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[Private] Eat Me, Drink Me.

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Re: [Private] Eat Me, Drink Me.

Blake Vancel | Vampire; Young

Posted on Fri Jun 02, 2017 7:46 pm

Oh yes, I'm a bit more partial to portraiture, then again I am very much biased on that front. Landscape paintings to me at this point in my life are what photographs of rainbows are to professional photographers. Almost anyone can do it, and unless it was an insanely detailed subject, it felt easy. I loved painting portraits because of the intense challenge of capturing enough of a person's physically likeness along with the right amount of the individual personality to shine through. Physically beautiful people hated seeing their ugly personality reflected back at them, even though they knew it was there from the start. I often wondered what a different portraiture artist would paint myself as.

The conversation was cut short and I stayed quiet, nodding as Henry bowed then left. I waited until Daron finished speaking, pondering my words carefully after each sentence. I occasionally would shift my eyes between Oren, then to Daron, then to the table in front of me. Was he expecting me to murder the warlock? Would he discredit me if I said I didn't want to? I wondered if he knew that was there when Drew was 'attacked' and if that changed anything. I raised my eyebrows at Daron's challenge and looked back and forth between Oren and Daron one last time before speaking.

For most targets, I would not really need to know what the object does or what powers it possessed. I paused and adjusted my body to sit up a little straighter. I figured if Oren didn't know I was a thief, he sure as hell would now, might as well not fret over it, Of course there's always the good idea that if it does possess too much power, I am informed before I touch it and find myself possessed or cursed by something. Thankfully that hadn't happened yet, but I always liked to be on cautious side just in case,I find that when it comes to special magical items, it is best to find the purest form of the original lore and study it from that. When it came to research, it could be such a bore if the prize wasn't worth it. The prettier the penny and the more interesting the object I was retrieving, the better I was.

Are you looking for me to bring you information on the object before I obtain it first? This would definitely be a little outside of the box. My typical heists started with receiving the assignment, (whether it was a huge book of papers neatly presented in a manilla envelope or just a paragraph's worth of information), receiving the due date if there is one, my own research, then I'm in and out. I'm not quite sure where to start here, but I think my first step is researching not only the piece you are requesting, but also the warlock. It will take some time depending on how much I have to research on my own. I leaned back in my chair and crossed my arms, That being said, any information you're willing to share with me about either of them would speed up the process. If I remembered correctly from the party, he collected artifacts. I could always disguise myself as a potential buyer and learn almost everything I needed to know that way. He had only met me once, would he be able to see through my disguise?

As for actually stealing the object, I try to spend as little time as I can actually doing the theft. I relaxed one arm to my lap and put my hand up to my face, resting my fingertips on my cheek bones then looked directly at Daron, my tone on the more serious side, The less time I'm there the less likely I am to be seen or caught. I felt that was my biggest downfall at the party. Too many drinks and too many lost minutes. I try to avoid such confrontations. After all, you do not want to leave trails behind and murder leaves a bright red trail. The police won't concern themselves with theft too much, they give up after awhile, but murder ignites them and then it's a witch hunt.

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Re: [Private] Eat Me, Drink Me.

Daron Wynyard | Vampire; Young

Posted on Sun Jun 11, 2017 4:53 am

“Research? You think I’m asking you to do research?” Didn’t even bother to the bite back the harsh laughter. Oh, the humanity. Her fucking humanity. To think a Vampires first thought when asked what they would do to obtain information would be to stick their head in books or sit their backside in front of a computer screen. “Kris and I have that covered if Daron would tell us what it is he is looking for.” Oren was right on some levels and not on so many others. Neither of them had been able to crack the Ogma Industries databases in order for me to work out what the company was a cover for. In my head it had to be. Vampires having businesses always pointed to an underlying reason for doing so. I just couldn’t imagine that Gayle just liked to shuffle into work and clock in for a hard days labor. The money, of course, was always a very important reason but there were so many ways to gather a fortune that didn’t involve actual employment even if she was the founder and CEO. “You’re not going to find a bloody web page dedicated to the item I need. It’s ancient.” Be careful who you give the name of the necklace to Daron my love. The few who know I seek it the better it is for you. Lilith didn’t need to tell me that. I’d was struggling to play my cards close to my chest. My Goddess didn’t even like the idea that I wasn’t going to be collecting in person. That I was sending someone in my stead. Even telling Blake exactly what it was she was stealing was more than enough to put her in a rage. Not that I’d found that was exceptionally difficult.

“I find it hard to believe a collector like Mr Greenmantle would have something in his possession that he doesn’t know anything about. So clearly the number one source of information is going to be the Warlock. I’ll tell you what I know and then you’ll get the rest directly from him.”
Once this ridiculous dinner party was over then I could get into the finer details. If Blake wanted Malakai handed to her I was more than willing. “He runs a business called Idiom, of which I’m a customer. I can get you an appointment, or more specifically my Manager can. After you’ve learned all you can about the item then you can compel him to forget you naturally. Or not, I actually don’t give a damn what you do. As long as you then return with the item” The whole spiel about what she normally did when taking a job was somewhat interesting but just made her seem terribly methodical. Nothing more depressing than a well thought out plan of attack. Girl needed to loosen up a little. In fact, she’d just given me an opportunity to throw a spanner in her works if that was exactly how she normally did things.

Henry reemerged from the dim lights of the house having actually found the glassware. Which made me grumble, removing my feet finally from the seat they had been resting upon. “Let's get this over and done with.” Growling under my breath I straightened my shirt and pretended like I gave any remote fucks about the goddamn dinner party. My newest progeny as I figured took note of me preparing myself and brightened considerably. Not that the man had at all really seemed to feel the gravity of my annoyance regardless. “One for the scrumptious Miss Blake.” Henry swept a flute in front of our guest, smiling broadly. “Mrs” I snarkily interjected and both Henry and Oren twisted their heads to stare at her. While both were dumbstruck with their surprise I leaned over and snatched the tray out of Henry’s hand. “Oren, Henry and fucking Daron.” Slamming each corresponding glass down on the table, having to lean over the naked meal course to spread them out, my fangs clicked down into position. I didn’t even wait to see if there had been a plan as to who was going to bleed our buffet dry, grasping the girls arm roughly and raising her wrist to my mouth. Suddenly a glass was shoved in my face.

“Ladies first.” Henry still peered down at Blake with a kaleidoscope of emotions running over his face but Oren had pushed her glass towards me. Lilith save me. Begrudgingly taking the cup I bit down into a vein, rotating the compelled woman's limb around to allow the blood to begin draining into the warm glass. All of this felt like a monumental waste of time. Not only was a single mortal not going to wet much of an appetite when shared between four Vampires, I couldn’t see the point in theatrically drinking the blood out of glasses. In fact, I wasn’t going to bother doing that myself. Once Blakes glass was partly full I jerked it back into Oren's waiting outstretched hand and promptly just rammed my fangs right back into the human's wrist.

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Re: [Private] Eat Me, Drink Me.

Blake Vancel | Vampire; Young

Posted on Fri Jul 07, 2017 10:31 pm

Ahh, well that changes things a bit, doesn't it? I said. He couldn't have told me it was an ancient item to begin with? I found it interesting, no, amusing he already had a team set up on research, but they had no idea what he was looking for. This item was clearly very important and very secretive. He definitely had my attention now. At first I expected I would be stealing little expensive knick-knacks that the rich always fought over, but no, this was something way more preferable. This was going to be fun.

I understand. Learn everything I can from the warlock, get the item in my possession, and get the hell out of dodge. I leaned forward in my chair lightly biting the back of my thumb nail, smiling out of the corners of my mouth. Let's make this happen. Oh, just don't leave me so far out of the loop that I look like a fool.

I flinched at the word. Mrs. Hearing it out loud was difficult. It felt strange, almost like some far fetched idea.I never wore a ring to signify the marriage in the first place. Since it was so spur of the moment, there were no engagement or wedding rings. It wasn't until shortly after our marriage that the diamond market crashed anyway, so we never pursued the issue. I didn't necessarily intend for my relationship status to be a secret; I didn't enjoy talking about it, so I left it on a need-to-know basis. Biting my bottom lip, I looked up coyly at the two faces staring at me. It's a very, I paused, trying to think of way to get out of this without having to tell my whole life story. I shifted in my seat, the pause growing awkward on my end. quite a complicated, arduous tale.

I sat back in my chair quietly as I watched Daron distributed the glasses and said nothing as Henry gestured to me. I could feel his eyes trying to peer into whatever soul or being I had inside of me. It wasn't going to work out anyway. Though, at this point I felt like I was some spectacle out on display. Was it really that strange of a concept? This whole dinner was strange. I breathed out a small sigh as the crystal glass of blood was handed back to me. So I take it we're not going to have a toast and a little jazzy speech then? I asked in a light-hearted sarcastic tone twirling the glass in my hands lightly.

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