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[Private] Porch sitting sans porch

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Re: [Private] Porch sitting sans porch

Michelle Hawke | Human; Citizen

Posted on Wed Jun 07, 2017 5:09 pm

Nice point, I said and again I was almost painfully aware of how chill I used to be and how well… not I’d become. I knew at that moment and not in some fuck buddy romance kind of way, that I needed to spend more time with this chick. Had a feeling she’d be good for my soul. Oh, shit girl that’s happened to me before. Or one of those things where you’re told it’s just a gathering, I used the quotation mark fingers with that last word, but it ends up being an all out party. I’m social but not that social. I let out a single chuckle and shook my head looking at her, Oh shit the food being gone’s the worst part.

That’s what she said will never get old, dude. At this point I wasn’t sipping the drink, I was just slurping it right up. Not even that kind of usual, oh my god I need a drink kind of way. It just didn’t feel like straight up liquor so I drank it like it was kool-aid. Aw, man yay! Hope it was um, cool and shit. You play anything? Kinda felt proud, I don’t know, that the place wasn’t a total hole in the wall. Enough at least that someone knew it. I’d really tried to make it something and did kinda feel pride about it even when it wasn’t my store. Something about it felt natural to me. Well, shit, I kinda knew what that something was but it was a fact I tried my damnedest to ignore.

Man I have been a firm believer in the fact that people see what they want to see. Not, an insult or anything. It just means we’re programmed that way. I knew what Tinder was, but didn’t seem at all appealing to me even if it was just for hookups. I don’t think I wanted the kind of person who would use it. Then again, I wasn’t really sure what kind of person who would use it. I wanted shit to be more natural, more of that feeling when you met someone and you couldn’t avoid that need to be close to them. Maybe it made me shitty but I kind of hated the idea of that being limited to one person, too. Every person was their own experience and every person I’d… well… been with, had pulled out a different aspect of me. I fucking loved that, but I tried to be as up front as I could about the fact that I didn’t want to be locked in romantically. I grabbed my phone from the counter and scrolled down the page until I found the phone number. Almost laughed a bit with the next question. I tried the serious thing once. Ruined a really good friendship. So, I mean, maybe I’m a slut but I avoid monogamy and being, you know, locked in. Not like I’m not up front about it, though. I clicked the number and lifted the phone up to my ear, giving our orders and making sure they knew it was delivery, not pickup. Thank god I had that phone case wallet thing because otherwise I wouldn’t have actually been able to keep my offer of dinner on me.

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Re: [Private] Porch sitting sans porch

Lucina Mangosteen | Witch; Elementalist

Posted on Fri Jun 09, 2017 7:22 pm

Same! You know those memes of people at parties hanging out with the dog or cat rather than the party? I'm that person. A part of me missed my college party days, but the rest of me were thankful as hell they were over.

Sweet, I feel way less guilty about helping that phrase to stay well and alive. It'll be my civic duty. I said this sitting up straighter in my chair, posing like I was posing for a superhero movie poster almost. Yeah if I remember right it was pretty neat. How long ago was it that I went? Play anything? Like an instrument? Naw, I'm tone-deaf as fuck. My stepmom tried to teach me to play the Cello and it was a train-wreck. She even tried signing me up for special classes and stuff. Totally a waste of money in the end. Practicing for hours a day after school every single day only to always be last chair was horrible. Convincing her to let me quit was the best decision of my life.

Yeah I can see that. It's like we want something to be perfect and instead of noting the flaws and trying to change it, we just leave it be and pretend is nothing wrong. I'm sure that's what I did anyway. I shrugged Then again maybe I just didn't want to be wrong. Man, this was getting deep. I needed more to drink if the conversation was heading in this direction.

I pursed my lips together and blew out a quick breath of air making something like a "pft" noise, It's not being a slut, it's being an explorable woman and exploring all of your options. Gotta find that perfect hue and personality on that rainbow. I wish I could take credit for coining the phrase "Explorable Woman," but unfortunately it was one of my old roommates who came up with it after one of her friends judged her for sleeping with two different dudes in the same day. Home girl had game so hard, she would have dudes dropping their panties. I understand what you mean though. 7 Billion people in the world, and you gotta hope you're soulmate lives in the same town as you, and you're  at the right place right time. Kind of far fetched. Truth be told I did want to be one of those people who do get married and do have a kid. Working that sweet 9-5 with health insurance and a 401k. Though a part of me knew being a witch would make that hard, it was worth trying. I mean, it almost worked for my parents.

As Michelle ordered on the phone, I went back to my freezer and pulled out a frosty bottle of Jägermeister. I pressed the green, glass bottle to my lips and tilted my head back as I took a swig straight out of the bottle. The aftertaste of licorice and Robitussin caused me to shake my head slightly as I exhaled. I had a love-hate relationship with Jägermeister, but I couldn't keep myself away. I looked at her realizing that what I did was probably rude and tilted the bottle towards her  as if offering her some of the bottle made it okay I just put my germs all over the bottle. I suppose now would be a good time to get the shot glasses. I said as I got up to retrieve the glasses from the cabinet from above the sink, standing on my tippy toes as I reached for the first two I could find. Damn tall architects.

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Re: [Private] Porch sitting sans porch

Michelle Hawke | Human; Citizen

Posted on Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:42 pm

UGH! I wish I could have a dog. If I had a yard and time and patience I would have a Husky. But, fuck dude, I’ll just have to deal with looking at pictures all day. Couldn’t help but to remember Ozzy, Gio’s cat. I started out hating that little shit but I ended up loving her in the end. Where was she now? Still with Brandon? Hope that motherfucker was taking good care of her.

String shit is so hard, dude. I… could sort of play at one point in time. Only partially true. Years ago, it was one of those things that I looked at one and knew that if I picked it up, I would know what to do with it. I wondered now, if it would still be the case, or if time had whittled away at that ability. Eva’s knowledge in general… I played the piano once in a blue moon. It made me feel weird, guilty as fuck, but at the very least I wanted to keep one up because at this point, I felt guilty for neglecting the skill she lost.

I just nodded but finished off my mixed drink, because I wasn’t used to “nursing” drinks. Put them in my hand and they disappeared. Jack, Tequila, apparently it didn’t matter. Almost wished it wasn’t a habit, then I could actually enjoy shit like this. Dude, I like the way you word that. I guess my own point is that, if you can move beyond that whole jealousy thing, there’s so much more to experience when you can bond with more than one person like that. I knew something had flickered on my face when I heard the comment about soulmates. The idea of life seemed at least a little lonely without one, but the idea of dropping everything for one person, one friend with the risk of blowing it all up - again just didn’t appetize me.

Order called in, and I was thrilled when the straight up bottles came out. It’s weird, I’m used to drinking straight from the bottle. I mean all that alcohol has to kill the bacteria, right? But something about shots just seems, kinda fun. I grabbed one of the shot glasses once they were on the counter, regretting that I didn’t really have time to offer to help. I poured both mine and hers, and raised mine. Cheers, and uh, good luck for tonight’s antics on camera. I grinned my most cheesy, awkward grin, but obviously intentionally. I wasn’t feeling awkward. I was feeling anything but.

So is this live? How long before we go on?

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