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 [Private] Unearthing the Past - Page 2

[Private] Unearthing the Past

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Re: [Private] Unearthing the Past

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Mon May 29, 2017 5:48 pm

Now that's some wild shit. How long? We should be doing family shit, catching up, barbecuing, yanno, the good stuff? Logans eyes were on her like she was the cool cousin he only got to see once every five years, the kind of cousin that has all of the cool toys and always lets you play with them. He was like a fucking child, but to me, we weren't kids anymore. We didn't share any memories with her, and as far as I was concerned, she'd have to earn family fucking barbecues in the same way acquaintances become friends. I didn't love her, and that was the problem. If my mother had taught me anything, it was that blood ties to family members didn't equal love. So far, this chick hadn't had an impact on my life what-so-ever. Unless you were counting the awkward inconvenience that was this meeting. In which case, she had a mark against her, not for.

Well one of them is dead. I blurted out, and I felt Logan's elbow in my rib. I instinctively growled as I elbowed him back. Fuck you Logan, it's true. I whispered, but it didn't matter. She probably heard me anyway. It was made worse by her answer, which I honestly understood. Yeah we haven't heard from Uncle Milo... I could tell Logan was latching onto that topic just to move past the topic of Dad, and I didn't give a fuck. I didn't want to talk about it, but I also didn't see why we needed to be so fucking extremely happy either? Was it so much to ask that we just be fucking real with her? ...I can't even remember the last time... I'm sorry I don't know if that's a... Touchy subject or not. Either way, I'm glad your mom wanted you to meet us I mean... This idiot may be grumpy but we both think family is important. He gave me a nudge on the shoulder and I just glared out the window.

I even jumped, Logan's laughter actually made me jump. No. I replied simply, then went right back to staring out the window. Yeah, neither of us are married. I have a kid or... Two... I.... I finally looked at him, a look of unease on his face. I don't mean it like that of course I know how many kids I have it's just complicated. I'm definitely in their lives though... Or... Was... He awkwardly scratched the back of his head. Why the fuck the idiot would talk about his kid and his lack of involvement in her life with her of all people I had no idea. Wait... Did he just say kids... Plural? Construction. I blurted out, trying to save this idiots ass from looking like a bigger dick than he already did. I work construction, Logan's a firefighter... You?

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Re: [Private] Unearthing the Past

Ruby Schaffer |

Posted on Mon Jun 19, 2017 7:47 pm

It's true that the way to my heart is through my stomach, but the idea of a family barbecue with the Byrne boys made me uncomfortable, as did Logan's never-ending string of suggestions of family activities that we partake in. I was interested in my father and his history, but I wanted to take it slowly. I didn't want to feel like we all had to pretend to be a happy family when we were basically strangers.

Um... about three years? I said to Logan but only nodded to the rest of what he said.

Perhaps bringing up the subject of our fathers was a mistake, although the fact  that what brought us together also divided us seemed like it would be problematic. I hadn't known that one of my uncles was dead, and how could I? Was that my fault though. I hadn't chosen to separate myself from them. While I couldn't say that I regretted mama's choice to move to Phoenix, she had taught me to value family the way Italians do. While my maternal grandparents were dead, my mother's brothers had always remembered us and told us that we would be welcome in Italy at any time. Apparently, my father's brothers did not feel the same, although I didn't know them like I did my maternal family so I was equally as wary. I'm sorry to hear that. For me it's not really like that. My parents didn't marry, even when my father was around we weren't very close. I shrugged it off, I also think that family is important, although I understand and share Vincent's reservations. Family was important yes, but there was more to family than simply blood.

I gaped slightly at Logan's long and overly detailed explanation of his family and his complicated relationships with his children. Maybe it was because of my absentee father that he felt compelled to share about his own efforts to be involved in his kids' lives, although it would hardly seem like the way to win points in my book. I nodded slowly to Vincent's subject change and let Logan's monologue slide. Computers are my gig. The main reason that I live in Index is actually because I commute to Seattle but didn't want to live in the city.

Vincent and Logan seemed so normal in many ways. Vincent's hostility aside, a job in construction and no family were all pretty mundane details. The same went for Logan. I definitely didn't seem like they knew anything more about the reason why our parents had all separated - or at least mine. I had a half-sister too but she wasn't around either. Why was that? I'd been hoping to get information out of the boys, but if they were telling the truth then they didn't know anything. I was disappointed, but Logan was so eager to get to know me that I figured it wasn't a complete loss. I couldn't say that I really trusted but I'd come to see some similarities between us. It would take time to build trust, but it might be worth the effort to have some newfound cousins right here in Index.

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