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[Private] Lighting Cigarettes in your Name

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Re: [Private] Lighting Cigarettes in your Name

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Wed Jun 07, 2017 8:15 pm

History had proven that I didn't exactly have the best timing on shit. Unfortunately, I only lacked the right amount of fucks to compel Luxx when I was likely too drunk to remember. Sober me didn't have the balls, or... More accurately, sober me didn't have the brains to think to use my gift to it's maximum potential. Some irony just couldn't be blamed on others, some of it was purely my own doing. Like now, as I wobbled in front of her, feeling the acidic burn from the generous amount of liquor I'd consumed burning my throat, I just looked at her, trying to make a mental recording as she opened her mouth. I didn't even get a chance to register that my ability had actually worked on her... Something I already knew but still managed to fascinate me when I used it on new faces. No, not this time around, it wasn't a fucking game anymore, was it?

X. That didn't ring a bell. What followed definitely did. I may have been drunk, but I'd gone over that fucking conversation I'd had with her before I left so many times it had taken up permanent residence in my brain. No matter how hard I tried to tuck it into the area of my mind, right between drunken memories, and suppressed memories, it still found a way to rear it's ugly head. I listened as so many pieces fell into place. Transparent pieces, ghosts of things that I wanted so desperately to cling to but Jack Daniels was working against me this time. It was the first time I genuinely hated him for replacing my sober brain with a drunk one. What a fucking train wreck. I'd started it, too, hadn't I?

Stupid details stood out. Meaningless ones. Details that were only meaningless because they were just pieces. I knew it was the whole picture she'd just painted that mattered the most, but I was hung up on little shit. the resurrection, he kept her captive, tortured her, he made her drink blood, she only returned here because she was told to, Sona, without her, without me, the head of Vega... But most importantly... It was what came at the end, something that not even Luxx could fight compulsion for. A final truth. Her reason didn't matter to me, because I didn't matter. But it was the truth, that she'd stopped doing his bidding. A truth that I couldn't even find a reason to be angry at her for, because there was no reason. How could I call ''bullshit'' now? I couldn't... I fucking couldn't and for some reason that sucked more than any lie she could have told me.

What have I fucking done?! My drunken eyes widened, unsure of why I was so pissed but I knew I had a million reasons not to be, and just as many reasons to be, I just couldn't for the life of me fucking list them. Did you even hear what you just fucking said?! What do you mean what have I done?! I hiccuped again, and for some reason that just pissed me off even more. That's not fucking on me Luxx! That's on you. If you'd have fucking told me everything I wouldn't have had to ask, now would I? You think these fucking idiots would know the difference? They're fucking lackeys! Morons! You could have told me before they fucking appeared! And I wouldn't have had to ask, I wouldn't have asked. I fucking wouldn't have...

I didn't fucking want you to- I started, but rolled my eyes, dipshit was talking now and I'd had enough. My drunken brain was trying to process what had just fucking happened and I couldn't focus with his rotten corpse chiming in. What the fuck is he- I started again, but he kept talking. You won't lay a fucking hand on her, I'll fucking kill you! I snarled as he threatened Sona, feeling more like those words belonged to Luxx than me. I could feel the discs in my spine shifting around, my fangs emerging, claws coming in... I tried to lunge after them, not even knowing what to do since I hadn't fully shifted... It didn't matter, I landed face first in the dirt.... And I didn't know if the booze was to blame, or his speed... Probably both.

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Re: [Private] Lighting Cigarettes in your Name

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Sun Jun 11, 2017 1:20 pm

Rage did not come easily when drunk. It didn’t come naturally at all now. It was part of me as a Wolf and as the Fanger blood began replacing those parts of me with decay I had begun losing something that was so terribly important. That fire. I was dizzy. I felt like I was going to hurl. Standing was almost near impossible. Like a toddler, I had to get on my knees, hands flat on the concrete. Lift myself into what could be seen as a yoga pose if it wasn’t at the same time paired with toes pointed inwards and a primal scream of sheer aggravation. Just like a child getting frustrated over the struggles of trying to take those first steps. I could hear Xavier, yes Xavier, I remembered his actual name now. I hadn’t wanted to give him one. Just like I didn’t give my birth Mother and Father names. They didn’t deserve them. Sona wasn’t going to die right now because Onyx had to go and use his fucking Fangeresque ability on me and make me admit that I hadn’t been playing by the Supremacies rules. That I wasn’t there's because I was never going to be. I had been doing what I was told because I didn’t even have to try. All I’d been told to do was spend time with him and then make him angry. Fuck could do that without even opening my mouth. With energy that came from the anger, I pushed back on my palms launching myself up from the ground. I teetered backward, stumbling, only catching my footing after scrambling with dancers feet, holding my arms out, fingers splayed like I was in fact on rollerskates.  

The world moved. Sky shifting at a weird angle. Ground undulating in a wave. Had to force back a rumble of vomit with a heavy swallow. The saliva feeling tainted as it traveled down my throat. Xavier was now laughing and his fucking bum buddy was doing the same. This was fucking embarrassing. Was a gift from the Ancestors to know I wasn’t going to remember any of it. This wasn’t just doing to be a blackout. A blackout suggested that a lightbulb could be turned on at some point. Shedding light on things forgotten. Nope. I was pretty damn sure by the way the everything now looked like a scene from an In This Moment music video that I was severely fucked up. Assuming Onyx and I were going to survive, there was no way I was going to retrieve anything from this point onwards. Thank fuck for alcohol. My legs weren’t cooperating but they worked well enough to get me towards Onyx. He was actually trying to attack these Fangers. An odd feeling rose up in my stomach but I attributed it to the sick that really wanted to come pouring out of my mouth.

Leaping like a spaz onto Onyx’s back as he lay in the dirt, after being easily sidestepped, I grabbed a thick collection of his hair to pull his head up. I groaned loudly because disrupting my stomach made the desire to just empty its contents more powerful. “Shctop it.” Growling into his ear with a drunken slur, I tilted my head, yellow eyes unfocused but directed towards Xavier. “Expect new orders from me White Dog and be sure to follow these ones without straining that head of yours to find ways around them. You and I both know that your kind won’t ever accept you now so stop trying to pretend you’re still a Wolf.” Words that actually felt like silver razor wire being dragged across my face. He wasn’t wrong. The few that knew looked at me with pity. I hated it. I knew what they were thinking. That I was abnormal, that I was fucked up, that there was something wrong with me. They were right.  

Shouldn’t have nutted at Onyx. Sona was going to die anyway. I had already failed to save another person I loved. Even if I didn’t go to the church to detox, my body was going to give out. Xavier wouldn’t receive a reply. None of his demands would be met because I wouldn’t be around anymore. I’d already made my decision outside Onyx’s home. Right after he had left in his truck. Instead of fighting for my Mother, I had tried my best to do what the Ancestors had asked me to do. Had used up any time I’d had becoming caretaker of the Alpha’s fucking reputation so that his mental health wouldn’t decline further due to rejection upon his return. Saving his soul in order to save my own, though giving up the one thing that made it worth living.

Xavier darted off but his companion remained, crouching down sharply, staring at me, tilting his head like I was a mythical beast locked in a cage at a circus’ freak show. When he then grinned with pointed teeth and redirected his gaze to Onyx I snarled. “Hope to see you again soon Alpha. I’ve been speaking with that mutual friend of ours, you know the one.” My brain didn’t even know what to do with that information and it was lost immediately to the Vodka after he’d said it. Once he too was gone I rolled awkwardly off Onyx and stared right up into a starry sky that proceeded to rotate. “Whatsh the point in tellin’ someone anyfing when dey aren’t gonna believe it huh? What you’ve done ish make it harder. But thash fine. My problememo, not yoursh. Doeshent matter now anyway.” I lulled my head to the side. Eyes no longer glowing because I was fucking exhausted. Could sleep for a week if the Fanger blood would let me drift off in the first place. “Keep thoseh hardballsh comin’ Vin and I’ll keep knockin’ them out da park.” I moaned through a forced grin and squeezed my eyes shut. “I fink I’m washted.”

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Re: [Private] Lighting Cigarettes in your Name

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Wed Jun 21, 2017 5:21 pm

Liquor. Why the fuck had I consumed so much liquor. I knew some shit was happening, I knew it was important, and I knew if I didn't record it on my phone, it wouldn't matter, because I wouldn't remember jack fucking shit. Holy fuck, it was sinking in again, he was here, and this other guy... Oh fuck this was bad. OH FUCK, what had I just done? What the fuck had just happened? I probably looked like I didn't have a thought in my head, blank faced, I was surprised I wasn't drooling. I was trying to feel the right emotions, but I couldn't. Liquor had blurred that line between reality and dream. I knew the right reactions, but I didn't feel any passion in them. Because as I thought about rage, and regret, it all just circled back around to the only fact that seemed powerful enough to overcome those emotions. The fact that I was way too fucking drunk for this.

I could have pushed her off, but I guess I was too lazy. I could have done a lot of things, but more importantly, I should have been feeling a lot of things and reacting to a lot of things differently. Trying to feel things you know you should be feeling while intoxicated is like trying to cut through ice with a spoon. I knew what emotions were right, but they were diluted little things that I couldn't keep a mental grasp on, and definitely couldn't actually vocalize due to my tongue feeling sluggish. Fuck this guy likes to talk... I groaned, trying to focus on what he'd just said but again, my efforts were futile. I was a useless fucking idiot at this point, putting way too much focus into the way he said it, and not what he actually said.

I didn't look at dipshit number two, I just rolled my eyes. It was a false reaction, because I had no fucking idea what he was talking about. What friend? Oh wait... Maybe I did know. Fuck you! I yelled at him, but he was already gone... In fact, he'd been gone for a minute. Delayed reactions made shit really confusing, because what I'd said came after Luxx spoke. I should have cared, but I didn't, the 'fuck you' easily applied to her too.

It all hit me again, another wave of realization that would soon be swallowed up by my drunk brain. I scrambled to my feet anyway, angrily which just made me wobble around even more than I would have had I got my emotions under control. What the fuck just happened?! I asked, hiccuping towards the end and violently kicking dirt in frustration. I stumbled off to the side and once I got my feet on solid ground, I wobbled there, staring at her, trying to glare but I couldn't tell if I was actually succeeding or not. You ruined it! I tried to glare again, but this particular glare failed and I knew exactly why. I wasn't about to admit it either. I'm too drunk for this... I could feel my feet moving, but I soon lost control of them, and my entire body fell into the bush I'd retrieved the skateboard from.

I just sat there, like it was a comfy chair, with my eyes closed and head resting back. I can't believe you... I muttered, but it didn't matter. I was already dozing off.

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