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[Private] A Bridge over Raging Waters

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Re: [Private] A Bridge over Raging Waters

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Sun Jun 25, 2017 7:10 pm

“You know what? Fuck it.” I’d never wanted to talk about this fucking memory. However hearing doubt in someone else's words when they had been given such a big fucking thumbs up from the Ancestors…well I was going to die what did it matter? Whenever I’d hit a Wolf who followed one old tradition of the campfire pack story I’d skirted around an obvious one. How I’d gotten my rank. “Do you know how a Warlord is chosen? Every pack has their own ways of making a decision. Some Alphas like mine don’t give a fuck about what would be appropriate. Would you honestly look at me and think I was Warlord material? That my Pack Master made a choice based on my fucking ferocity?” I grinned. I mean seriously? I’d always wondered how Wolves could look at me in human form and think, fuck yeah what a bad ass. Dominion hadn’t turned me and given me my rank without the Ancestors approval. My pack hadn’t even turned anyone in many long years. “I didn’t deserve my rank.” Couldn’t remember if I’d ever admitted that out loud before. Now I’d dared anyone to prove that I wasn’t worthy of my Golden eyes. I was a kamakazi pilot. “But the trick is. The Ancestors still have to sanction it all. Having them okay that shit kinda means that it's meant to be a thing and technically they directly chose you. It’s up to you what you do with the big thumbs up but they aren’t retarded referees Olympia.” Maybe she would appreciate the lame sports comparison there.

Now there was a question. How fucking glad was I that Olympia had been avoiding Wolves? The whole bar just smelt of human aside from my present company. “Many Wolves do. Any that didn’t seem to immediately shun me I made sure were regretful of their generosity, no matter how remote.” The Pacific had been a mixed bag when I’d first arrived. Odin hadn’t wanted me in his territory but Onyx had never seemed to mind too much. “No Wolf in their right mind wants to be a Lone. Most are made that way for a reason. I heard that Onyx exiled Ollurian.” I had to smirk though. “Not that I’m saying I’m a ray of sunshine and we should be best pals or anything. I don’t mind if you don’t like me. Just take what I’m offering regardless.” What the fuck was I even offering? Did I even have time to sit down and give her every scrap of teachings I had actually absorbed? The answer was no. Fuck no.

“That’s cute.” I gave her a withering look. “I’m not saying as soon as your eyes change it’s like putting on sunglasses that warp reality and make Lones look more…interesting?” Since I’d never been given the impression what Spiritual Leaders saw of me when we connected was entirely positive, I couldn’t find many words that fit the bill. She obviously had little experience with Prophecy, which didn’t surprise me coming from the black hole that was the Pacific and it was likely she had never experienced what I was talking about. It was an off shoot of the same premise. “Prophecy is broken down into segments. Some wolves will ask for personal prophecies. The pack as a whole or the Alpha himself may ask for a general prediction. When in proper harmony you’ll get messages you didn’t even ask for. However, all that complicated shit is based on making a connection with spirits. If you play switchboard operator you see…I guess it’s a representation of the Wolf's soul.” Sona had ended up explaining this to me using drawings in the dirt. Nothing grew at the base of the tree we sat under, near the river. Had to hope that Olympia had an imagination and could grasp the concept.

“Wait….have you ever gotten a prophecy?” Had she ever spoken to the Ancestors through her own Spiritual Leader? What was her name? Something fucking difficult to say that started with O. The more Olympia spoke the less hope I had. If she didn’t believe she was very spiritual then chances were she had never bothered with anything to do with her Spiritual Leader before this had all happened. She would need to make a connection of her own before she could hardline anyone else in. “Hey you!” I called the bartender over and gestured with my hands. “Napkin and a pen?” He nodded though obviously annoyed that I hadn’t been overly polite with my request. As soon as it was put in front of me I grabbed the writing implement and began scrawling on the paper.

“I can give you some basic herbs to use just to speak with the Ancestors. There’s quite a number of suitable ones, some more dangerous than others.” Didn’t know whether it was appropriate to give her directions to the Pacific Scrying Bowl or not. Wouldn’t Onyx do all of that? He had to have some shit left over from their own Spiritual Leaders to give her. Technically I had mostly sought her out to get a ritual of my own just to feel the Ancestors again before I went through this damned detox. Since that was obviously not going to happen now, all I had for her were some kindergarten beginner tricks. “You don’t need much now, it’s when you’re joining more than just yourself to the Great Spirits that all the bells and whistles come in handy.”

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