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 [Private] A Bridge over Raging Waters

[Private] A Bridge over Raging Waters

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[Private] A Bridge over Raging Waters

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:56 am

Thread Details
Stadium Sports Bar and Grille | Cloudy | Early Evening

Lils outfit, complete with sunglasses lol The jacket is Vins. Please note that Lils is looking very thin, pale and tired. Her eyes are bloodshot behind her sunglasses. She has dark circles as well as heavy black eye makeup. Hair is loose, very long and has lost much of its curl and vibrant color. Her cheekbones are very prominent. Blood addiction is taking its toll.

Was a bit of a hit to the ego when I actually considered that it hadn’t been my amazing skills at avoiding people that had led to me not crossing paths with Olympia for well over a month. The last time I’d seen her was at that Bonfire party. She hadn’t even seen me. Didn’t even know that I knew she was now the proud owner of a set of blue spiritual eyes. While I had been purposefully dodging having to ever speak to either her or Apollo and Matrix, she had been likewise making herself scarce. First order of call when trying to bypass an individual was to work out their schedule. I’d done that very thing when avoiding Onyx. Had applied the same rules here too. Olympia hadn’t gone to the Den. Hadn’t gone to work. I was beginning to see why Ozra had gotten so fucking pissed off recently. Neither of us had been to One Shot even though we were both employees. Onyx too. Though that thought cracked me up. How the fuck Ozra thought that was going to happen I had no idea. Olympia’s routine was as varied and unpredictable as any wolf but contained the same trait in every activity. The complete absence of wolves. She had cut herself off and I didn’t have a clue why. Why in the fuck were these wolves so fucking….infuriating? Both her and Onyx had such important duties to perform and they both shirked them at every chance they fucking got. It was left to the goddamn Lone wolf to put in the hard yards. Apollo and I were doing our best from opposite sides of an imaginary battlefield and these two? They were on fucking holiday. Fuck Pacific wolves.

It had taken me forever to try and choose a location to approach her at. This was just that important that I needed it to be utterly perfect. Conditions had to be ideal for the best possible outcome. Eventually I’d come to the realisation that painstakingly trying to create a utopic scene that would give me a fucking halo was impossible with a capital I. We had literally nothing in common from a human perspective. The woman watched sports. She worked on her car. I’d become very aware of how…masculine she really was. That long blonde hair. Those fine features. All threw me off when I realised that Olympia had abs that almost put Onyx’s to shame. That she walked like a guy, even sometimes sat like one. Guess she’d dealt with the sexism in the wolf culture in an entirely different way to me. If that was the source of this adoption of male mannerisms she had, then we did have that in common.

I’d specifically wanted this to happen somewhere they sold liquor. While Olympia didn’t appear to drink to the excess that many of the other wolves did. Not even close to the problem Onyx and I had. She did still indulge. Having booze in my system helped with not being a total bitch. Wasn’t sure if I was going to need that crutch knowing what she was now, but I wasn’t taking any chances. Tracking her to a place where I could grab a drink was actually more difficult than I thought. Until she entered Stadium Sports Bar and Grille. Wasn’t dressed for a place like this but I wasn’t giving up an opportunity just because I was going to stick out like a sore thumb. The place was classier than the other pubs of the same breed in town. Which I assumed was why she had chosen it. No chance of bumping into a wolf who liked to bet on the horses, or whatever the fuck people did in places like this. Sports were so not my thing. I’d play them for sure, as long as no one cared that I didn’t know the rules. Watching them though? Why in the fuck would anyone get a buzz from observing when participating was far more fun?

Waiting till she had moved away from the bar I zipped in almost launching myself at the bartender. “Give me…uhhhh.” Was not going to be drinking beer but I assumed that Vodka and Redbull was going to be out of the question. Might as well stick to the fucked, Onyx replication I’d been having troubles trying to drop. Still smoking. Still walking around in his leather fucking jacket. Total spaz. “Whiskey, neat.” He poured the fucking shit at the speed of a sloth on medication. I downed the drink in one go, tapping the glass as a signal for another. He coughed and filled the glass again, beginning to look disturbed when that dose shortly followed the first. When the glass was refilled for the third time is when I got out cash to pay for it. My bank account was dry. I had been waiting on an injection from X but nothing had arrived. He hadn’t text me either. Knew he was close by, had probably been the source of the collared wolves that had killed two of the Un-pack. Instead I was actually having to count out change. How fucking embarrassing. The whole time I kept one eye glued on Olympia. Trying to think of a way to actually approach her. Hey remember me? How’s it going? Enjoying your fucking sabbatical? Feel like getting trashed and talking to the Ancestors?

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Re: [Private] A Bridge over Raging Waters

Arden Rowe | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Mon Apr 17, 2017 11:20 pm

Maybe I was a coward, but since the night of the bonfire it'd been difficult, no, impossible for me to face the wolves. I didn't think any of them knew what had happened, unless there was some kind of disturbance in the force that let them know that there was a new spiritual leader in town, but I doubted that. I was taking a brief sabbatical from One Shot, a drastic change from how I'd practically been living there before. Ozra was furious. He'd already left me several very angry  voicemail messages, but I hardly cared what he thought anymore. Before what had happened he'd been like a father to me, but I'd been mistaken about that. Maybe my own inexperience in that area was what led me to think that Ozra could be that for me.

My days had been spent mainly with my car, although I'd taken a couple camping trips out of town. I'd been buzzed but not drunk pretty much nonstop since that night, but I hadn't necessarily just been hanging out in bars. Since I hadn't been working my income wasn't especially high, and it wasn't cheap to sit around and drink all night. By chance I'd met this guy, Sam, when I was out with some of Landon's friends who had become mine simply because I'd hung around them so much. He was hot and human and not looking for serious commitment, which was just my type. So we'd been fucking around a little in a kind of friends with benefits deal.

Sam and I'd agreed to meet up for drinks in some sports bar, it was way classier than One Shot and he was paying so I had no complaints. We were sitting at a high table, and I had a rum and coke in front of me when I smelled wolf. My senses as a human weren't super strong, but the scent of wolf was unmistakable. I breathed more deeply and I could've sworn I almost smelled Onyx, but that HAD to be a mistake because you don't just suddenly smell traces of an alpha. If he had been here a long time ago I would'be noticed when I came in, and if he'd just arrived I would've smelled more than I did.

I finally gave up on looking at Sam. I hadn't been listening to him at all, and I felt a little bad about that but it was hard to pay attention to him when I smelled wolf in a place where wolves didn't hang out. Smelling Onyx just made things even worse. My eyes caught on a familiar head of blonde hair at the bar and I squinted closer to be sure that I wasn't wrong. Arden? Are you listening to me? I eyes snapped back to Sam and I smiled apologetically. Sorry, I think I see someone I know over there, I'm gonna go say hi really quick.

Since she was here there wasn't really any good way for me to avoid her. My hope was that if I acted normal she would just assume that I'd not been around because I was a loser or whatever and not because I was the new Reprisal spiritual leader. I hardly knew the lone or whatever she was to Onyx - his scent had become clear once I got closer. Whatever was going on between them to lead to his scent being on her... I didn't want to know. Sure Onyx was technically my mate or whatever, but we weren't like that and I didn't really want to know what he liked to do in his private time.

Luxx? I said as I approached the bar, then realized that I hadn't really planned what I was going to say to her once I'd gotten her attention, I'm surprised to see you here, I said after a short pause.

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Re: [Private] A Bridge over Raging Waters

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Sat Apr 22, 2017 3:42 am

I actually held my breath as she moved and began walking towards me. Holy shit was actually not prepared for this. Had no idea what I was going to say. How the fuck I was going to stop myself from blurting out something that would be taken the wrong way because it would indeed be a legitimate jab at her. Every other Spiritual Leader I had come across in my travels had held their position for at least a year before I’d met them. Had spent their entire lives working towards the very position. It wasn’t until I’d found the Pacific Pack that I’d encountered what I couldn’t help but see as fucking awful Spiritual Leaders. Before that I hadn’t thought that existed. There were shit Alphas. Warlords worth no fucks but never had I met an ambassador of the Ancestors who hadn’t just, fit the mould. If anyone thought Alpha and Warlord were titles to be feared for the burdens they carried, they really didn’t understand that of Spiritual Leader. Was fucked that outside of any potential, any actual wolf that had blue eyes, I understood. What I’d learnt. What I knew. Had taken months upon months of study and I only had been shown but a fragment of what they represented. Olympia had a shit tonne of ground to cover and instead she was drinking.

My heart was beating so fucking loud it almost drowned out what Olympia was saying. By rights I could have gone and snuck into Apollo and Matrix’s house. Spent some time with Vega. Even though I had done something terrible to their pack I had a flicker of hope that she would actually listen to me rather than assume everything I said was a lie. Like many of the fucking wolves in this town. She was unwell though. I kept tabs on her through Kidd, my only source of information on what was going on with the Sequoia. As much as I wanted to reach out to her I knew that if she forgave me, she would pretend she had the strength to connect me to the Ancestors. Even if it killed her. I wasn’t going to risk having her blood on my hands. Not hers. In reality Olympia was the Spiritual Leader of the new pack anyway. While she didn’t have a say as to whether I joined in all fairness, I actually sought her acceptance for an entirely different reason. Unlike everything else that always boiled down to a selfish desire when I peeled back the onion layers, this was different. While Olympia was my hard-line to the Ancestors, she was also a direct representation of them. The living embodiment. She could offer me the one thing that kept me alive and in the same breath was the reason why I lived.

“Hah, yeah, not my first choice in bars. Prefer those that have actual music playing.” Being that this was a Sports bar there were television sets. Big impressive flat screens that had crystal clear picture. Guess they needed to see the grass stains on the uniforms or some shit. The lack of music was actually making this worse. Liquor helped so I took a sip from my whiskey. Though I could have done with a cigarette too and a hit of blood. Load myself up with everything going just to take the edge off. Nervousness was not a feeling I was used to. Was usually so sure of myself. Even before my trip out of town with..of all people, Apollo’s mom, I hadn’t had an attack of nerves at any point. Hadn’t been right in the fucking head but at least I hadn’t felt like I was about to piss myself. “Only stopped by because I saw you come in actually.” I had a feeling I was doing all this backwards. Olympia might be more receptive to what I had to ask her if I was a member of the pack. Though I hadn’t quite worked out how the fuck I was going to achieve that either. If I’d gone and sought out Onyx and gotten what I was expecting, a fuck you, then this conversation would probably never happen anyway. Had three more goodbye memories to conjure before I detoxed off the Fanger blood, I needed to see if this one was remotely possible first.

“Do you have a drink? I was going to propose a toast.” I lifted my glass thankful for once that my hand was steady. Not having to drink so much V while on the road with Portia had been a blessing but almost immediately after I had left her, re-entered Index I’d had to pull over to jack myself up. Since then it had been a return to the usual programming. Which meant my body had begun to yet again slide back into deterioration. Motor functions just didn’t seem to work right, unless I was dancing, or in wolf form. If I could ever managed to shift again. Shit was fucking agonizing now. “To, you know, congratulate you.”

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