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 [Closed] Bubble Bubble

[Closed] Bubble Bubble

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[Closed] Bubble Bubble

Malakai Greenmantle III | Warlock; Elementalist

Posted on Wed Aug 02, 2017 4:40 am

Thread Details
Third Floor of 'Pendulum' an upscale condo in Owl Heights. ⋅ Light rain ⋅ 1.30am

“Are we seriously considering this?” Margot Greenmantle paced the billiard room, her glossy fawn high heels knocking definitively on the varnished wooden floors. “Of course my Dear. Aren’t you at all curious what he found and where he found it?”. Roderick Greenmantle poured over sheets of paperwork. All very official looking. Every page filled with Grim contents. “We know where he found it. That damned Luminary. Archi Was obsessed with it.” Geneva stood staring upwards at a family portrait mounted on the wall. Painted in a time where their youngest sibling had been in his right mind. The now only male heir to the Greenmantle Coven sat with an uncharacteristic quiet about him in a deep burgundy leather armchair. “I’ll do it.” It was the first time he had spoken since the last meeting with the Necromancers. Malcolm and Astrid Dormar “What?” All of the three other Greenmantle’s had turned their heads to stare at Kai. “A greater chance of success if it’s a family member right? Perhaps that statistically increases when they are also of the same gender. It’s the least I can do.” His Mother dipped her eyes to the floor. His Father nodded curtly. Geneva walked briskly over to where her brother sat and placed a hand on his shoulder.

Taking a heaving breath I struggled with my blankets. Bursting out of an unruly sleep. Running a hand automatically up through my hair. Blond strands slicked together with sweat greeted my fingers. Then the hard scratch of something solid. Pulling free a tangled twig I sighed and immediately reached for my phone. Dim electronic light illuminated the gloom and I groaned again seeing my hiking boots still on my feet. Drying dirt crumbling over my comforter. I’d almost drained myself. Brought my Magick to its limit to just try and accomplish three spells in quick succession. Two I had never used before. Studying fire spells had taken a back seat in some aspects after meeting with Michelle in the hospital. Now I was also focusing on my stronger suit. Though seeking knowledge of the offensive earth kind.

Failing to transmute nearby dirt into minerals or metals that I needed to form into spears had got me thinking of my brother. It would be a lie to say that was the only reason why. He’d been so powerful in the end. A true Greenmantle progeny. I needed that right now. I was bloody exhausted.

My family had a peppered history of casters losing control, however. Common sense dictated that I had to be careful about desires relating to power but every which way I tilted that diamond, each facet looked better than the alternative. With a boost, I could protect Michelle from every Supernatural creature. Handle my Shade without having to rely on Necromancers. Deal with the issue deep in the forest and still have enough physical presence to liaison with clientele while juggling the Museum.

All I needed was more power.

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Re: [Closed] Bubble Bubble

Malakai Greenmantle III | Warlock; Elementalist

Posted on Wed Aug 02, 2017 4:42 am

The time on my phone indicated it was three in the morning but I’d learned not to trust time. I could glance at the clock one moment and swear only half an hour should have passed. Yet I’d be staring at hands that stated I’d been studying for much longer.

Tiredly rubbing my eyes I moved over to a desk I had set up in my room. The study was almost entirely packed into boxes ready for a move to the Museum. Two books lay open on its surface. One turned to a page on animal magicks. While communing with mammals was a branch of Earth Magick, I myself hadn’t focused on it. Was amusing when I was young. An extra toy amongst the hundreds of dollars worth I already had. The page was unfurled on another double barrelled spell I was trying to master. Call a creature. Then tame it enough to enchant it with a sight link. So I could literally keep an eye on Michelle at all times.

The second novel was entitled Protection against Moonslaves by Fillomena Greywaren. I had a recipe for a ward that would protect the Museum and those that chose to use it. A list of ingredients that were burnt into my brain. I had meant to take Michelle to One Shot on a date. Knowing that it was a meeting place for Wolves. I’d already made a mistake by walking her through a damned Vampire party. I was not going to make the same mistake twice. I was going to go alone. A tasty marrow bone dog treat. One laced with poison if things didn’t go my way.

As my phone rang I nearly jumped right out of my skin. Snapping the device to my ear I didn’t even greet the person on the other end. What is it that you want Greenmantle? The Ancient voice on the line sent an eerie chill through me. Made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. “I need access to a dark spell. I need to drain a ley line.” 

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