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 [Closed] All I Ever Wanted Was Everything - Page 2

[Closed] All I Ever Wanted Was Everything

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Re: [Closed] All I Ever Wanted Was Everything

Daron Wynyard | Vampire; Young

Posted on Sat May 06, 2017 11:13 pm

Part 6/7

Lilith watched me for what seemed like hours as I dipped and weaved amongst the strands. Though I could walk through them, they were an illusion, I found myself respecting their personal space. At first glance they were all black. However two, my own and the Alpha’s were actually a deep dark blood red. One other had color or should I say a pattern. When I stared hard at it golden swirls would rise from it’s depths before being submerged. Another tendril thicker than the rest, though by no means the circumference of the Pack Masters, actually violently twisted and shook. She could tell I was interested in those that stood out from the rest, opening her mouth to give my mind further to chew on. One I did not rightly choose, but she has proved most useful for seeing, for knowing. However she is also a puppet of another. Of course I wanted more details but I didn’t expect I would get any. As soon as I turned my head as if to ask a question, Lilith’s eyes narrowed. Would have to be satisfied I was getting told anything. The very reason why I tell you to stay away from the Ancient Gayle. The demon goddess spat my Queens name and reached out to try and control the string that refused to stay stationary. Though she seemed hungrily focused on that very strand I had my own eyes glued on the one that flickered with metallic. A tool that was both Liliths and Gayles. How intriguing. Getting them to play nice was obviously never going to happen. Not that it would matter once I was a God.

This one. She snarled as the bond flicked like a whip out of her own fingertips, which almost made me laugh. I have touched. We have spoken. My head snapped to the unruly tendril, now my own eyes narrowing. It was bad enough having to share my Goddess with Lord of the Mutts without there also being yet another contender for her attentions. I have been tempted to feed her from the vein.. “NO!” The imagery of the bonds vanished and suddenly Lilith was right up in my face. Her jaw unhinged, fangs much longer than could be possible for a natural Vampire. A gaping maw. Black vicious liquid seeping from her eyes that were sliced into a glare. The vision was actually more than enough to make me take a step backward. Horrifying in a repulsively beautiful way. Watching the nightmare speak was actually fascinating. Don’t fret my love. The Wolf would suckle like a babe with little effort on my part. Which makes it all far too Elementary for me So it was yet another wolf. Fuck that made me sick. That my Goddess would stoop low enough to act like an animal shelter. Had to be a little impressed all things considering. It’s not like she was offering them a bowl of water with their name inscribed on the side. Perhaps I should get myself a little pet too. She had a wolf that would willingly drink blood. Now that was something. A grin appeared on my face. One that I suspected looking heavily intoxicated. The more my Goddess spoke the more insane this all sounded.

You don’t need to concern yourself with any of these Daron my sweet. Like hell I didn’t. Without names, descriptions, locations I had nothing to go on however. Given that the golden strand was both her slave and Gayles. Not to mention this blood happy wolf didn’t follow her commands it was obvious to me that these bonds of hers were just connections. Ties to others. She had no control over them. Only the Alpha, because she was in him. Now I wasn’t bothered with my own string. The only two that matter are the obvious. Mine and the Alphas. Did he hear her in his head too? I had decided that if she were ever to suggest a transfer from Pack Master to myself, I was going to outrightly decline. I would find another way to bring her back. One that didn’t involve handing my person over to her. You do need to concern yourself with retrieving an item for me. She had quietly whispered this once in my head. While I had been walking alone in a corridor at the party. It was the very reason why I had decided to adopt Blake as my own personal theif. “That was one of the reasons why I came to speak with you.”

Ravens that had fluttered overhead in a thick black cloud desecended and merged into her sweaping gown. As it was once in my possession I know where it is now. That’s how I had known who had it currently. What would have been spectacular is if she had told me what the fuck it was when I had been talking to Blake. Instead I was made to look a fool because I knew where to find the thing, not what the hell it was. The Soul Lacrime. Get it. Once you have it wear it at all times. Before I could make a smart comment about the name meaning literally nothing to me she pointed a finger at the statue behind me. About the neck of the stone effigy of Ishtar was a necklace. Bronze raven claws holding what looked like a moonstone, a rather large, unsightly moonstone. “Not really my style Goddess.” Upon me in an instant. I was slammed to the ground once more. The black of her hair, her dress and the endless supply of Ravens blotting out what light there had been from the moon. Think I care about your personal style Daron? You forget who it is that has the power to make you a God.

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Re: [Closed] All I Ever Wanted Was Everything

Daron Wynyard | Vampire; Young

Posted on Sat May 06, 2017 11:18 pm

Part 7/7

It had taken some time before Lilith had returned to her former self. Porcelain skin without a single blemish. Shiny black eyes. Teeth in the appropriate proportion for her small rosebud of a mouth. Though her chin now was covered in blood, from my shoulder, that she had torn into. The wound had vanished as if it had never happened but I recalled quite definitively how excruciating it had felt. A pain even beyond that of silver. I liked a dash of agony from time to time but that had been a different experience entirely. Not one I was interested in repeating any time soon. Was that all you wanted to speak to me about? She idly plucked a rose from a nearby bush and began dissecting its petals. Amputating them one by one. It hadn’t been. Asking her for something when she was already offering me the universe was cheeky. Laying back down on the stone bench to look up at the night sky, I knew I was skating on ice. Very thin ice. “Do you know why I want to be a God?” She didn’t reply. “It will give me the power do one of the things that I want more than anything.” Before I could register her presence she was sitting on top of me. Weightless. A cold emanating from her body that even chilled my own skin. Which is? “To bring about true chaos.” It began slowly. Her lips twitching. Until a smile developed. That would be a Demon Daron my love. Not a God. I blinked. “Don’t suppose we can change some wording in our deal then.” A soft dark jangle of laughter reached my ears. You like Chaos? My Goddess looked utterly enchanted and I felt an odd feeling swirl about in my stomach. I just numbly nodded, eyes fixed to her mouth. That smile was a far cry from the horrors of only a few minutes ago.

What else do you want more than anything? The list of desires I had could fill the library in the mansion but a few remained top priorities. “My music, I want it to be…legendary.” Sitting back she tilted her head from side to side. Appearing to be contemplating how to use this information. You want me to give you secrets. My Goddess was a smart one. Like she could read my mind, though I knew that there was no way she could. She didn’t have that kind of influence that had been clear from what she had shown me. “Yes.” Since my Maker hadn’t tutored me in what she knew about our species, about our history I had only my own experiences to transfer into lyrics to share with the world. Lilith could give me more than any other living Vampire could. You get the Soul Lacrime, wear it no matter where you are or what you are doing and I will share with you a story that will garner undying attention.

Since she hadn’t mentioned the Alpha when speaking about the necklace I didn’t know whether the two had any significance as a pair. She was obviously inhabiting the wolf for a reason, unless it was just a perfect hiding place. Though I had been intending on getting the damn piece of jewellery for her, it would be a lie to say I had been planning to wear it. Never take it off. Was I going to have to fuck in the thing? Now that was going to be a conversation starter. “Never.” I echoed.

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