Index was once a small and close-knit community, but the town located on the western side of Washington state has grown in recent years beyond anyone's expectations. It is the ideal place for those who work in Seattle but can't afford the city's high real estate prices, and for others the natural beauty attracts them to the town. And Index truly is a beautiful place - surrounded by thick evergreen trees, tall mountains and glistening rivers and lakes. While weather is typically rainy with overcast skies even this does nothing to take away from the beauty of the town, and it is only highlighted further when the heavy snow graces the town and caps the mountains in winter. To many, Index would seem like a paradise. And yet lurking beneath this visual beauty there is more to this town than anyone might ever imagine...

Current Time in Index, Washington:
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 1. About Me!

1. About Me!

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1. About Me!

PistolKitten aka PK |

Posted on Tue Apr 25, 2017 2:13 am

Timezone: UTC +12 (NZST)
Location: Rotorua, New Zealand
Occupation: Barista/Waitress

Monday/Tuesday my time are currently my days off so tend to be when my posting availability is at its peak. I am a night owl. At the moment I only work during the day. I have slack on my phone so check messages on my breaks. My attention span wanes sometimes so while I would consider myself a fairly prompt poster, don't be surprised if there is a number of days between my replies. This does not indicate my feelings about a thread or character in particular. My social life explodes in spits and spurts but any LOA or serious SPW will feature in status updates in slack as well as a new post in this thread.


  • I prefer at all times to have at least 3 active threads for Lilith, Daron and Kai in order to progress their group and personal plots. It's common that Lilith will be in the most threads due to the fact she is currently my main character.

  • It will be commonplace for me to conduct solos for all three of my primary characters. I'm seeing these as a way to give myself a launching pad for what threading combos would naturally come next and solidify their direction and feelings in concerns to the information/experiences they have gained from their previous threads. Due to this sometimes my thread count with a character may drop until a solo is finished. 

  • I am extremely open to requests. Whether these be large plots were my character is a focus, a supporting role or just a thread that you think might be interesting. Likewise, I am not going to be shy about requesting threads that I believe would organically come next in my characters timeline. You have every right to decline these, or suggest they be changed to fit what you think works better for your character.

  • While it may seem at times that my plotting is very selfish in the fact I obviously have a clear path I'm walking with a certain character I am not plotting too far into the future anymore unless it's important for their survival. I'm open to having my characters standpoints turned on their heads due to a single thread. Do not have any expectations of how something might turn out. 

Lilith Alysbury

Due to the nature of this character, I will have two primary focus' that will seem to eclipse all others. Keeping her in Index, as she obviously has the tendency to run, preferring to be alone even though at the same time she also hates it. Being a Vampire blood addict her survival is also of the utmost importance so I can keep playing her. While I will always be constantly working to find ways of making sure I can canonly weave my way around these problems I would very much like help. Gives me an indication that you enjoy roleplaying with Lils as much as I like playing out her stories.

Redemption and Forgiveness 
Wolves relationships with Prophecy and the Ancestors
Concepts of 'Home' and 'Love'
Battles between the 'light and dark side' of her personality
Her struggles with lies and deceit
The general existence of being a Lone Wolf
Vampire blood junkie experiences
The influences of nostalgia and the past on the present and future

I am looking forward to seeing how Lils deals with being a member of a pack eventually. As this has not been a 'thing' for most of her Wolf life. How that fits and is influenced by the length of time she has been a Lone Wolf. Whether or not this is going to happen is still up in the air but it will become something I become deeply entrenched in if it does. Lils has a very detailed history, with both the Sequoia and her original pack The Dominion. Exploring these ties is something I would like to do. Via Flashbacks, plots and character interactions both played and NPC. Actually the development of any and all wolf packs, both current and future has been a huge love of mine since making Lils. I have a secret personal plot with Lils that has been active since she returned to Index. I have only just recently filled in all the blanks I needed. This is something I would prefer to simmer in the background until such times as I believe it would become a prominent thing. Slivers of information relating to this will appear from time to time. It also heavily influences her actions in every thread. Sona (Lils old SL and her 'Mother') and her fate is obviously something that will have to be addressed at some point in the future. That was essentially my more accessible personal plot with her but will eventually have to come to a conclusion. Collared wolves in general will be a story point I will be looking into more. Lils has a collar and Sona herself is collared. DETOXING OFF VAMPIRE BLOOD. I cannot stress this enough as being my number one direction right now. The longer my character stays addicted without reprieves from her addiction the more I have to consider her imminent death.

As Lils is a difficult character for others to connect to and like, this is always a tricky business. While she doesn't really mind that others despise her I have no desire to always play her strictly as a permanent outcast in every sense of the word. I can remedy this with NPC's of course and don't expect others to mutate their characters views of her to make me happy, but I will be personally working on the development of multi-faceted relationships that fit canon with her personality and feelings related to other characters. At times I understand it will be a bit of a mindfuck to work out why she might be reacting to certain events in a certain way, why she says and does certain things. Why she might treat specific characters in a way that she does but trust me, as this is my main character I know why she does everything. I wholeheartedly believe that Lils has no real potential for shipping. Sad but true. She does have the capacity for love on a very grand scale but at this stage I feel like not only would it be unrequited, but also something very private that she would not explicitly show. Of course I'm not saying this is all set in stone and that I'm refusing to budge on the matter, nor that I'm happy about the fact. It's just what's currently canon.

Daron Wynyard

I've only fairly recently started seeing Daron as a character that I want to devote more time and focus to. This has come about from him developing interesting ties to other played Vampires and also the adoption of one of the many Vampires associated with him by Jasumi. At the moment he does take a fair amount of brain power for me to write because he is being pulled in so many directions and has complicated desires that sometimes clearly contradict one another. However the more I thread him the better my connection to his personality I will become.

Progeny/Sire Bonds
Revealing Vampires to the populace through his music
The act of creating bonds with other Vampires without blood ties
Order vs Chaos
The Resurrection of the Demon Lilith

Exploring his relationship with both the Ends Watch and the Supremacy will be one of my biggest story focus' with Daron. Whether he stays as an in-between or eventually commits himself fully to one side or the other. Also working through his pairing with the Demon Lilith, through the current site-wide plotline and into what will become a slow burn, behind the scenes continuation of said plot. Since it's been no secret that I have loved the concept of that plot since its inception. I will probably spend a ridiculous amount of time fleshing out the many NPC's associated with Daron. His most recent progenies Henry and Alyssa and his band Drew, Oren, Kris and Sabine. I intend to eventually WRITE my own music lyrics, which terrifies me, but will be a challenge I hope pays off for those that end up enjoying reading him.

Since he has lost his humanity making lasting ties to any individual is hard but in a way disgustingly satisfying when they happen due to that fact. His interest in the 'Index nest' Gayle, Noelle and Ben will all be relationships I will focus on developing to see where they lead. His bond with his Maker Natasha is also something I look forward to playing through. Not to mention his house quest and 'employee' Blake. Shipping potential is actually stupidly high considering what he is. 

Malakai Greenmantle III 'Kai'

As Kai was the first new character I made upon returning to RP my connection to him wanes and waxes due to not having played him for as long as I have Lilith and Daron. However, since his character is a far cry from the self-serving nuances of both my wolf and vampire I will be dedicating a lot of time to properly connecting to him in order to have a break from that kind of mindset. This character is one I am actively seeking new character ties with and have started new threads, and planned others in order to find new organic plot material.

The concept of debts to others and to the community
'White Knight'
Business morality
Feelings regarding the black magics of Necromancy
Controlling 'wild magick'
Parents meddling in love lives and Arranged Marriages

Since I think Ash and I have created a cool Witch/Warlock plot my main goal with Kai is working through it and hopefully getting as many other characters involved as possible to see how it can naturally develop. Anyone interested can message either of us for details. I'll be spending some time on the Index-Pickett Museum to see how that will manifest in the future, including all spells that will be required and materials that will need. Eventually, I will be creating and posting a formal advertisement of Kai's supernatural business 'Idiom' to be used by any and all characters, either for plot devices for their own stories or a way to connect with Kai. I want to use as many spells and rituals as possible in threads to further develop Kai's spellbook and play with the undecided canon for his supernatural class. I want to spend more time fleshing out the two npc friends he lives with Dom and Wills, with equal focus on the Greenmantle coven.

Kai obviously has a fixation on Michelle currently which I guess in a way you could say is his current 'ship'. I'll of course be playing through their relationship to see where it leads, how it changes Kai etc etc. If it appears rather shotgun then be very aware that there's a reason behind that. Apart from that I'm intensely into the idea of his relationships with both Necromancers on site, Daphne and Shane, as Kai has a fear of them but has ended up becoming involved with them none the less. Pairings with any current and future magic users are also pretty big on my to do list. Also exploring what becomes of Kai's disposition towards Blake in the future.

Keon Ravelich

***Work in Progress***

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