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[Private] Explosive Private Parts

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Re: [Private] Explosive Private Parts

Gayle Shaffer | Vampire; Ancient

Posted on Wed May 17, 2017 2:19 am

Of course Lilah and I listened. While we were being promised new developments, I would still be delighted by a fascinating story. Would there be punishments handed down if this was a waste of my time? Of course, but as of late they were never what was expected. Torture with a silver cat-o-nine tails? Seclusion? Actually what did people expect? Did I even know what my staff, my researchers thought of me? Okay, so yes, I’d lost my temper a time or two. The results were usually a quick head removal and nothing more. Perhaps I had to think my reputation for the usually smooth running ship.

What happened to useless employees (who knew too much and could not be compelled, and even them too sometimes), was that they became the subjects rather than the researchers. It both was and wasn’t punishment. It was mostly efficiency. Nothing the surgery team couldn’t handle, I would think. I realized I was being perfectly still, statuesque. Countrary to how it looked, it meant I was comfortable, curious, and listening. I felt no need to feign breathing, to twitch, to move. Something that came with age, if I remembered correctly. Was I this still as an infant?

Now was the moment, at least it likely was. I fail to see the immediate danger of an earpiece, Sinclair. Another thing that my employees might find surprising, I was realizing because it was only on rare occasions I was seen by them - I had much more patience than Lilah. I’m sure she’s getting to that, Lilah. I paused, smiling at Lilah, then to Miss Sinclair. I’m anxious, but I request that your next development be some form of popcorn we might find edible for future moments with this level of anticipation. My eyes lit, and I whispered to Lilah, who darted from the room for the briefest of moments, almost as quickly as I could dash. I did hope with all the commotion from this morning, it wouldn’t be impossible for a few small glasses of red to be brought to the table.

I’d never given much weight to mediums. Weak necromancers who wasted their ability on expanding their circle of friends to the dead. But this, it was news to me and my glance to Lilah was all I needed and she pulled her phone, making a note to verify this statement at a later time. Of course, by the end of this meeting, it could very well be irrelevant, but whether not not my employee was truthful or thorough in her research would always be relevant.

Do you have information on this research? It was easily possible she was a physical witness, but I wanted both proof and more information. I was careful not to let my hopes rise, but I was actually pleased with where this was going. I wanted to question whether or not this was more related to technology or something else, the something else being something more recently explored in the Ogma labs. With reluctance, but it had proved useful.

Shame we couldn’t have been subjects, I said, grinning toward Lilah and my leg grazing hers. I feel that I’d seen something about this in the emails I’d been incessantly receiving from my financial advisors. Excuse me if I found it difficult, ever, actually, to place importance on green slips of paper. I lived in a time before it, and I believed that if I did make it past the end of this century, I’d live to see a time after it.

The consequences, if accurate, to her research, would certainly go beyond what she was selling me. Isolating human consciousness? How many researchers around the world would be salivating? And yet I had a feeling this demonstration wasn’t anywhere near finished. Color me somewhat impressed, but still cautious. It was all speak until proven otherwise. Once she had finally explained, described the use, Lilah looked to me, understandably. She for the first time in ages, was likely having difficulty predicting my reaction. I kept still, this time using my stoicism as the ultimate poker face. I am intrigued, but I will politely save my questions for the end. The implications of the others, the warlocks, the mediums, the necros, even to an extent my own. Could anyone detect these “ghosts”? But also, Lilah’s question had not been addressed. What was the danger? One of these ghosts “trapped” in the case? Was it more the risk of betraying what was inside the building meant to be confidential?

It started with a brief chuckle. Even seemingly flawless vampires, sometimes especially vampires, struggled with technology. Miss Sinclair, don’t fret. These things happen. Finally, there was a tray with four large wine glasses filled with “fresh squeezed” red liquid. Lilah and I immediately took ours. I’ve plenty of time for you to deal with your technical difficulties. I had always attempted to be polite, but the memory of the apparently small-brained assistant reading the hip hop lyrics replayed in my mind, and my lips were curled up in an impish grin. I tipped the glass, letting the still warm blood trickle between my lips, as I eyed the photographs displayed on the computer through my glass. Just when I thought it couldn’t get much better… I didn’t make the connection immediately but after I’d seen two garments personally made for yours truly, there was no denying.

Miss Sinclair, do those belong to you or your friend? Lilah’s tone was surprisingly lacking in that usual authoritative air, and she, at least to my ears, she sounded purely curious. If I knew Lilah, she was hoping for an honest answer. She had phases, and with this one in particular it seemed her clit would never be satisfied. Lilah, I said, returning the glass to the table, Don’t distract her. Business now, fun later, remember? Old gods, was she rubbing off on me?

Perhaps my tendency to be - whatever the opposite of disarming was, off putting, whatever, was my foe at the moment. I could only assume it was her anxiety at meeting with the woman from the top floor that made things so difficult once one thing went wrong. Was that it? The domino effect? Perhaps a snack break? You should have a drink while it’s still warm, Miss Sinclair.

It was when I heard the cry for help and the scene that my eyes found that marked the beginning of the thinning of my patience. I sat there, stunned (which was rare in my life as of late), wide eyed, the possibilities of what was actually happening scrolling through my mind. What the fuck is this, hip hop Beetlejuice? Lilah was better with pop culture than myself, I had no idea what that meant. I shifted quickly from astonishment to a more methodical train of thought. Was this all a planned theatrical gimmick? A display of not only the visuals of these “ghosts” but their ability to possess? Had she bribed the vampires into this, and compelled the humans? Was there a cleverly veiled necromancer?

And then a thought caught up with me: this was the security risk? An Ogma industries hip hop flash mob? A security risk? No. Actually, possibly. But more than anything, I was feeling this was a great waste of my time. I quickly downed the rest of the glass.

Miss Sinclair, I don’t suppose you have an explanation for this. I swung my arm, swatting away the first of the manipulated security guards like a fly. He flew against the wall and crashed to the ground. Or a way of getting it under control? I would call this much more than a technical difficulty.

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