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[Private] There's Always Room on the Broom

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Re: [Private] There's Always Room on the Broom

Malakai Greenmantle III | Warlock; Elementalist

Posted on Wed Sep 13, 2017 2:55 pm

“Just don’t let them geek out and maybe one of us can score a cartoon character.” Dom’s blisteringly terrible advice on how to pick up women rang in my ears. One year I’d had to travel to Auckland, New Zealand to pick up a carving. Will had decided that we might as well check out Armageddon. Just like Comicon or Blizzcon just on a smaller scale. It wasn’t that I was ashamed of my slightly geekier alter ego. There was just only so many times you could fend off excited fan kids who needed me to dye my hair black and cosplay Loki. So I hadn’t really been one hundred per cent on the idea. My eyebrow cocked at Lucina’s Ninja Style before I could stop it. When mention of one of my old video game addictions revved her excitement again there was also no stopping a grin. “Haven’t played in a while. Unfortunately, I haven’t had any time recently to play well….anything.” Was a funny thing to say something out loud the moment you knew it was true. Perhaps that was the real reason I was feeling run down and strung out. Usually, I strived in stressful situations. Always the one with the cool head. Just needed to wind down with yet another play through of a Tomb Raider or revisit the endless quest that was Skyrim.

“Could always declare that a need for a sabbatical means I’ll be unavailable for a Family get together. As long as I don’t mention truly ditching them for video games.” Would be alright if it was just my sister. She was a handful but not impossible. Lord and Lady Greenmantle were on a whole separate tier. My Father had the proper English Gentleman routine down pat. Stoic enough to be mistaken for a bloody Butler if caught dead in a black suit. I’d always been in awe watching him deal with difficult clients. Never getting ruffled over anything that was said. As a teenager learning the ropes he was a God. As an adult, I’d come to see there was something cold about my old man. My Mother in some ways was his opposite but also his perfect compliment. A socialite at heart I knew any party would be manufactured by her. Including any potential brides appearing out of nowhere. That would be all my Mother. “I’d get a stern email from my Father about participating in pointless activities. My Mother would actually call me personally and send my sister with whomever she wanted me to meet. There’s always someone.” I fingered the potion bottle Edith had given me stepping slowly into position within the center of the protection ward. “Then Geneva will dog me for weeks with jabs about preferring digital breasts over real ones.” I sighed through a chuckle.

My parents wanted to marry me off and I was about to play over the first time I meet Michelle. A girl who wasn’t a witch and therefore would not be a selection the Greenmantle coven would make.  “You’re perfect Lucina dear. I have full confidence that you won’t need me breathing down your neck.” I did wait till I could no longer hear Edith’s heels on the stairs before I lifted the glass canister to my mouth. “Hair and Eyebrows. Boxes to check when I’m done.” Sliding the statement in before the vial hit my lips I braced myself for what I was expecting was going to smell like gym sock. Potentially also taste like vomit. Potions and I had never mixed well. The only way to tackle the situation was to drink as fast as possible. Liquid sugar was the only way to describe it. I briefly thought about whether I’d just willingly given myself diabetes before the contents kicked in. My eyelids could transport me somewhere else.

The deal with memories is that we remember things how we want to. What greeted me when I closed my eyes was not what I had expected. None of the dreamscape haze of a cut scene. Full HD. Everything digitized for the greatest impact. My lips had barely touched Michelle’s before I was very aware the burning sensation that had caused me to begin sweating, had grown into a fiery tumor. I was manifesting this fire and yet I felt like a child with a box of matches. I knew I had to open my eyes to perform the spell. Detaching myself from an artificial paradise took a lot of self-control. So much so that when I finally did I’d forgotten all the hand gestures. Seeing that light tendrils of smoke were coming off my pants made me recall pretty damn abruptly, however.

Manipulating that energy into rivulets that would tunnel like veins into my fingertips sounded elementary at first glance. Faced with the challenge of corralling Magick that didn’t fully recognize me? Different story. My arms began to blotch with blackened burn marks. Singed skin from an internal source. Feeling as if a doomsday timer had been erected over my head I hastily but definitively performed the sign language required to cast Bennu Ishaara. When I lowered my hands in front of me, together, palms upward, a ball began to form starting off as a spark. Then growing. The top beginning to elongate to mutate the orb into an egg shape. I knew it was taking me a generation to birth the spell but my forehead was creased with the concentration required. Wild Magick did not being told what to do.

A rogue jet of flame erupted from the egg. It was now or never. Staring intently into the core of the energy I pushed the mental image of my Phoenix onto the Magick. Fawkes from Harry Potter. Deep red flames making up the core of his body. Bright vibrant yellow spilling out to flick into tail plumage. I actually began to laugh with relief and adrenalin as my bird hatched.

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