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[Private] Bond Blood to Blood

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Re: [Private] Bond Blood to Blood

Keon N Ravelich | Wolf; Warrior/Fighter

Posted on Thu May 25, 2017 4:15 am

Was not late because I was high. Knew that’s probably what everyone was thinking. Nah, I had far more respect for rituals and ceremonies than that. Knowing that was the first thought popping into at least every Sequoia wolfs head who already stood on the accepted side, made me nervous. Stacking nerves upon nerves was pretty intense. I’d already spent the entire day out in the depths of the forest. Apollo had been doing his preparations and was always respectful of mine. Finding spots in the deep woodlands that weren’t touched by radio signal was difficult. Never impossible with forest this large but a pretty hefty undertaking. Especially when I had to stop every few hours to roll a joint and just enjoy my surroundings. Certainly smelt different. Not bad or anything just strange. Had been stoked when I’d found substantial areas of dead zone. Nothing really ever stayed silent for long though. Hunters with walkie talkies. Trampers with wireless radios but I’d found enough peace of mind to make my way back into the thick of it before I managed to screw myself out of a spot in Reprisal.

Was the second time I’d done this. Since I’d been found as a pup by the Sequoia I didn’t clearly remember my induction ceremony. Memories that far back were always a little hazy. Even the important ones. I always found remembering shit to be hard anyway. Bet Apollo would throw in a quip about Marijuana having adverse effects on recollection and the formation of strong new memories. He was probably right. He was more often than not. Frustratingly right. Didn’t stop me from toking. If the grass didn’t cloud my head all the technology everyone relied on certainly would. If I knew anything about my birth pack, which is what I called it, then I would have brought something along that reflected them. My brother was doing something with clay and dolls, of which Vega had told me about on probably a hundred different occasions. Always repeating the same story calmly even though I knew it had to get on her goat that it never stuck. It wasn’t that I didn’t care. To me pack was more about the companionship than anything else. It was Vega herself. Rigel, Nova, Apollo and everyone else. Soon that was going to mean many others I barely even knew. Even some that I actually hated.

Think of the devil and she appears. Low and behold right in front of me as I dashed up to the line was a short figure dressed in black. I held my breath. Kept telling myself that I was just about to witness a cockroach getting sprayed but I’d heard the rumors. Crap about her shagging the Alpha. Being his lap dog. Dishing out orders like she had already taken the Head Warlord position. Could hold my breath for an impressive length of time and luckily I did because I might have actually yelled when I saw Onyx actually take her damn hand. This was a nightmare. An actual living horror. He was actually making her pack. Wounding us before we’d even begun. Had Apollo not talked to him? Man, we so needed to have a chat he and I. He had no idea what I’d been doing and I didn’t know whether I should tell him but we needed to do something about this. Sooner rather than later. Leave a tumor to fester and it was bound to turn into cancer.

As she dropped to the ground I felt myself roll my eyes. Always so dramatic. Attention seeking bitch. First, it had just been funny. Now I saw it for what it really was. Desperate attempts for attention based on needing to be a central figure. When she almost walked right into me I took a step backward. Hell no. I was not getting anywhere near her. She breathed nothing but noxious gas. Poison Ivy but nowhere as hot. Or Hazmat if she wasn’t an Avenger. As she spoke I let out the breath I had been holding in very slowly. What in the hell? Did she actually want me to believe that she was sorry? Why would I tell Apollo? Shouldn’t she be apologizing to all of us? My eyes widened as my unmuddied brain clicked on. Luxx was just pulling the same shit again. Trying to pretend she was into Apollo to slide in under the radar. Wasn’t it enough for her that she was doing the Pack Master? And to think she was always such a nun about anyone seeing her naked.

Striding up to Onyx I waited as my hand was ripped into. Looking out into the sea of faces, trying to catch Apollo. I saw someone I hadn’t even known was here. Nebula. She grinned and me and waved energetically, making a point of flashing her healing Reprisal wound. My face brightened and though I had reservations about the mental state of our new Alpha I took his hand firmly. I’d follow the Sequoia anywhere even if that mean into potential disaster. With this grip, strong and unyielding, I, Onyx, the Pack Master of Reprisal, willingly bond blood to blood. You are my ally, my friend, my brother, my family, my pack.

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Re: [Private] Bond Blood to Blood

Arden Rowe | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Wed May 31, 2017 4:06 pm

Sorry this is so late >.>

When I'd first arrived at the den, I was embarrassed. It was my first time facing the pack after realizing what I was. It'd taken conversations... arguments with both Onyx and Luxx to get me here. I was embarrassed because I'd despised them and my position and turned my back on the pack. I'd been a coward, and I was still unbelievably afraid of my new position. I still found myself continuously questioning the ancestors. Luxx had said that I was connected to them somehow, so I had to assume that they could hear me, and yet they never answered my endless chanting of "why me?"

I was completely sober. This was the longest I'd gone without a single drop of alcohol, and it felt so strange. I could feel the emotion of every wolf so acutely that it brought tears to my eyes. The feeling of elation and excitement was so strong, and such a complete change from the hopelessness that I had been inescapable after the Pacific pack had been decimated. The Reprisal was a patchwork quilt of the remnants of many packs, stitched together by a thread of hope.

I stood next to Onyx, presented to the pack for the first time as his mate. We worked as partners as I carved into his palm over and over again, keeping the wound fresh for each wolf. For each time I carved into him, I also carved into a new wolf. Yet even as I inflicted pain upon the new members, the happiness did not waver. I felt it come into me, and flow back out as I pushed these feelings onto the rest of the pack. My work only faltered as Apollo approached us. He wasn't focused on me, but I couldn't help but be hyper aware of his presence. My thoughts wavered when I felt I stab of fear draw my attention to Onyx. I peered at him curiously, but his face gave away nothing. I was careful to block the fear from being shared with the other wolves. I thought maybe I should send Onyx some feelings of reassurance but couldn't bring myself to. Instead I watched silently as Apollo presented Onyx with a gift and wondered at the irony of the thing.

I released a breath when Onyx and Apollo finished and I began to carve the next wolf for the ceremony. Things moved along the same, with emotions pulsing around me with so much strength that it seemed like I could reach out and touch them with my hand rather than just my mind. Yet the waves that I felt were suddenly disrupted and a tsunami of distrust rose through the darkness. My eyes sought out the source through the darkness, my mind was pulled from my focus on the pack's emotion. Finally, I picked out Luxx in the crowd. Funny how she had both led to my presence here and disrupted it.

The mysterious lone had come to join the pack.

While I still felt the pack's tumultuous emotions swirling around me, I did not have the strength to try and influence them in the way I had before. Instead I numbly carved into Luxx's hand. I knew the rumors, and yet my feelings were radically different this time than they had been before - where I'd been indifferent previously, it now felt somewhat like I was witnessing my mate and his mistress as Luxx fell to her knees in front of Onyx and he brought her into the ranks of reprisal. The eyes of the entire pack were turned on the three of us, as they watched and whispered and passed judgement about things that they knew nothing about. That I knew nothing about.

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