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 [Closed] When to Let it All Go

[Closed] When to Let it All Go

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[Closed] When to Let it All Go

Hanna Costello | Witch; True Type

Posted on Wed May 24, 2017 5:06 pm

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Hanna's Office | Sunny | 9:30am

I sat there tapping my fingers lightly against my mahogany desk listening to Chris drone on and on about how he took on a vampire that wanted to suck his sweet magical blood. Of course, I knew this was bullshit, everything he said was always bullshit. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could sit here and just listen to this. I knew there had to be another reason he was here for this unwelcoming visit. “Excuse me Chris, but your ass really must be jealous of the shit that comes out of your mouth. So, shut it before it revolts.” Ah there’s that look of how shall we say it? Utter sadness. “Now can we please get on with whatever reason you are here for? I have places I would like to go.” Raising my eyebrow my head tilted a little to the side. You would think he would know by now I hated his little stories.

Well..umm…Hanna. A loud annoyed sigh came out of my mouth as I rolled my head back, and made a little motion with my hand mimicking talking. Fucking stammering fuck head. Sorry sorry, it’s just your parents. Well they passed on yesterday. I was sent here to tell you as soon as possible. Wait my parents? My head snapped from the rolled back position it was in as confusion rolled through my body. “How?” Both dying? This was…unheard of. My parents were both very talented, maybe it was their mundane living that got them killed. Ummm…I’m not at liberty to say. Axel wants to speak with you on that matter.

Anger bubbled up and before I knew it I flung my energy forward smacking it directly into Chris. I watched him fly backwards into the wall leaving a nice hefty indent in the wall. “FUCK Axel, tell me now Chris.” Bellowing from the top my lungs as I quickly around the desk and moved forward. “They were both talented, they knew what the hell they were doing, and you came here telling me they both died. You can’t just leave it at that Chris.” Oh I loved how he cowered against the hole in the wall, the fire behind my eyes I’m sure was very apparent. They turned on each other!He yelled as my hand rose to spike more power toward him. He knew I could throw him around like a rag doll if I wanted to.

“They turned on each other.” I whispered dropping my hand against my side. I knew their relationship was rocky, but damn I didn’t know it was that bad. Axel has a letter for you. He will be here in a few days. Chris muttered getting up from the floor and slowly moved towards me as if he wanted to give me a big old hug “Get out Chris.” I turned away from him and screamed, my desk flipped over accompanied from books flying from the shelves. I was alone, and hell if I was going back to this clan. Not now, not ever. I didn’t even hear Chris leave, but I knew he was gone. He knew better than to stick around when I was angry. Needless to say he has seen a meltdown or two of mine and they don't usually end pretty if I don't get myself under control. 

I broke down within a few minutes, deep within I was nothing but a battered soul myself. I had lost everyone I knew I put on the hard front because I refused to be that vulnerable damsel that everyone takes advantage of. I refused to let others take care of me. Fuck Hanna I needed to get myself together. Picking myself up from the floor I readjusted my clothes, and once again wiped the mascara from my face. I needed a fucking coffee, and I really needed to stop bawling my eyes out.

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