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Calypso Bea Paxon | Human; Citizen

Posted on Wed May 24, 2017 2:12 am

The text messages:
i'm a fucking idio.t
i'm so fucnkiog sorry.
pi didn't even mean what i fucking said i don't know why i said it.
xyou dcan hate me. and maybe that's rof the best.
but please, just answer your phone
please tell me you're okay like fukc i don't want yodu to die.
michelle fuck i'm worried
okay i dorn't know if you're ignonrig me because of what happende owr fuck i don't know.
i'm fucking scared that i just kllied you, oi don't know what else nto do.

Si! I glared, elbowing him hard in the ribs before fiddling with my keys again. He was playing hit for hit with Chris, and every hit, I'd get shoved face first into the damned door. I heard a thud as I found the right key, and Si's hyena laughter reached new ear drum bursting levels. I didn't even turn around, I knew Chris was gonna fall off the steps. Served him right. What a fucking scrub. Hey Caly your hot roomie home? I rolled my eyes. After stepping inside I closed the door, forcing their stupid drunk asses to open it if they wanted in. Please, let them be too drunk to figure out how to turn a knob.

They were too drunk. I heard hollerin' and I could even feel the vibration of the knocks against the door. You douchefucks are on your own! This bad bitch needs her beauty sleep! Yeah you do! Fuck Si was annoying. And maybe it wasn't even Si, maybe it was just Si around Chris. I'd never forgiven that fucker for telling Daddy the weed he found in the Porsche was mine. It was Si's, and Chris wasted no time turning me into the ''shame'' of the family. It was made worse by the fact that Chris had practically been adopted into our family. His home life was shit, apparently (I never thought it was that bad.) Daddy even bought him his first car, clothed him, fed him, he was like a little ''project'' to make the wealthy Mr. Paxon feel like he was ''giving back''. It was obvious he was the ''favorite'', and it wasn't even genuine, it was just a pity ''favorite''.

I guess I should have been more worried when everything went quiet outside the door. The boys were sleeping here... I was just taking a minute to yanno, get my fucks in order. Guys? I finally turned to open the door, but it fucking flung open. I hit the ground, the weight of both Si and Chris landing on top of me, both of them gripping their mouths in pain. I knew what they'd been doing... Because I could feel Chris' wang through his shorts, it was pressed right against my leg. EW FUCK GET YOUR DICK BONER OFF ME! I yelled, shoving both of them off with no care in the world for what kind of pain they were in. I may have hated Chris, but he was like a brother. As far as I was concerned, he was dickless.

I rolled to the side. I hate you both. I groaned and pushed myself back to my feet. And damn this place was dirty. When was the last time SeaShells and I actually cleaned something? I dusted off my hands, but I noticed something... EW WHO'S BLEEDING?! Red streaks were now stretched across my palm, and I instinctively reached down to examine the boys, neither of which were bleeding... Well fuck... OH... I rushed into the bathroom. Damn girl, you just had your period. I closed the bathroom door and plopped my ass on the toilet, examining my goods for signs of, well... You know. Nothin'.

Whatever, I had to pee anyway. So I finished my business and checked the mirror. I swear if you fucks made me ble- I examined myself, quite freakin' thoroughly but there was nothing. No blood, maybe a bit too much eye shadow fall out... But hey, we can't all be perfect, right? When I opened the door I'd opened my mouth to ask the boys what the actual fuck, but they were both zonked out on the couch. So I switched off the light and moved back towards the door. There was an actual blood trail. How the... Michelle? I was instantly filled with a feeling of dread. And I guess it was just instinct. I pulled out my phone and dialed her number. My feet were already leading me, following the tiny blood spots like they were crumbs leading me to the house of 1000 corpses. Fuck you Hansel, and fuck you too Gretel. This wasn't cool.

The buzzing on the kitchen counter threw me off, and I already knew... Her phone was here. I retrieved it anyway, fuck if girl was gonna pull shit like this then she deserved to have her privacy invaded. There were seven text messages, and the second I unlocked her phone they popped up. I swear, scouts honor, I didn't pull them up. She must have locked her phone on this conversation... Which... I scanned the messages, all of them, new ones still coming in. My eyes were glued to the phone like this was a reality show, but it wasn't... And I was honestly feeling really fucking scared. I was worried, I was... Still following the blood trail....

When I finally reached Michelle's room, my heart sunk. The final message wasn't like the others. The final message was... My eyes looked up, and I noticed the broken glass... The window... SI! I screamed, already crying. I was running back to the living room at this point, my heart pounding in my chest as I reached for Si's shoulders and shook him awake. Si I think something happened I'm fucking scared! His eyes went wide, probably because I was already fucking sobbing I was so scared.

My hand shook as I extended the screen of Michelle's phone forward so he could read the messages. Calm down Caly, fuck! He gripped my wrist to stop it from shaking around too much. But I saw it on his face, the fear slowly growing as he read the final message. He was scared too.Is she here? He shot up to his feet, shoving past me as he marched around the house. Shells! He yelled out, and I instantly started calling out for her too, rushing to opposite ends as I called her name, until I met Si back in the living room. There's blood Si, her window's broken, what do we do? What the fuck do you mean? We call the cops Caly, that's what we do! Gimme your phone! I yanked it away as he reached for it. What if she's dead Si? I just started crying all over again, and it made it a lot easier for him to steal my phone from my hand. I didn't even fight him, I just plopped onto the sofa, face in my hands.

I couldn't even listen to Si on the phone with the police, I just couldn't. I rushed towards the front door and stepped outside, sitting on the front steps as I stared at the messages on her screen. What if she's not... It had hit me in an instant. Like a lightbulb just went on above my head. I quickly took several screenshots of the messages, sent them in an email to myself, and deleted the entire message history with Joe Dirt.

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