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 [Closed] Unsatisfied customers

[Closed] Unsatisfied customers

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[Closed] Unsatisfied customers

Shane Mathis | Warlock; Necromancer

Posted on Wed May 24, 2017 2:57 pm

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Square Center Park ⋅ Really warm ⋅ Afternoon

The headset was probably leaving an imprint around my neck. One of those that rested on your shoulders like an open necklace with earbuds that trailed up. It was the easiest way to speak with clients. Currently sat on a bench facing some sort of abstract sculpture. It wasn't that great, some senior project of an art major somewhere. I appreciated art from time to time but this said nothing to me other than, I want an A.
What's the cost?
It's not a flat rate, Ethyl. That wasn't her name. I just called her that because her style portrayed her as such a granny. She didn't seem to mind. I just told her she reminded me of my own, and that was her name. Depends on a lot of things. One is the level of difficulty in obtaining  your selection. And some people are more resistant than others. Some have even requested to keep the soul around, a blade as a keepsake. Lots of package options, I grinned. Granny Ethyl was the typical, I have to right a wrong, fix the family name kind of shit. Let an abusive husband get to the kids too. Kids were all grown up, and the pattern was beginning again with them.
Don't you want to know how I plan to fix it? Meaning, she didn't know if her plan would work, or possibly didn't even have a plan. No, only care if I get paid, sorry to say. She didn't like that, but she still seemed desperate.
Which brings me to the payment. Some adapt to the life of their new body. Keep the same job, keep the same friends as they've had some time to research the lives. Some find that difficult. People around them see the change. I should warn you, the most successful have skipped town, changed names, and to be perfectly honest, they sell drugs. That's how they've managed to pay me. I let it sink in on her, it took a certain personality for this to work. I didn't expect her to be that personality. Recently, I've had one become a high end call girl. Of course, to get the body for that to work wasn't cheap either.
I'll think about it, she said, looking down but I just might have seen that speck of resolve. People didn't get much smarter after death. Create tons of addicts, or stop a kid from getting slapped around a few times. I'd say just leave well enough alone. Come back to me in a week. Same place. She left, and I pulled out my phone, starting to pull up some music when the bench shifted leading me to look beside me. I hadn't even been paying attention, so the fact that another necro sitting right beside me was a pleasant surprise.

I've been looking for you, Shane. The accent was something, not from here. Dark hair, dark skin, I would say Mediterranean? That's the furthest I could pinpoint it. Is that a fact?
You think you're the first to have that idea? There's a reason the world isn't ran by rich necromancers, Mr. Mathis.
I don't know who you are, and I don't need your lecture on morality. He laughed. He laughed like he'd practiced it, expected me to say that and that was his comeback to it.
Morality isn't even half of it. Who the hell did you learn from? Or not learn from? I kept quiet. Usually, I was proud that I'd basically trained myself, Disco only cutting a boundary for me. That's what I thought, and that's why your dangerous. The dead are dead for a reason. I looked at him, gray chino slacks and a white button up shirt. And I just then noticed the manila envelope sitting at his side. Right, right, you have to make sure there's balance in the force and I'm disrupting that. He looked at me like I was insane. NO! This isn't Lord of the Rings or Star Wars, Shane. I'm being practical. Finally, he handed me the envelope. I looked at him the whole time I opened it. Full of newspaper articles and police reports. All suicides or questionable accidents. All of the names were familiar, and it didn't take me long to make the connection. They were all my clients. The last name hit me hard: Robert Wesley. That was Disco.
Maybe you don't care, but I wouldn't go with a payment plan, and you'll have to keep in mind. Word spreads. That's how you got business, wasn't it?

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