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[Private] There's Always Room on the Broom

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Re: [Private] There's Always Room on the Broom

Lucina Mangosteen | Witch; Elementalist

Posted on Fri May 26, 2017 7:26 pm

Oh wow! Those have been insanely difficult for me so paint me impressed! Impressed, but sort of jealous to more honest, My secondary is air, it's.... something. I said with a laugh. I couldn't tell if the idea of that I will be showing off my "sick magic moves" off or if talking to Kai was making my anxiety to start to creep up on me, either way, I planned to fight through it.

See! That's the spirit! I couldn't help but notice his huge, perfect smile. How is it legal for a person to be blessed with this much aesthetic perfection? The guy looked like he belonged in a romance comic or super hero movie. None the less, it made me more confident knowing he wasn't too overrun with fear or anxiety.

I stared at him with a blank face as soon as he said what his cool spell was. I'm not even going to pretend that I know what that is. Sounds interesting though, how did you manage to come across it? I asked. Was it witch and warlock orthodox to ask things like that? Is there a guide of how I am supposed to act around other witches and warlocks? I always came up with my own spell names, but listening to him made me believe I was probably going about this magic and spells thing the wrong way.

Ooooo a girl. I bounced my eyebrows up and down comically then continued in a less obnoxious tone, She has to be pretty amazing if you're willing to go through all of this just for her. I was a little jealous. Not the whole he had a girlfriend or a girl interest or whatever thing, but more that he was willing to train his magic to be the best it can be and go out of his way to better himself for someone. I kind of wished I had all of that. Someone to bring out such strong emotions in myself in such a strong, good way and someone who would drive me even more to get better. I could only hope that was in my future. Wow. That sounds beautiful. Other than possibly turning her into crispy toast of course. Though seriously, that's amazing. For someone to make you feel like that is just beyond words. I know you're not asking advice, but man, keep a hold of that.

Emotional magic? Check for guilty party of me. I kind of understand, there's been a time or two for me. I paused thinking how to word my own experience without being spilling my whole life story, To keep it short, when I broke up with my ex, for his uhm.... how do I put this, infidelity, the couple was lucky they didn't drown in his apartment, let alone shower. I don't really regret flooding his apartment, he deserved it, couldn't prove it was me, and it wasn't my fault he didn't have renters insurance the stupid prick.

Oh please, don't sweat it, talking has definitely calmed my nerves a bit too. I started stretching my arms and looked around the room, since I really didn't know what else to do. Plus you're one of the very, very few people I know that is a legit magic user. One of the whole whopping three other people.

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Re: [Private] There's Always Room on the Broom

Malakai Greenmantle III | Warlock; Elementalist

Posted on Mon Jun 05, 2017 4:13 am

Lucina was just the type of person I needed to spend time with. Maybe Edith had intrinsically known that I was falling further and further into a mindset that I normally didn’t have. Self-doubt. Confidence was just one of those traits that could be taken, either way, depending on who was on the receiving end. I’d been told I was arrogant before and it didn’t really bother me. What was worse was feeling insecure. Emotions like that didn’t correspond well with doing business, nor tackling the mountain of work I had to slave through at the Museum. It also certainly didn’t help with dealing with the Shade that hung around me nor the intense connection I felt to Michelle. I wanted and needed to be sure of myself. It was the only true path forward. Wouldn’t say I’d lost all sense of myself but I dreaded the thought of hitting that point and not knowing what to attribute it to. “My sister is a primary air. She has gone out of her way to prove to the world that it’s not the boring element.” I chuckled at the recollection of how passionate she was about showing that while Air was less tangible than any of the other elemental magicks, that it wasn’t just about making gusts of wind to blow people's hats off their heads. “Water and air then. Ice. We’re literally on the axis of one another then since Earth and Fire make me, Magma.” Most would probably see that as being the complete opposite of one another. I preferred to view it as a balance.

“My family Grimoire had some footnotes so I followed the paper trails to a coven from Egypt. Being a Greenmantle certainly, has benefits when trying to locate obscure spells.” Edith hadn’t introduced either of us with surnames attached. I couldn’t connect Lucina to a family based coven without it but I name dropped my own, which I often did. No shame in being proud of a wealthy and important family tree. Even if Dom’s voice in the back of my head tried to remind me that nobody liked a snob. “Almost want it to be a surprise. The spell itself I mean but maybe that’s not appropriate for this situation.” Laughing I gestured to the room and then to the seal painted on my chest. Mystery was something I wholeheartedly enjoyed but not everyone was a person who relished having friends leap out at them from the dark when they come home from work on their birthday. Safety was clearly of the utmost importance this evening so it was better Lucina know. “It’s, well it’s just a showy distress beacon really. Like a flare, made of actual fire, but in the shape of a Phoenix.” I’d never cast the spell before so I didn’t really know what to expect. Hopefully, that explanation was enough for her to have some kind of understanding.

“She is.” Lucina’s reaction made me run both my hands through my hair, grinning the whole time. Michelle made me act like a bloody schoolboy. Awkwardly loosening his tie when the girl of his dreams walked down the hall in front of him. It was an exhilarating feeling but also one that brought about a lingering nervousness because it was so sudden and so absolute. Just like a love potion brewed by the most skillful alchemist. “It’s not, well it shouldn’t be just for her.” Had to make that distinction. Earth was hardly an offensive magical foundation and I had primarily focused on its defensive capabilities. Brushing up on Fire based spells would be useful when approaching the weird white tree again. “I’ll admit she’s the driving force but I do need to work on battle magick.” I nodded, for the first time the smile on my face faltering for a moment. Didn’t think I could loose this feeling even if I tried. Not that I wanted to. The concept that even if I did I wouldn’t be able t shake the intense attraction was a little disconcerting. Only if I thought about it though.

“Sorry to hear that Lucina. Though it probably doesn’t mean much since I just met you. Was definitely his loss. He deserved a crash course in deep sea diving.” Fire could be triggered in so many ways. Anger was definitely one of those. I’d never gotten to the point that I was furious enough to bring it out. Water was a tricky one. Colloquialisms based on emotions coming on in waves weren’t completely without context in my experience. While intense sadness was my first thought as to the trigger for her little homemade aquarium project, I wasn’t going to assume or ask when we had just met. “My experience has been more…pleasant? I don’t think many people would say mindblowing lust was a negative thing.” Just had to chuckle at actually saying it out loud. Dom and Will had tried to understand my preoccupation with a girl I hadn’t even had sex with. I’d tried to pretend that it wasn’t that big of a deal. Until they made note of how many times they found my phone stuck on her Facebook page.

Had to cock an eyebrow at Lucina’s extremely small collection of Magick based connections. Even though both Shane and Daphne had shown that they didn’t have the background I did, I was still floored by hearing another caster's lack of a support network. “Only three? I’m taking that as a sign that you’re not part of a coven then?” Or was she just insinuating that she knew only three others outside of her family ties? “You’re the first elemental witch I’ve met in Index so if you’re bored at any point. The other two casters you know of busy then you can give me a bell.” I immediately went to get my phone out of my back pocket, coming up empty handed as I’d forgotten that Edith had taken it. “Feel naked without my phone.”

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Re: [Private] There's Always Room on the Broom

Lucina Mangosteen | Witch; Elementalist

Posted on Sat Jun 10, 2017 8:37 am

Nice! Would she be interested in taking up an newbie apprentice? I said jokingly, She must be a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, blowing hats off of people's heads was about as much as I could handle with my secondary element. It was disheartening to say the least. Oh cool, so together make like a complete circle. I drew a little circle in the air with my index finger. Looks like we have every element base covered. Of course I'm over here being Elsa from Frozen or Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail; whichever one is cooler.

Oh wow! Egypt!? I felt I had barely seen most of the United States, let alone really left the country. When I moved from New Hampshire after college to here, I took the easy route and just took a plane. Even when it came anime and comic cons, I primarily went to ones that were pretty close or I flew there. Spending days driving somewhere was not my forte at all. I think I'd been to Canada once when it came to actually leaving the country. Though that was back when you didn't need a passport to get into Canada.

I could feel my eyes get wide and my mouth made one of those little 'o' shapes with excitement as he described the spell, That sounds beautiful. Now I almost don't want to extinguish it. I paused lightly pouting, I mean, I will, but man, that's something from an epic video game. Final boss scene and then the main character seems defeated, but then as the enemy approaches the assumed dead body, a giant fire flame shoots up in a shape of a phoenix and the main hero is back up and ready to fight again. In  my head the scene would have been used fighting a large dragon, like Alduin from Skyrim. I wonder if I could get in on helping writing for the next Elder Scrolls game. I kind of wanted to see my imaginary scene come to life even though it'd probably been done a thousand times. Girl can dream though, right?

My expression changed to a wide grin as Kai seemed to light up thinking about her. Oh right, battling and defense good point. I actually had no clue about battling magic, but I tried to make the last statement as convincing as possible. I was so reclusive that I rarely even used my powers as it was. Maybe it was time to throw my ass into high gear again.

I shrugged at his apology, Oh one hundred percent deserved. Glad I didn't have to clean up that mess though. I said with a laugh. I could only imagine the landlord's face when he had to report so much water damage. Mindblowing lust, huh? Dayum playa, you go. I said the last part in a joking tone, drawing out the word 'damn.'

Right! I'm more of the indoorsy type, so I haven't really met many people. I mean I've tried through the internet and stuff, but didn't work. I guess I should have said the number zero, but it was too late now, That sounds awesome! I'm always down for some magic time. Oh god that came out weird. I pulled my phone out of my gray sweater cardigan and pulled up the 'Add Contacts' screen. Here, just put your number into my phone. I'll text it so you have mine. I said as I handed him my phone, Oh be careful of my Pikachu charm, he's a bit pointy.

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