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 [Private] Your Faith. Toku Whakapono.

[Private] Your Faith. Toku Whakapono.

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[Private] Your Faith. Toku Whakapono.

Anahera Te Kaitiaki | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Tue May 16, 2017 1:49 am

Thread Details
St Paul Catholic Church ⋅ Raining Heavily ⋅ 1pm

Threads Title: Your Faith. My Faith. Anahera is wearing a plain dark blue t-shirt and light grey track pants with black/white chucks.

“So Cheetos are just sperm shaped Rashuns.” My contact within the Index Army of God contingent wasn’t anyone of importance. Cruz probably thought he was all that and a bag of chips now though. The only person who knew exactly why I was here since someone had to. The council had left it up to me as to how I wanted to approach this. Cruz had only transferred five or so months prior. Replenishing the ranks. Hunters had been checking out of this joint left and right. Disappearances. Body bags. He had all the signs of someone who had gone through the wranger. Scars up his arms, shamelessly on show due to the sleeves of his shirt being rolled up. One gnarly burn on his neck. Cruz was my confidante and my tour guide into the greasy snack foods of the fattest nation in the world.

Sperm? Maybe if you’re a Warlock. What’s a Rashun? I made a disgusted face tossing the twisted snack food I’d bitten the end off out into the rain. It was really hosing down. Ranginui the Sky Father crying his heart out. Fat heavy rain drops instantly turning what was originally a crispy Cheeto into orange mush. “Didn’t even think it was possible, but those taste worse than Rashuns. Which is the same thing. Fake cheese junk food.” Looking at my stained fingers I didn’t even want to lick them it was that bad. Holding my hand out under the awnings of the entrance to the church I washed them clean. Turning then to dry my hand on Cruz’s shirt sleeve. “Take a closer look at the one in your hand. Bulbus little head. Wiggly tail. It’s a sperm.” Cruz knocked my hand away though the damage was done. A nice wet smear on the pale blue fabric. You’ve put me off now. Feel like I’m about to eat Homer Simpsons jizz. Snorting I ended up stuck in a spiel of my tea kettle laughter, which made Cruz’s eyes widen before he too began chuckling. You’re kidding right? That’s actually your laugh? My whistle fading off I grabbed the bottom of his Cheeto packet, crushing the snacks inside. “Don’t take the piss Cruz.” He just grinned with his uneven teeth and then crunched into the sperm in his hand. “Don’t forget to swallow.” I teased reflecting his smile while stepping back to begin removing my raincoat. Cruz stopped mid chew, his lips ever so slightly curling in revulsion.

Peeling off the still wet jacket I stepped inside the church, finding a coat hook to hang it on. My sneakers squeaked slightly on the wooden floors, still slick with water. Always felt a bit underdressed when I walked into a church. Trackies and a t-shirt were all good on the Marae but here I felt a bit scruffy. Like I should be wearing a dress with a flamboyant hat decorated in ribbons and flowers. Our Lord looked through the outer shell. Seeing us for who we truly were. I knew he didn’t care if I was in my pyjamas even if it was a onesie. As long as I came before him with a pure intentions he would smile upon me. Standing directly in front of the podium I tilted my head upwards revealing myself to him. After a moment of silence I dipped my heart once more to begin my Karakia.

“E tō mātou Matua i te rangi. Kia tapu tou Ingoa. Kia tae mai tou rangatira-tanga. Kia meatia tau e pai ai. Ki runga i te whenua, kia rite ano ki to te rangi.”

The translation wasn’t exactly the Lords prayer but it was the one I preferred. Switching anything into another language wasn’t an exact art. With so many tribal dialects sometimes things got screwy. Like one chick had told me that in school she’d been taught that puti meant cat. Don’t know what her Maori Studies teacher had been smoking. Was pretty sure that puti meant flower no matter what Iwi you came from. Words like Mana couldn’t really be translated. It had to be described.

“Homai ki a mātou aianei, he taro mā mātou mo tēnei ra. Murua o mātou hara. Me mātou hoki e muru nei.”

Strip us of our sins. Give us back what we have lost. Those words actually caused my voice to get louder. Reaching up to clasp the greenstone about my neck. Projecting into the empty church with a reverent but fierce conviction. Footsteps too numerous to just be Cruz sounded out behind me but I continued.

“I o te hunga e hara ana ki a mātou. Aua hoki mātou e kawea kia whaka-waia; Engari whaka-orangia mātou, i te kino: Nou hoki te rangatira-tanga, te kaha, me te kororia, Ake, ake, ake…”

Could hear Cruz’s Cheeto packet crackling behind me. The light feminine breath of someone drawing in a surprised suck of air and the pinging rattle of raindrops against the stained glass windows. Releasing the Manaia carved necklace pendant I smoothed my fingertips lovingly over it. The stone was always cold even after resting against my skin. A sign of a true piece of Pounamu. Lifting my head from its downcast position I ended the prayer in a whisper.


Aroha! So lovely to see you again. I do hope you remember me. Sam. Samantha. You taught me how to weave a flax basket. Hearing my sister’s name come from a woman’s mouth made my heart ache. Slowly turning around didn’t switch any lights on upstairs for the lady either. Aside from having a slightly different moko Aroha and I were identical.

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Re: [Private] Your Faith. Toku Whakapono.

Helios Tallon | Army of God; Chief

Posted on Fri May 19, 2017 11:54 pm

I felt anew. After having met with Grace, I felt it even more strongly. While it was clear that our meeting had angered her, she did not leave angry and that was the most important thing. I could not have her doing something she would regret. I did not leave angry either, however a bit saddened. I had let her go. I could not stop her from hunting, I knew that it was not my place. Only she could decide if she wanted to break her vows in favor of a better life. Any that tried to convince her of one way or another would only make her rebel. I had all the faith in the world that she would take the right path eventually. She was smart in that sense, unlike myself.

Emerging from the back, my hands gripped the collar around my neck. Rain had begun to fall, as it so often did. I could hear drops thumping loudly against the glass as I moved down the hall, nodding at Grace as she passed. She had been crying, I could see the red around her eyes. Please... I tried to stop her but she only ran. You will need to give her time, Father Tallon. I nodded to Father Williams, concern in my eyes. The grip he had on my shoulder as he passed by did nothing but remind me of the weight I carried on them. Grace was now a part of that heaviness that weighed me down. Luckily that was what I was born to do, to carry. My mother had always said that was why I was gifted such large hands. The thought brought about a smile, but that too faded when I began to remember.

As my feet carried me further, a voice echoed through the room ahead. The language that met my ears only put more weight upon my shoulders. I recognized it immediately... I had not even realized how quickly my pace had become, my feet carrying me to that voice as quickly as they could manage. Reaching it did nothing to stop my heart from pounding. Putting a face to the voice did nothing to calm my pulse. I just stood there, breathing like I'd just stopped running around the world and back again. I had not even noticed Sam, I did not even look at her.


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Re: [Private] Your Faith. Toku Whakapono.

Anahera Te Kaitiaki | Army of God; Hunter

Posted Yesterday at 4:47 am

Felt sick. Like I’d come down with the dreaded lurgy but I knew it wasn’t the flu I’d caught. The expression on that woman’s face. Sam. Samantha. She was utterly chuffed at seeing me standing in her church. I was going to have to burst her happy bubble and that was a knife to the guts. Made all the more terrible when Father Helios Tallon appeared. I only knew what the bloke looked like from photos I had been shown. The council wasn't going to send me out on a mission without knowing exactly who I was meant to be speaking with. Looked as if he’d just done a twenty-metre dash at top speed to get into the room. Just made it worse. Obviously, they both had known Aroha. She had touched them in some way. She had known them and they her. In a way that meant that I myself could feel further connected to my missing sister through them. Six degrees of separation was something a Kiwi did put a lot of faith in. Our country so compact it was often difficult to not find a way that you actually were connected to a complete stranger. Someone's cousin. Once worked with an old school friend. Dated, once upon a time. Here, in America, it felt more like a strike of lightening to meet two people, hunters like myself that knew Aroha.

Who's Aroha? Cruz who had been malingering in the back with his snack stepped forward craning his neck to look around at Sam and Helios. Picking another orange tentacle out of the chippy packet and stuffing it in his mouth. Samantha opened her mouth to reply though stopped when her gaze dropped to the flamboyant rattling baggie. Cruz, what did I say about eating in the church? You’re getting orange crumbs everywhere. All over yourself. She tutted loudly. Eyeing the growing mess that followed the male hunter like she was mentally adding vacuuming onto her to do list. She looked the bookwormy type. Not that I wanted to start stereotyping and categorizing anyone. Was a habit of the job. Looking for signs that someone wasn’t all they appeared to be. Vampires were for obvious reasons, were pretty damn easy to spot. Wolves and the Magick users? Not so much. That took years of practice and skill. Perception at the highest of calibers. Didn't claim to be no expert but I wasn’t a ning nong either. This is Aroha. Samantha gestured to me. Cruz narrowed his eyes at me, chewing through his thought process. Ahhh no…that’s…

“Nice. Real nice Cruz.” Bro even knew that I had an identical twin. Hadn’t he connected brain to mouth at all? Obviously not. “Cheetos are rotting your brain.” I tapped the side of my head giving him a small smile, which turned sad as my eyes flickered back to Helios and Samantha. “It does sadden me to say this. As I feel like I’m telling you the milkshake machine is out of order..” Hated that. Cruising up to the drive-thru window. Ready to make an order. Fries, tomato sauce, mayo and a chocolate shake. Only to be told that their machine was busted. Felt like it was always breaking down. Miccy D’s needed to hire new service personnel. Get that sorted. “…but Cruz is right. My name is Anahera Morehu Te Kaitiaki. Aroha is my twin sister.” Stepping forward I wondered if a traditional Maori greeting was going to be new territory for these two. Cruz had thought I was trying to snog him. Which was usually the awkward reaction. Though he’d been creepy and actually gone to cup the back of my head. Who did that in the middle of a carpark with someone they just met? Cruz did, that’s who.

Placing a hand on Samantha’s right shoulder I leaned forward and pressed my nose once, then twice against her’s. Also brushing my forehead against her own each time. Using my free hand to grasp hers in a handshake. The now cultural norm of marrying both the Hongi and the western hand gesture. In Māori folklore, the first woman was created by the Gods. Molding her shape out of the earth. The God Tāne embraced the figure and breathed into her nostrils. She then sneezed and came to life. That was the mythos story behind why we did it. Sharing the breath of life. “It is very nice to meet both of you. I’d love to hear about how you met my sister. Whether you’ve heard from her.” Shifting to stand in front of Father Tallon I felt a little uneasy. He had no idea why I was here and here I was making light of what was a heavy situation with talk of Aroha. Putting a hand on Helios shoulder I had to stand on my toes to make sure I hand enough height to press my nose against his too.

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