Index was once a small and close-knit community, but the town located on the western side of Washington state has grown in recent years beyond anyone's expectations. It is the ideal place for those who work in Seattle but can't afford the city's high real estate prices, and for others the natural beauty attracts them to the town. And Index truly is a beautiful place - surrounded by thick evergreen trees, tall mountains and glistening rivers and lakes. While weather is typically rainy with overcast skies even this does nothing to take away from the beauty of the town, and it is only highlighted further when the heavy snow graces the town and caps the mountains in winter. To many, Index would seem like a paradise. And yet lurking beneath this visual beauty there is more to this town than anyone might ever imagine...

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 [Private] Right-hand Side of the Left-hand Path

[Private] Right-hand Side of the Left-hand Path

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[Private] Right-hand Side of the Left-hand Path

Keon N Ravelich | Wolf; Warrior/Fighter

Posted on Wed May 17, 2017 3:51 pm

Thread Details
Outside the Vue Art Gallery ⋅ Cloudy teasing light rain ⋅ 1amish

Couldn’t really tell you when I decided to become a cop. Would be awesome to have some big childhood story about seeing the uniform worn by some tough guy with a heart of gold that had made me want to walk a beat just like him. Just wouldn’t be true. Had its benefits though. For weeks I had been basically breaking the law. So had multiple other wolves. I didn’t regret trying to murder Luxx. What I regretted is that I hadn’t put enough liquid silver in that flask. I’d never used the stuff before so the Sequoia, the Pacific would have to forgive me that I hadn’t known how much a lethal dose for a cockroach was. This was just all retaliation, I kept telling myself that. I had been totally intent on following Apollos lead when it came to the lone but Orion had made that very difficult. The guy was a total wank. So far inserted into Luxx’s ass that it was hard to work out where she started and he ended. He’d started this mess and I had tried to finish it. Without their Bride of Frankenstein Warlord their little group of assholes wouldn’t have any reason to continue rocking an already unsteady boat. With Onyx finally showing his face instead of sending out the blonde harpy to do his bidding, I had begun to feel slightly ashamed. We all looked like children from his position I imagined. Had probably allowed it to continue up until his girl had her life threatened. This was the calm before the storm. Nothing had been said as of yet. I was under no impression it would stay that way.

I’d tried burying myself in case files. Onyx had to have some kind of sense. Apollo would eventually gain an audience to open his damn eyes to the snake that slithered amongst us but I was going to work on shining myself up. If the Alpha found out I had tried to kill another wolf…urgh, I didn’t want to think of what would happen. Apollo didn’t even know I was behind it. That I had been the one who had rallied Nova and a few others to be a force that stood up against Orion and his flunkies. I’d cast aside morals just to fight lies with silver. I wasn’t proud of the fact but I still stood by my choice. Now I was trying to make amends for my sins by taking care of Index. The Pacific already had a deal with the Police Department so being accepted into their ranks when I had all the right credentials was a piece of cake. What messed with my head is how many unsolved issues sat on their desks. Humans almost terrified of dealing with anything that looked as if it might have something to do with a world they sort of knew existed but didn’t understand. Only those in true positions of power had any clue but they slapped muzzles on their inferiors. Which had led to so many cases going cold, being swept to the side.

Reading over all that stuff had begun to hurt my head. Not to mention having to deal with radio transmissions that bled into each other, overlapped and twisted my perception of everything around me. “281 transferred to a 372. Licence plate 937 dash ZDX…” Suspicious Vehicle turned found property. More than likely stolen. “430 in progress corner of St Brides and Fenklin.” Accident investigation. Was one of the more common ones. Waiting for my favorite to come screaming through. Drunken and Disorderly Adult. A 176. Strolling down the sidewalk I was looking around for an alleyway to have a quick puff. Getting high on the job wasn’t unheard of for me. In the heart of town my wolf ability was awful. All the music, text messages, phone calls. Gave me a permanent headache. Mary Jane took my hand and numbed the noise. I’d brought enough of my own home grown bud to last me quite a while but at some point I was going to have to devote some time to rebuilding my garden of weeden.

The bright lights of the currently closed Vue Art Gallery came into view. So far I’d walked the whole town. Getting a feel for where everything was. Wanted to be one of those guys who remembered street names but I was definitely a navigator based on landmarks. Many of those being prime locations to smoke a bowl. Striding over to a nice shadowed section off to the side of the main entrance, I did take a quick look around to see if anyone was nearby. Though Marijuana was legal in this state. One really big bonus of having to move here. It still wasn’t okay to get baked while in Police uniform. Unless of course it was Halloween and you weren’t actually a member of the force.

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Re: [Private] Right-hand Side of the Left-hand Path

Blake Vancel | Vampire; Young

Posted on Sat May 20, 2017 12:30 am

Only a fool seeking attention steals art. The small market there was for it is dwindling and majority of the buyers turned out to be cops anyway. Plus, good luck trying to find someone on the street willing to spend billions of dollars for a stolen piece. It is a waste of time and effort to just get your name in a small headline in a newspaper, but I here I stood in the Vue Art Gallery, face to face with a painting I was about to rip off of the wall.

After moving to Index, I wanted to see what local venues there were and small events, especially in the arts department. Today's modern nightclubs weren't my thing, not that I would never go, but it never interested me. I enjoyed formal events; evening gowns, champagne, tuxedos, smooth jazz playing faintly in the background as the party-goers discussed their preferences of either Henri Matisse or Pablo Picasso. So naturally, I was excited to discover there was a local art gallery that still did showings and was decently active. While checking out their website and random Google images, I came across an old painting that was too familiar. Upon closer examination, it was in fact one of my own self portraits I thought that had been destroyed ages ago. While the idea of my own painting of myself wasn't worrisome enough, the placard under the painting read, "Selfless Self-Portrait - Blake Vancel, Early 1900s." Was someone messing with me? How did they find this? I knew using my real name when I first began my apprenticeship would haunt me one day. I couldn't just leave the piece there. For one, it was mine to begin with, and second, it'd be pretty suspicious and uncomfortable to lie about the painting of myself with my name on it that it wasn't me. I decided it was time to pull out the stops and retrieve my self portrait. I had promised Daron I wouldn't take on any jobs from anyone who wasn't him, but this was for myself, so I technically wasn't breaking any agreements or contracts.

Breaking in wasn't too difficult; nothing paying a hooligan child to get the guard's attention away couldn't handle. The painting itself wasn't that big, and was located in a small section with several different paintings from that time period and style. Most probably wouldn't even notice it or even pay that much attention to it since it blended in with the others, but to me it was blaringly obvious and screamed at me. I took off my black mask never taking my focus off the painting. I had painted this before I was turned, for reasons I couldn't remember. It was like looking at a ghost. The messy oil strokes of vibrant colors felt so distant. My skin was still tanned from the sun, my natural red-orange hair longer and lighter as well. In the portrait I was looking up towards the viewer, my hands grasping onto the brim of an over-sized hat. I displayed a pearly white smile with bright blue eyes. It felt strange to be reminded of a time where I actually thought of myself in this almost sickenly happy image.

I inhaled then exhaled sharply. With gloved hands and vampiric speed, I laid out a large blue tarp and lifted the painting frame and all off the wall. I wrapped the painting tightly and attached a strap diagonally from corner to corner then slung it over my shoulder like it was a simple school book bag. After checking to make sure the piece was secured to my body, I listened to see if the security guards were back from dealing with the child. The silence of everything but the faint humming from the display lights was my sign that my exit was going to be easy. I found a door marked "Emergency Exit" and promptly made my way out.

Once out in the alley, I smelled something familiar. Was that.... weed? I thought to myself. I looked around curious where the smell was coming from, and saw a man in a police uniform not that far from me. Without even thinking, my mouth let out, Oh fuck.

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