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 [Closed] Muerte

[Closed] Muerte

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[Closed] Muerte

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Mon Jun 05, 2017 7:51 pm

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Jail ⋅ Raining ⋅ Some time between 10pm and 2am. May 7th/8th

Hola Mijo... Her long fingers coiled around the bars of my cell. Her obsidian eyes burned holes into my own. She’d come in all black, a loose dress that hung below her knees, and blackened socks covered what might have been visible of her shins. A shadow of a person, with a long black braid wrapped around itself at the back of her head. When I looked at her, I didn’t see my mother, I saw fangs, and the brand of Lilith stamped into the center of her forehead like the cult symbol it truly was. My mother was dead.

I hadn’t responded to her greeting, I’d barely even moved. My back sat casually against the corner, my foot on the ‘’bed’’, and arm extended out and propped onto my knee, while my other foot sat firmly against the floor. I did stare right back, however, until that grew boring and I tore my eyes away, looking at nothing, but also everything, anything except her. The last person I cared to see or speak to. You can leave.

No shit I could leave, if I wanted to. I’d already compelled the police that brought me in. As far as anyone was concerned, I was spending a night in the slammer for having one too many drinks and causing a scene, including the officers that brought me in. It was nothing no other wolf hadn’t experienced, something people wouldn’t question or even remember. If they asked why I didn’t compel myself out of the offense, it was easy. Too drunk to care. I’d tell them. They’d likely laugh, and move on. I wondered how easy that lie would be… Watching them laugh as I remembered the flashing red and blue lights dancing across the walls of my home. Hearing them turn it into a joke while was forced to remember the truth of what had landed me in jail for a night. The truth that only myself and Michelle would know. I guess it was okay. At least I had my answer. She was fine enough to call the police on me, but hated me just enough to ignore my texts… It’s what I’d wanted, and I finally got it.

What do you want? I asked, but still refused to look at her. I wasn’t even afraid. It took a lot more to scare me… Her tales of God and hell wouldn’t faze me like they did when I was a boy. To help you see. My head spun around and eyes flashed white, My eyes work fine. I was standing now, right in front of her and I didn’t even remember getting up. I see you for what you are. Muerte. My hand gripped around hers on the bar, squeezing tighter and tighter as my claws emerged very slowly, gradually digging deeper and deeper into the dead flesh of her hand.

I could see her eyes filling with bloody tears again, and it was a cold reminder of the moment when I found out she was alive, only to find out she was dead at the same time. So stubborn… Just like your father in so many ways. Even when you’re drowning, you refuse to pray? I was pushing now, and her voice halted and cracked in pain as I forced my claws into her skin harder and harder. And who do I pray to, Marta? Lilith? She tore her hand away with a look of horror on her face, gripping the slashes in her hand before they healed over. I just gripped the bars, refusing to retract my claws as her blood dripped from them, to the floor. Like a leaking faucet, it was the only sound in between the words we spoke.

Yes to Lilith. She is inside you, Mijo. A Goddess, and you are her vessel. That power inside of you has always been there, she is just showing you how to find it, how to use it. Stop fighting her and you can stop the pain… Embrace her and your suffering can end... Her arm extended through the bars, her hand gently holding my cheek like she actually cared. I could feel myself wanting to give in to it, but I pulled my head away. I wasn’t going to betray Dad, fuck her. I wiped my eyes and this time it was my hand that extended through the bars, but with a furious purpose. I gripped around her throat, my claws extending faster this time. I squeezed and squeezed, growling and then yelling as I knew in an instant I wanted to kill her. I was going to kill her.

It was a manipulation. She may have looked like my mother, but my mother was dead. Just another minion of The Supremacy. Maybe they thought seeing her would weaken me, maybe they thought she could convince me that the pain and suffering was all due to my resistence. Well they were about to learn a cold lesson, the same one that they’d taught me. Lilith is inside of me. And her rage has no end.

I could feel snapping, my hand soaked in the blood of her throat, her eyes wide and fangs extended as she hissed and jerked wildly in my grip like a rabid demon. There it is. The monster I knew she was. Motherly tenderness and kind, caring words weren’t going to pierce through, because I knew exactly what she was.

I finally released her and her knees buckled, sending her to the floor as she gripped her throat and healing began to fuse her skin back together. I just looked at her, then turned my back on her so I could find my seat again. Go away, Marta. You have no influence over me anymore. I buried you with Dad. My head leaned up against the corner and I just looked at her, smirking as those bloody tears finally hit her cheek and streaked their way down. All it took was a blink.

And she was gone.

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