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 [Private] Will You Cry for Me? - Page 4

[Private] Will You Cry for Me?

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Re: [Private] Will You Cry for Me?

Benjamin Reese | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:26 pm

Clued into the life by yours truly and an experience with shady people, perhaps I shouldn’t be too surprised at her flippant attitude about these things, but she made her own challenge compared to Laurel. What would she be like now? Given these circumstances, this was proving to be an argument against being a “one woman man”. Would anyone in my position resign himself to that? Nothing was predictable, at least not yet. The blood I’d smeared on her chin made my mind run wild and I wanted to see her wearing nothing but a mess of it. Did that mean mine? Or hers? Or someone else’s? Did it matter? Could she stomach it? Would I push her far enough to change her mind? I wanted her splitting the line, one foot unable to leave and the other wanting to run far away. That was exactly how I liked it. I didn’t speak, I just smiled, clearly looking down and picturing the trail of the red stuff dripping down her chin, imagining she’d be either ravenous for me, or for blood. Or both.

I should have asked the question before I’d given her my blood, just out of curiosity but I knew there was something beneath it, she wouldn’t have been so willing otherwise. There would have been a fight, at least before the dreams set it. Some things didn’t change, some old flames didn’t burn out. Again, it was something I wanted to push, or someone. That depends, Ebony, I seem to remember you enjoying games, but the games I play now aren’t for the weak. I traced her chin again, to prove my point.

A laugh erupted from my chest as I felt the crash of the object on my face and immediately I searched hers for that perfect oh shit moment. The question, why had she done what she’d just done? In a flash I pulled her to the closest wall, pinning her against it but being more careful than I had to be with another vampire. I grabbed her left thigh and hiked it up and around my waist and pressed myself into her and left my lips close but not touching hers. My thumb and index finger braced her chin and I half growled, half whispered, Don’t stop now, I don’t mind a little bite. And I closed the gap with my tongue in her mouth and my hand gripping under her thigh.

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Re: [Private] Will You Cry for Me?

Ebony Reed |

Posted on Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:58 am

Perhaps to him I was weak, after all he was a fucking vampire. I liked putting up a fight, but I wasn’t sure what my true odds were in this situation. I felt different, I felt the urge to just keep going with everything that he did. “I’m not weak.” I growled a little under my breath. Yet before I could react I was up against the wall, his mouth oh so close to me that I wanted my knees to buckle under his grip and just cave into him. Good hell Ebony get yourself under control girl. My breath hitched as his thumb traced around my chin, his fingers digging into my thigh made my heart hammer in my chest as if it wanted to escape and run away.

I lost myself within his kiss, my mind rolled with questions and the many memories of each time out lips collided in the past. It never ended up ending at just that either. My fingers traced along his shirt gripping at it, and wanting nothing more than to rip it off his body.  Part of me wanted to hesitate, yet the other part easily took over. Who cares if he wasn’t human anymore. I don’t think that would make me into necrophilia, would it? He really wasn’t dead though so probably, not right? Fuck it who cares. He wanted me to bite back, but just what could I do that might catch him off guard. His reflexes were probably fast, but I might get a little bit of advantage if I get clever.

This fucking shirt of his was pissing me off though. My tongue eagerly intertwined with his, my hands moved around ripping the shirt right open. Ah that was much better. The palms of my hands found their way to his shoulders, I made it seem like I was going to hug him closer. Instead I broke the kiss and shoved him back. “You want me to bite back huh?” I tried my best to give a sultry look as I spoke. I closed the gap as quickly as I could my fingers tracing his now bare shoulders. I remembered at one point in time I wanted to dig my very nails into his back, but I always hesitated but I just couldn’t hold back anymore.

My fingers danced along his shoulders and found their way around to his back. My lips found his jaw line trailing light feathery kisses then trailed down to his shoulder. He might not have meant a literal bite, but fuck it I wanted to. Biting down into his skin my finger nails accompanied with the movement as I racked them down his back. I pulled away, shoving lightly before turning around and jogged down the hall. “Catch me.” Fuck I knew he would, but I wanted him to work for whatever it was that he was seeking. I wanted to just lay there on the ground and let him have his way with me, but he wanted games, so he was going to get them first.

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Re: [Private] Will You Cry for Me?

Benjamin Reese | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Wed Jun 21, 2017 7:36 pm

My lips drew back at the protest, oh, how fun it would be to show her just how weak she was. It was harder for her to understand, wasn’t it? Because she knew me, or she thought she did. She knew the me who wouldn’t make her bleed. She knew the me who would take care not to hurt her. The me who wasn’t really trying to fuck with her. No, she wasn’t exactly just another girl, but she’d already gotten her rewards for that - she wasn’t dead. Every one of her reactions both aroused me and made me want to prove even more that she was in over her head. I knew I would get that moment, too, and the only way I’d lose is if I didn’t get to see her face when it happened. When she realized that I was actually dangerous.

I felt a rush of air as my shirt was torn open. Would have been pissed if I didn’t know the shirt would be stained by blood before the night was over no matter what. Claws, huh? I said as my gaze was up at the ceiling, allowing her “cute” soft kisses and grinning madly when it turned into a bite, which I hadn’t actually expected. My shirt had fallen to the ground at this point. I gripped the back of her head, and was going to push her into the bite when this woman actually surprised me again.

Fine, Ebony, I yelled down the hallway, I’ll even give you a head start. If she wanted to be prey then we could definitely work that one out. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. And I appeared behind her, grabbing her and throwing her down without letting go of her, rolling as my back hit the floor, my arms wrapped around her. Her back was toward me so I rolled so that she was face to face with the floor. I acted fast, pinning both of her arms to the small of her own back. I leaned down, to half whisper half growl into her ear, You might not be weak, but I’m very strong. I laughed, just a little. Fuck, I meant for you to be naked for this part. Easier that way. I let go and rolled her over, ripping apart the zipper of her pants, then lifting her hip and tugging them down  to her knees in one quick motion. Good enough. I pushed her back over and moved one leg to the other side of hers, my palms on the floor beside her shoulders.

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