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 [Closed] The Disappearing Woman

[Closed] The Disappearing Woman

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[Closed] The Disappearing Woman

Benjamin Reese | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Wed Jun 07, 2017 6:47 pm

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Ben's condo ⋅ Drizzle⋅ Early night

What a fucking mistake. She wore a translucent gown, simple, red, but one thin transparent layer. Her long black hair fell to the front and hid the goods up top but everything else was plainly visible. But my eyes weren't taking advantage of the revealing dress. My hands weren't feeling her curves beneath the fabric. I stood almost paralyzed by the look on her face. Disgust, boredom and even irritation. How were they all so plain just by a simple expression? The braid of the three burned not only my eyes but my chest. Gave me a feeling I'd felt before, because of her, but never to this extreme. My knees started to buckle under the weight of it but I refused to fall. She twisted her hand to examine her nails, which were just as red as her dress but looked as sharp as daggers. Her arm fell to her side and the glare was there once again. You were my first, and I wasted it. Centuries down the road, when asked about my first, I will say he groveled to me like a slave. As a human you were confident, arrogant even. As a vampire you shrivel like a dick on ice, Benjamin.

She flowed toward a table resting against the wall, and slid something from it: A knife. She ran her fingers up and down the blade, causing a very thin line on her index finger which immediately healed and dried up. You're a sad little lap dog forever begging for attention. Wasted. But there's no turning back, is there? She lunged at me, slashing my face first. It burned and unlike her small wound, it made no attempt to heal. I can't bring myself to kill you, Benjamin but I will take you apart piece by piece. Let's see how much pussy you get when I'm finished disfiguring your face. I couldn't move and I knew that she'd commanded me to stand and take it. I was helpless. The next slash split my lips vertically. Next was my gut. That one is for Laurel. I was gritting my teeth so hard I thought they might splinter apart. As hard as I tried not to react, I cried out, I hunched over, hands gripping at my waist. Sofia? What should we do for her? The knife went into my upper chest near my shoulder and I could hear and feel it split my clavicle thanks to Noelle's strength. Ebony? Don't think I don't know about that little cunt. She spun me around and the next was in my lower spine. I felt my legs go limp and again I couldn't fall. She appeared in front of me and grabbed my dick. Shall we make sure there are no more?

A sharp unnecessary inhale caused my stomach to burn as I sat up with my eyes wide open. There was blood on my sheets and it was my own. I lowered them to see marks on my shoulder, my abdomen, and I could feel the burning on my face and back. They were nowhere near the wounds inflicted in the dream but they were in the same place. Same shit, no signs of healing on my own. I rolled over and pulled the top drawer open from my night stand, removing one of the vials and a needle. Flipping the vial upside-down I stabbed the needle into the rubber top and drew the solution into the tube of the syringe. Dropped the vial on the floor, flicked the syringe and watched the bubbles float to the top (not necessary but a habit), and injected it into the large vein in the bend of my arm. Slowly the wounds decreased in size, but they didn't leave completely.  I threw the syringe on the floor and it lay there with the rest of them and I fell back onto the bed and stared at the ceiling. Hey Dad, you forgot to mention this shit was contagious.

Felt my skin growing cold and the color faded - so slightly that only I'd notice the difference, but it was still there. I finally pulled myself out of bed and stepped into the bathroom looking at the mirror. The slashes looked like cat scratches across my face. The shoulder wound deeper, but nothing that a forceful shove with a knife would have done. Didn't bother with the rest. Stepped into the shower and dressed. How shallow was I? Conceited? Didn't even feel like my taste of the game could be played properly with these marks. I'd feed tonight as a fucking chore. My head fell back and my eyes closed for a brief moment before I pushed myself to leave the condo.

It caught me off guard as I shoved open the main entrance door. The orange light of the street light showed the small drizzle of rain but it was interrupted by the figure of a woman who stood in a statuesque manner. Long, straight brown hair with gray chunks that looked almost purposefully placed. Even from the distance I could see her dark brown eyes and the beginning of crow's feet lining the outer sides of her eyes like wings. She wore a black dress with a floral pattern and a denim jacket. Her eyes were fixed on me, and she finally moved, but only enough to smile. I took one step and blinked, and she was gone.

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