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 [Closed] Room 317, Day 3 - Shane

[Closed] Room 317, Day 3 - Shane

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[Closed] Room 317, Day 3 - Shane

Michelle Hawke | Human; Citizen

Posted on Wed Jun 21, 2017 4:17 pm

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Always worried that when I took the pain medicine I was going to sleep so long I’d piss myself. But I was getting, I wouldn’t say more resistant to it, but it wasn’t hitting me so hard lately. Not that it didn’t knock my ass out, but I had stopped feeling like I had to remind myself to breathe. Sometimes I had dreams and I was glad I didn’t remember them, but one I did remember was basically that I’d become invisible to everyone. Not literally, but no one would talk to me. Not Caly, not Vincent, not even Claire. I wouldn’t blame them, but it was still a painful dream. And of course it had to be that one I remembered.

I thought it might be another dream from my narcotic haze when in my dark room I saw an even darker figure sitting on the edge of my bed staring at me. The image surprised me, but it didn’t scare me. Again, maybe it was because I thought it was a dream - or maybe the medicine made me complacent.

I can’t decide if you’re really strong, or just really bad at killing yourself. It had been a long time but I instantly recognized that voice and the sullen tone behind it. Maybe it wasn’t sullen. Always felt like Shane tried too hard to sound.. Dark?

It’s been a while. What brings you here?
Research. I sat up and looked to the door, thinking my “guards” should have stopped him. Then I remembered that I’d talked Claire into going home for a rest. Not that I wanted Claire to stop him, I’d just found it curious she hadn’t. Ooohhkay. I think he might have said that before, that he just wanted to “watch” me. That he knew of my situation and just wanted to make sure I handled things okay. Which was fucking weird considering some of the weird shit I’d seen him do.

Nothing new then. He scooted up, wedging himself between the railing of the bed and myself. I could see his face from the yellow glow of the streetlight near the window - just a sliver through the pulled shade of the window. Not sure I feel up for a booty call, not yet. He shook his head, and I could tell he was unamused but not necessarily annoyed.

Mind answering a few questions? He traced the bruise on my neck with his thumb. He had a knack for making me feel.. Not scared but uncomfortable which I’m sure was his goal. Like he fed from awkwardness and tension. He didn’t stop there, he pulled down at the neckline of my top and I knew he wasn’t just trying to get a view of my rack. He could see the healing punctures. He didn’t look excited, amused, shocked - just like he was inspecting me. What causes it? Is it actually depression? A compulsion? Are you just sitting there with a knife to your wrist, hand shaking, trying to pull it away with sheer will? I sat up, pushing myself up with my arm and glaring down at him. What the fuck, Shane? The more honest question being how do you know, which - well I hadn’t understood the first question he’d used as an unceremonious greeting. Was barely awake. How do you know? What do you know? A quick, quiet chuckle from him. You’re not the only one. You’ve been an inspiration, Michelle. I have some clients, I’ve offered them your accident as a service. Only, they don’t last more than two years. All obviously suicide.

Alright, this was a dream. I didn’t even understand what he was saying, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to. My accident? What the hell are you - He was doing this to people? I couldn’t even translate the situation but whatever it was felt incredibly.. Wrong. Maybe I misread. Maybe he was helping them. So you know my problem. I fell onto my back and I started up at the ceiling. I know the situation, not the details. I need you to fill in the blanks for me, Michelle. What exactly goes on?

Whether or not he was pulling some shady shit, he might be able to help? I didn’t see the harm in trying to explain it. Especially to someone who had understood my situation more than myself. It’s not some kind of adrenaline rush, I mean shit it might feel like it. I don’t want to die. I just know I’m not supposed to be here. I can feel it. So when I’m close to something that can um.. Fix this broken situation, I’m pulled to it. It feeds me, and my brain shuts off and -

Your soul kicks in.

Can you fix it? I let my head fall to the side once again face to face with Shane. Very little distance between us in this tiny bed. For the first time ever, I saw a look of sadness fall over his face. Tension released but less in relief and more in defeat. I’d like to, Michelle.

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