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[Private] Rat Shit

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Re: [Private] Rat Shit

Gayle Shaffer | Vampire; Ancient

Posted on Sun Jun 04, 2017 8:11 pm

I knew Lilah couldn’t understand how or why my face lit up when the alpha got “sassy”. All I could do was shrug, unable to wipe the grin from my lips like a young person who’d gotten in trouble after.. Some kind of shenanigans. This was fun, taunting, playing, knowing you couldn’t feast. Meanwhile I could sense that Lilah struggled with her composure. Had she not thought to feed before this? Or was it too strong? It was for me but I sucked in the temptation, sucked in the scent. Alphas were especially rare now and I’d rather lick the lollipop than have nothing at all. But the necro was a variable that kept a thick tension in the air for Lilah and myself. I had a necro under my employment, but that being said he’d been researched, investigated, prodded. I knew how many fucking hairs were on his body. And with every detail that could be known about him, known, he was still a wild card, a hail mary. The last resort. This one was different, and I had a feeling about this strange, eccentric cook vibe she had going on. It was no different than the warning of a brightly colored reptile in the Congo. She was unpredictable and poisonous.

The plan entered my mind just as I’d thought about Isom. It almost fell into place like puzzle pieces. Lilah would have to be sent away, regardless, wouldn’t she? She was much younger than I, not a baby but it would have served me to realize how few alphas she’d been this close to. At the very least, she could have someone on standby. Someones. Fuck, if I thought Isom would help, I’d be at that point. Would have been great to have more loyal wolves at this point, wouldn’t it? Where was Mr. Reyes when you needed him? I can cater to you only as far as it doesn’t threaten my safety. And as long as you’re not a threat, I can guarantee your safety. I hope you realize you’ve already stepped on a thin line, Mr. Byrne. Did the mutt even realize what he’d done? The more he spoke, the more I suspected he didn’t, which was yet another thing I should have realized.

My head only slightly turned toward the wolf, enough to know I was looking at him and I rolled my eyes like a scolding parent. Really? You have to ask? You’re not going to like what you see. You already don’t. You might think you have control, but I can’t say I would if roles were reversed. If it was Noelle on that bed. Perhaps a name I shouldn’t have brought up, or that was possibly a name from another life. I’d seen her grow so much since my time knowing her, she couldn’t be seen as even the same person.

Finally, Dr. Kyle walked into the room. Sorry, security is, um.. he was instantly silenced when he stopped and finally took notice of the crowd in the room. His eyes widened and darted between the bizarre necro and the alpha. I guess I’ll just get started. He fumbled through his pocket, pulling out his phone and holding it up to a sensor on a box on the wall. His phone chimed and the box opened. He returned the phone to his pocket and pulled a satchel which he placed on the bedside table. Sorry, I have to have everything ready first. I think that’s best. He was obviously nervous. So was I, but the imbecile didn’t have to let it show.  He removed two items from the satchel, a prefilled syringe filled with blue viscous liquid, and a modified tablet. I sighed, waiting for the show to begin so I could get the necro out of my facilities and scrub the floors down myself afterward. Currently, she stood there plucking individual hairs from her arm. I knew her type, she was dangerous and loved to put up this thin veil of an eccentric overgrown child. I kept my eyes on her.

Ready? I nodded, eyes still on the witch. Dr. Kyle did nothing more than hold in the power button on the IV infusion pump and the eyes of the restrained wolf began to open. I’d almost expected immediate transformation. I wanted the show. I needed it for the contrast. Dr. Kyle grabbed both the syringe and the tablet and stepped beside me. Who was this eejit kidding? I wasn’t going to protect him if something went awry. If he couldn’t defend himself, he wasn’t worth…

It went from nothing to everything. I almost hadn’t seen the transformation of the wolf but there he was, coming at Dr. Kyle with glowing eyes, knocking the tablet and the syringe to the floor. It was what I heard next that caused me to give a single fuck about the situation - that maniacal laughter that had surpassed my own earlier. Dr. Kyle’s fangs appeared but he’d immediately ducked, avoiding the wolf’s pounce, fumbling around for his tools. Lilah was ravenous, at this point. She joined in the fray, but I stood back, completely shocked at the fact that I was the only one who hadn’t found the collared wolf in the room a threat. Suddenly there was a blade against my skin - had to be silver, it burned even when it shouldn’t have and her eyes were on mine. Down, grandma. Down on the floor. My fears were realized as my body betrayed my mind and my knees were on the ground. Don’t speak. On your stomach, face to the floor. Again, I fought, not understanding how a necromancer could have this much power over me. Something was different. There was something about that fucking blade. I couldn’t even speak as my lips were unwillingly sealed against the tile floor as I heard the shrieks of the collared wolf. I felt a needle in my arm and I could see the witch kneeling beside me. She filled two vials before she was up and gone. It was only after she’d disappeared that Lilah had grabbed the tablet and either the tablet or the serum, or the combination of had sedated the wolf once more.  I heard a thud against the wall and Lilah’s growling voice.

I am more than willing to disobey Gayle if it means tearing you in two for this, alpha.

With her influence fading I was eventually able to spit out a few very important words: He can't. Die.

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Re: [Private] Rat Shit

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Sun Jun 04, 2017 8:43 pm

I'd stepped on a thin line? Wow, this fucking ancient really was insane. I was so fucking beyond the line at this point that caring about stepping on toes just might push me over the edge. Do you feel threatened, Ancient? I asked, and I'd meant to make a point that she clearly didn't feel threatened by me, but instead it came out smug. Almost like I was unintentionally taunting her with a necro at my side. I growled, angry at myself for the tone, not because I feared her, but because it wasn't in me to only get cocky when I knew my odds were good. Something about the Ancient did strike fear in me, but it wasn't her power, her age, her control... It was something else, something I just couldn't put my finger on.

I had a hard time looking at the strange wolf. Seeing a collared wolf brought back a fuck load of awful memories I didn't want to deal with. Had this one been one of the wolves at the massacre? Could he have killed some of our own? Collared or not, how could I not look at them and see them as murderers and betrayers? I knew it wasn't their choice to do what they did... But it didn't change the fact that The Supremacy had put a face to the killings... And that face was wolf. It fucking sickened me to think about it. To think that disabling a collar, hell, even learning how to disable them, and disabling hundreds... What would that change? Would they remember the horrible things they did... Would they even want to live? I didn't want to... So I couldn't imagine they would either.

Oh fuck... I'd forgotten about Noelle. What a wonderfully miserable name to bring up in the middle of an already miserable situation. I have fucking self control, fanger. Just do it already! Fuck! I slammed my fist against the wall and snarled with glowing eyes, just as someone else entered the room. Doesn't feel so fair anymore, leech. I was actually fucking pissed about it. Three against one and a half? I hardly counted the necro as a full ally if any at all. She was supposed to show me. And now shit was getting really crowded and I couldn't help my fangs and claws from emerging. I felt threatened, how the fuck could I not? What the fuck is in that? You didn't say anything about blue shit! How the fuck was I going to disable collars on my own when a third goddamned component was needed?

I should have known this was all a fucking trick. That I couldn't be free of the Ancient after this... That I'd have to keep coming back to her, and wiping memories so wolves wouldn't go around telling people that I'm up an Ancients ass. Fuck this. I reached for the witch, gripping her wrist tight. I was going to leave, I didn't give a fuck anymore... But then the wolfs eyes opened, and I just stared at him. Things changed in an instant...

I may have been an alpha, but this fucking wolf wasn't mine, and he was still collared. There was nothing I could do. And I wasn't about to kill a wolf to protect some fucking fangers. No, the witch was priority number one, but she'd escaped my grip. I tried to do what I could to restrain the wolf and get everyone to calm the fuck down, just because I wasn't willing to kill him, didn't mean they weren't. His jaws had clamped around my forearm, and I growled a floor rumbling growl which made him loosen his bite... but it was hardly noticeable because he bit down again even harder. I could hear the witch, and that's when my stomach sunk. I shouldn't have been surprised... I knew how fucking unpredictable she was... Even knowing what she was doing... I couldn't stop her, this wolf had me fucking stuck. Get out witch! Fucking GO! I didn't give a fuck if it made it seem like I was in on the plan, I needed her alive.

I tore my arm free, but by the time I turned around the witch was gone, and the other fanger was staring daggers at me. I stepped forward, snarling in her face. Fuck her for threatening me I had nothing to do with this shit! I could feel the shift coming... That ripple in my spine... I couldn't fucking do anything to stop it but it didn't matter... Because in an instant, I felt a sharp pain in the side of my head and everything went black...

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