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 [Private] The Long Shadows of Rotten Miracles - Page 4

[Private] The Long Shadows of Rotten Miracles

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Re: [Private] The Long Shadows of Rotten Miracles

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Sun Aug 27, 2017 9:00 pm

As this is Lils first experience with death. She doesn't remember This post. lol.

This is a mess.

I hadn’t heard his voice in what felt like a century. It was a strange feeling that I had thought I would never experience again. Hearing the voice of someone who died because you loved them. First Sona and now this. He spoke with a viciousness I remembered clearly. Though often struggled to forget. There was a predatory way Onyx snarled too. Something that spoke to my Wolf. Nostalgia was an interesting thing. Patterns in everyone’s lives. I’d watched as my Alpha had been killed. Sacrificed him in order to somehow save Sona. I chose her. Walking into a room where my lover I betrayed stood behind just a thin curtain. A sheer strip of gauze that twinkled with a million little stars. Where the fuck was I?

This was not what I bargained for when I followed all the orders of the Ancestors. You fucking tricked me.

I did nothing of the sort. There are many pathways we can’t be expected to foresee them all. She was the right Wolf for the job. She still is. There's always hope.

This voice I’d never been able to put a face to. I’d only heard her voice. When in deep with a connection to the Ancestors, something I could only achieve by dancing for them, I’d been sung to. A lullaby I could only replicate in form. A howling tribute. She stood facing Dominion hair as black as oblivion. Eyes the endless green of every forest on the map. Neither of them appeared to notice me even though the distance between us was minimal. I reached out to graze a hand down the veil attempting to touch the slender arm of the woman.

Oh, so it's convenient now to say that you had no idea turning Luxx, making her your fucking toy would mean we would both fucking die? I remember what I was bloody told. She’s fucked. They’re all fucked. Every single fucking Wolf! Dominions eyes reached supernova proportions bursting into a rage of white fire. That blue just disintegrating into something else. You’ve bet some high fucking stakes on one little horse Luxx. What the hell are you trying to do? You never said anything about that Alpha. Are we talking about how he’s a vessel for the Demon Lilith? Or the fact Luxx loves him? My hand retracted immediately. Oh, that’s right. I’m dead. This was my fucking funeral. Being dead meant you got to know things. See things that you hadn’t been able to before. Why the hell was he calling this woman Luxx? Both. Hah, I knew it! Ticked off about Sunboy too huh? Call it. Covering all the bases. WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY?! We have company.

It took me longer than it should, to notice there was nothing between us anymore. It wasn’t until Dominion turned those Alpha infused eyes towards me, followed by the gems of the strange woman. Welcome. While that should be the first and only time I say that, I have a feeling it won’t be. Frozen to the spot I shut my eyes. Like a little child who didn’t quite understand the intricacies of hide and seek. We have that in common you and I. Which is why we share the same name. I’d heard that some pack names were sometimes used over and over. Dominion himself was not the first of that moniker to be Alpha of his pack. On their ascension, their pack name was changed. Noone had ever told me what Dominions original name had been. Hadn’t known I wasn’t the first Luxx. That’s not all you have in common. I do believe he's calling us both liars Luxx honey. I slowly opened my eyes.

Would you give them both up for me? My mouth dropped open. Though I had been trying my best not to look directly at either of them. I couldn’t help myself. An intensity to Dom's eyes that wasn’t just due to the rank bested upon them. Hair blacker than night. Deep tan. Tattoos adorning each arm. “What?...what are you saying?” In unison, both I and the other Luxx uttered the same words. They don’t….fuck it Luxx they don’t care about you. The other Luxx coughed slightly and mumbled just loud enough to be heard. That’s not entirely true. “WHAT?!” It was my turn to snarl. Shut your mouth. Now now Dominion. Is that any way to speak to your superior? I have hundreds of years on you. Not to mention. Her eyes shattered into the bright blue hue of a Spiritual Leader. You’re a guest you should act like one.

She turned to me and smiled still looking through oceans of blue fire. Everything is a little… Fucked. It’s fucked. Dominion growled in his suggestion as Luxx’s speech stumbled. Alright. It’s fucked up. But just…do what makes you happy Luxx. Even if it hurts. Don’t fucking tell her that. Ancestors Dominion! She’s not even going to remember any of this. Have faith that she won’t let it win. That she will fight. Isn’t that why you love her. That spirit. She’ll do fine. She grabbed my shoulders. Feather soft. Just be happy. Be happy.

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