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[Private] Spike In My Veins

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Re: [Private] Spike In My Veins

Benjamin Reese | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Tue May 16, 2017 8:50 pm

I cocked my head to the side with a cheesy smile; body language that would have been perfected with a wink but I left that part out. No, it sure isn’t. Curiosity had driven me there. It looked high end enough inside but perhaps in an attempt to placate every “genre” of vampire the place felt nothing akin to exclusive. The feeling I had tonight, about being another brick in the wall - it was amplified there. There’s a dress code, but if I find you interesting enough I might make an exception. In fact, I was pretty sure I would, if I had a yacht. Did I want a yacht? Because that was something I could easily take, even if it would always feel borrowed. I have a feeling they won’t last long tonight. I gazed toward the wagon, knowing he could sense it too; the blood. Easy pickings, though. Of course, something in me wanted to see who was inside, if they were hanging on by a thread. A part of me wanted to make someone. But I remembered again, that I heard no heart rhythms.

I’ll take your word for it, Maybe it was a hint that I hadn’t really listened to his music; I didn’t mean it to be, but I really hadn’t. I’d heard some songs, before his gala, even. But none of them were on any playlist I had. No, I was thinking that piercing wasn’t usually the adjective you wanted to use when complimenting someone’s voice. Perhaps that was why I lacked in interest.

I sighed, brows raised, looking into the ground, then I shrugged. I suppose I’m not short on time to start over. Something else about him, whether it was posturing or if I was simply witnessing a lovers’ quarrel. It was another thing that felt lacked class, and I was again reminded that the amount of money didn’t always matter. I was reminded of my human days, quarrels with Ebony in public, how different I was then and the parts of me that I didn’t miss. Shame I’m not, then, was it a scoff or a chuckle? Or some kind of mixture.

My lips curled up, wondering just how much I wanted to give him a show, hell, them a show. Apart from the tacky, over the top appearance, he might have something interesting to show for it. Besides, in the back of my mind I wondered, knowing it wouldn’t happen, what would happen if Noelle would come across the two of us. Would I be punished? I didn’t hide the hard-on I was now sporting, in fact, I flipped the position around and had him pinned. Good, I like an audience. Didn’t think you could advertise without delivering did you? Fangs had already been out, but I made sure to give a toothy grin, almost a silent growl as my knee pressed between his legs just under. My thumb and index finger lifted his chin as I studied his face, particularly his lips.

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Re: [Private] Spike In My Veins

Daron Wynyard | Vampire; Young

Posted Yesterday at 6:06 am

Had to appreciate the contradiction that was a Vampire that made an attempt to maintain a classy appearance. When our species was anything but. I could play that game too. We all could. It was a choice to not do so. I didn’t like being pegged into one thing or another. Being a chameleon was far more chaotic for the senses. Both mine and everyone elses. I believed it was only a matter of time before all the masks were stripped away anyway. Revealing the creatures who wore them. What was amusing was to find that trigger that made Vampires like this one spoil their pristine whites in favor of what was in our true nature. Everything of late had been turning into games. Whether that was a reflection of Noelle or just something she had reminded me was an integral part of my life, I didn’t dwell on. Influence of any kind was a method of control and the beautiful little infant didn’t have that kind of hold. Though I wanted her to think she did. When in her presence I did find myself losing grip. That’s what made her intoxicating. A form of walking, talking chaos. Just like many figures my mind occasionally lingered upon. I’d barely gotten to see the obvious signs of arousal in my new friend before roles were reversed. Hadn’t been expecting this. A wicked grin turned my lips. I did like surprises.

“Is this any indication of finding me interesting?” Didn’t care currently either way but I had to admit I was even more intrigued about this individual. Meeting expectations of a stray Vampire wasn’t a goal of mine. Though I did like to test the waters to see if there were any merits behind getting to know deeply any fanged stranger. Bonds were far too easy with progeny. Dictated and manipulated by the blood. Run of the mill. Store bought. Lacking any semblance of a challenge. What was shocking about this was obvious to me. In a short time period, I was aware that we may have revealed more about ourselves that would normally be allowed. Not that I especially went out of my way to hide anything. If he registered the situation he would put two and two together that my progeny and I had a very tumultuous relationship. Though there was nothing to suggest that it extend to all of my offspring, it was potentially an assumption that could be made. One I wouldn’t bother denying. He had after all appeared to compliment my parenting techniques. He knew who I was and now could see that I was anything but the usual Vampire I’d stumbled across here. The type that always hid behind theatrical curtains. I would willingly cause an accident for amusement. No one would likely believe that I had simply lost control of my own vehicle.

Likewise, I could make assumptions abut him. The long incubation period in choosing a progeny whether or not it was important suggested an interest in them that went beyond just locating tools. Being young would explain it. As I’d gotten older the time I spent on grooming was briefer. Not that I especially thought that was the norm. I had no idea actually. A hunger for dominance. An overly voracious sexual appetite. Was I pinned against a car getting a hard on from a baby vampire? Or just seeing a reflection of myself when I was a babe because I wanted to? So many questions. None that really needed to be answered. Though I could. Living with a little mystery for the moment was far more captivating. Not to mention I was getting a better, close-up view of his face. Certainly, could use to this particular game of cat and mouse. It was no secret that I didn’t mind playing the role of the prey for a while. Until they got too comfortable. Growling under my breath I twisted my face in his grip. “Very rarely do I offer something I don’t intend on presenting in some fashion.” I listened for movement from within the vehicle. None. Like Alyssa was staying as still as a statue to work out whether I had indeed be telling the truth.

Shoving a hand firmly in between us, I left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Grasping a handful of his crotch. Running my thumb definitively to indicate that I indeed hadn’t been joking in the slightest. As a mortal, I would have categorized myself as straight. That word itself now just didn’t sit well with me. I’d completely missed the point of true chaos as a human. Toted around ideals but had never gone the full hog. “How attached to these pants would you say you are?” I punctuated the question by twisting the fabric, hearing a strained ripping sound. Threads beginning to protest. “Actually, you know what? I’m being far too polite. I think the whole ensemble is making me forget that its what’s underneath that counts.” Fine clothes bringing out some kind of gentleman in me. How hilarious. Contorting a leg around his, grabbing his shirt, I trashed him immediately onto his back. Making sure to lay my own body completely into him. Not at all bothering to cushion the fall to the tarmac. Tearing a hole in his pants large enough to shove my hand inside.

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