backward I plunged the Wahaika into his side, angling to shove the silver between his ribcage and into the heart.

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