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 5. Anahera Te Kaitiaki

5. Anahera Te Kaitiaki

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5. Anahera Te Kaitiaki

Anahera Te Kaitiaki | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Sun May 14, 2017 2:21 am

**Application for Army of God**

Anahera Morehu Te Kaitiaki is a member of the Ngāti Kahungunu tribe of the Hawkes Bay. A direct descendent of the first Maori for arrive on the shores of New Zealand lead by their Chieftain and Priest. The Army of God contingent in NZ began as Paruru o te Iwi (Protectors of the People) but merged with the Spanish organization to share resources. They still follow many of the old ways when it comes to engaging their quarry. Anahera prefers close combat. Wielding a Pouwhenua (Pointed fighting staff) which has a silver tip and a silver plated Patu (Club) though she also teams this with light weight sniper rifles and knives. However she prefers to fire incapacitating rounds of experimental tranquilizers to ground her targets before moving in. There is no honor in eliminating the supernatural beasts she hunts from a distance. They, like all creatures deserve to see her face before they die. Maori warriors excel in the art of ambush and surprise raids, appearing and disappearing swiftly and noiselessly into the thick New Zealand natural rainforest environment. Anahera has always been a hunter, began her training alongside that of home schooling. She was born into her calling. As was her identical twin sister Aroha who was stationed in America well before Anahera chose to relocate. While she does specialise in the hunting of Wolves she is an equal opportunist and regards all supernatural species as perversions of Papatūānuku (Earth Mother) and threats to the human race.

She stands at around 5’7 and has an athletic build. Her body is a canvas of scars from battle and Maori tattoos. Each has a story that she will willingly share when asked about, though regulating the tale when speaking with civilians. She’s very casual in her dress sense, almost lazy. Preferring the comfort of sweat pants and a hoodie when not in combat situations. Around her neck is always a Manaia greenstone passed down in her family to the eldest female in every generation. She classifies herself as being bi-sexual. Anahera identifies as a Christian. However her family still upholds ancient traditions involving the Gods of their ancestors. In particular Tūmatauenga the god of war, hunting, food cultivation, fishing and cooking. This is not to be confused with worship. Her diet mainly consists of fresh fruit and vegetables, seafood and sometimes on the rare occasion chicken. Whenever possible she will fish and cultivate a garden. She avoids all kinds of red meat. If you don’t have beer, or red wine, she’ll always opt for water. It’s best not to let her get drunk since she gets aggro, rearing for a fight.

Anahera has never been overseas, unless you count Australia, which she doesn’t. She has been seeking a re-deployment to America for months. Her Uncle, New Zealand’s global representative, mentioned that Index had become a powder keg after a meeting to assess danger zones. Anahera raised her hand to become an inquisador into the mental and physical stability of one Helios Tallon who had been given charge of the sector. It’s almost an insult for someone of her age, only 26, to be sent to watch over an older superior but her Uncle was very convincing and Anahera intends on taking her new position seriously even though it is not the true reason why she wants to become the newest resident in Index.

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