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 [Closed] Your Heart is a Fortress

[Closed] Your Heart is a Fortress

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[Closed] Your Heart is a Fortress

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Mon Apr 17, 2017 7:21 am

This solo takes place over approximately three days. Timeline placement is the night after Onyx’s return to Index. It starts in Index, moves to Seattle and then Wisconsin. Which is why I’ve placed it in ‘Out of town’. It comes in 15 parts. Featuring three flashbacks which if they don’t have their own post will be enclosed in page breaks. It features two new NPC’s Portia and Nebula and mentions four played characters. Vincent, Arden, Paul and Keon.

Part 1/15

Thread Details
The Trailer Park | Cloudy and Cold | Early Evening

To be honest I had never hot-wired a car in my life. Movies made it look easy. Just shove your hand under the dash and fiddle around and suddenly the car starts. I’d at least picked a vehicle in the overgrown empty lot next to the trailer park. The one that was used for the inhabitant’s flea invested cars. Didn’t even know if it was going to work if I did discover which wires needed to be played with. Grass grew from clogged air vents. Everything covered in layer upon layer of dirt and grime. Plastic spaghetti already hanging out from beneath the steering wheel.

I hadn’t decided yet what was wrong with me. Why I felt so fucking empty. It could be that I’d experienced an emotion so strong that I had short circuited. Despair so thick that it leaves the one suffering a devastating loss unable to even cry. Just left to stare listlessly out the window not seeing what was beyond. Or joy so brilliant that you’re at a loss for words. Which I’d seen before when some random girl had gotten proposed to by her boyfriend in the middle of a party. She’d just gone blank, rendered retarded at how happy she felt in that moment. Not that I believed I had felt despair or joy at seeing Onyx’s face. Those were just lame examples. Hadn’t felt anything at all in that moment. It could actually just be that I’d been given one more emotion to feel, adding to the already overflowing bucket I was lugging around. So I’d fucking lost it, the load too heavy and was now mooching around with an empty vessel. I was an empty vessel. Glancing in the cracked, rust stained wing mirror, I just looked…vacant. Property to Rent.

“Do you even know the first thing about stealing a car?” The female’s voice was eerily familiar. A rasping husky sound that only an old packet-a-day smoker had. “Let me guess, you do right?” Lifting my head to look through the open window I didn’t actually expect to see the woman it sounded like. Skinny waif of a thing. Looked as if a sharp breeze would blow her over. Thin wild hair that had suffered one too many dye jobs. Wrinkles that would have pegged her for being close to retirement age, when in actual fact this bitch should still be working. If she’d ever managed to keep a job. Even gas stations took offense to their employees jacking up in the loos. “Before you ask. No I don’t have any money.” That would be her first question. Always had been before. Apollo’s Mom always tried to bum a dollar off me so she could replace what she had spent. Don’t ever send Portia to the store for a bottle of milk. She was resourceful I’d give her that. Taking what the Sequoia used for good and twisting it so she could magically turn five bucks into enough for a baggie of white shit.

“You’re obviously broke Luxxie, I’m not that rude.” Could already see that devious fake pout of her lips even though my head was buried back under the dash. “What the fuck do you want then?” The question was muffled. I didn’t stay focused for long because a sickening feeling washed over me causing me to remerge up over the bridge of the window. “Wait. What the fuck are you doing here?” Leaning backwards I pulled away from the door as she opened it, waving a talon fingered hand at me. “Scoot over. Had an old lady just like this once. I’ll get her humming.” Wide eyed with curiosity I did indeed shuffle back into the passenger seat, watching her bony frame slide in behind the steering wheel. Ribbons of veins visible through her paper thin skin which settled like gauze over her collarbone.

Portia had left the Sequoia even before I had. She had a habit of disappearing and then reappearing though so I half expected she would have been with the pack when they were attacked. That she was dead. Should be thankful that the persistent nightmare that was Belinda Thacker wasn’t completely maggot this time. Unlike the last time she had performed her magic trick. I’d been floating naked bathed in moonlight, on my own at the lake. An oasis in the almost tropical tundra conditions of the Sequoias main territories. Surrounded in a glade of forest that put much of what I’d seen in Index to shame. I’d been enjoying the wild living tranquillity. Minding my own fucking business. She’d been missing for a week. Gone fuck knows where. The wolf had materialized. Throwing an empty bottle of moonshine at my head, yelling some bullshit about being a tempestuous harlot who just wanted to fuck her son’s disco stick.

Used those exact words too. Woman was crazy on hyper drive when she was high. Mixing words commonly found in fine literature with slurs from the seediest of pubs. Made it harder to laugh at her. Since under all the drug fuck I could tell there had once been a very well educated woman. Now it was just a spindle of limbs that cared about nothing but her next hit. Her shirt rode up at the back revealing her knobbly spine as she ignited the engine faster than light. “So where we off to?” I shook my head at her. How the fuck did this woman think I would go anywhere with her? Portia was a fucking loser. A walking pain carousel that I’d despised ever having to buy a ticket for. “Seattle.” Giving her a destination before I could even think and she began pulling out of the lot, the underinflated tires bouncing over the uneven ground.

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Re: [Closed] Your Heart is a Fortress

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:23 pm

Part 2/15

We had left the township before anything else was spoken. “I know you’re probably expecting me to ask about the boys.” I said nothing in response just staring out the window at the black clouds that were rolling in. What she’d said was a fucking joke. She never seemed to give a shit about what they were up to unless she was drunk rather than wired. Then I’d been forced to listen to some sob story about how strong and handsome they were. How proud she was of them. Fucking made my head hurt. “But I won’t enquire because you can’t tell me nada.” Ouch. She smugly wiggled in her seat and leaned over to fool about with the knob on the stereo. Had the right idea. Fill the car with shitty distorted music and then I wouldn’t have to listen to the garbage that came out of her mouth. Unfortunately for me nothing came out of the speakers, not even static.

“Heard about all that huh?” Mumbling I curled my heels up onto the seat, hugging my knees to my chest. “Have to tell ya. Was not what I thought was going on. Here was me thinking you just wanted to be the Mother of my grand pups.” She laughed. A deep throaty sound that was followed shortly with a hacking cough. They’d all thought that. I’d let them. They could have their little fantasies. Fuck it. Holding my knees to myself tighter I growled under my breath. “Glad to have proved you wrong.” Mumbling I returned to glaring out at the moving countryside trying to ignore my travelling companion entirely. She wasn’t going to let me drift off into my own universe though, because the bitch kept talking. “Makes me wonder why you haven’t done a number on this lot yet.”


“You waited till the Sequoia were neck deep in tribulations before you struck. Would be easy pickings for a scavenger like you.”

Simmering Silence.

“Screwed over Wolves who actually cared about you. Your friends.”

Silence so blistering that the air should be shimmering.

“Pussying out already and running for the hills. Guilty conscience Luxxie. That’s the term you’re looking for”

Fuck this cunt. “Shut your drug addicted whore mouth Portia!” Snapping I screamed at her in the enclosed space. She didn’t even flinch. Just kept her eyes on the road. A smile on her lips that I just wanted to rip off with my bare hands. Bitch didn’t know a thing about me. Yet the bitch was right. The Ancestors had wanted me to see. To fucking remember. What it felt like to regret something so profoundly. That what I’d said to Onyx was true. Not just some way of trying to get him to play by my rules. Shut the fuck up and let me fulfil my prophecy. No. It was because I really did feel guilty about what I’d done. It was eating me alive. Aiding the Fanger blood in the complete decomposition of my person.

Silence returned to the car while I twitched with rage. She reached out calmly. Her long fingers with their bitten nails brushed over the acres of exposed leg I had on display. A skirt that was shorter that what I normally wore. Was practically a belt. Actually belonged to Scarlet. Who always dressed like she was attending the Playboy mansion for a rock star themed party. Portia's hand then rose to stroke against my prominent cheekbones, drifting down to glide a calloused finger into the slight hollows of my cheeks. “Now that’s the pot calling the kettle black.”

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Re: [Closed] Your Heart is a Fortress

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:41 pm

Thread Details
Seattle. A nightclub called Ignition | Light Drizzle | Evening

Part 3/15

Portia hadn’t even asked once as to why I was going to a nightclub. I likewise hadn’t asked how she knew that I was a junkie who had taken to fucking as a distraction. Guess in a way we already both knew the answers to the questions. Drug addicts could see all the hallmarks of another junkie and music had always been my safety blanket. A dancefloor a place where I could sacrifice my pain. Felt the most connected to everything around me without the existence of anything else. This was a band aid for a wound that really needed sutures. Even though I knew Olympia was the key to really finding some peace. I’d never approached her once while Onyx was missing. Not once. Couldn’t even bring myself to speak to Vega. Crippled by the horror of maybe having cut myself off completely from the Ancestors. Onyx would never again help me. I’d destroyed what bond I’d had with the Sequoias Spiritual Leader. Olympia was my last hope. I was terrified that I would sever that. So much so I’d avoided the wolf even more definitively as I’d dodged Apollo and Matrix.

As we pulled into the carpark the older junkie looked down at the fuel gauge. “Will have to fill up after this.” Had no idea how two wolves without a single dollar between us were going to do that. I’d already stolen one thing today, didn’t really want to stoop even lower and gas ‘n dash the nearest petrol station. “No we don’t. This is the end of the line for both of us. Have a great evening Portia, this was lovely, we should do it again sometime.” Sarcastically emphasizing several words I pushed open the passenger side door, having to really lean hard as the metal was distorted. As I was walking through the doors of Ignition I just knew she was right behind me. Starving mosquito level of persistence. Pausing at the entrance I gave the establishment which was half full of customers, a once over. I’d never been here before. Didn’t matter what it looked like as long as they played the right music. Which was any kind really.

“Looking for the bathroom hun? Right over there.” Portia gestured to a set of doors labelled with the usual male and female symbols. Glaring at her I made a beeline straight for the restrooms, checking to make sure the stalls were clear before I locked myself in one of them. “That shit is going to kill you.” Just as I had pulled the vial out of Onyx’s jacket pocket I heard her voice echo off the tiles. “Who’s the pot now?” I snarled through the crack in the door and not giving a shit about the fact she was right behind it, downed the crimson liquid without a second thought. As my pupils grew, my veins expanding, pulse thumping in my ears I heard the door swing open and closed.

Thought she had finally gone until I was forced to listen to some of the usual shit. First, Portia started crying. “Hey, what’s wrong?” “Friend ditched me for a tall dark and handsome. Lost my purse. So drunk. Worst night of my life.” Portia was one hell of an actress. Drug addicts always were. That thought made me sit down heavily on the toilet. Pot calling the kettle black indeed. Ending up reading various graffiti notes left on the wall while I listened to her over-used fishing lines. “Do you need some help?”

Sasha woz here ‘16.

“You’re so sweet child. I could use a tissue.”

Jose Cuervo is God.

“Here, always carry some. Forever smearing my eyeliner. Can I? I dunno? Call you a cab?”

Bobby has a small one girls. Pinkie finger small.

“That would be lovely but all my money was in my purse.”

Fuck you Jenny. Fat cross-eyed hooker.

“Here. Have no idea where you’re going but all I have on me is twenty bucks.”

I hate my life.

“You’re an angel. Thank you so much. Totally made my night.”

I switched off to the rest of the conversation and didn’t even hear the moronic sheeple leave when Portia’s hand appeared under the stall door holding her prize. “Trade you, escape money for some of what you’ve got.” “You don’t do what I have.” Opening the lid of the toilet system I dropped the empty vial into the water. It didn’t submerge straight away. Bobbing for a disturbing length of time before it sunk. She laughed and the hand was removed but was replaced with relentless rattling on the cubicle. “Come on Luxxie, don’t be thinking you can surprise me. I’ve done it all.” Fuck this woman got under my skin something wicked. She’d always been the catalyst that had ruined dinners with Apollo and Matrix’s family. They would ditch me with their kin, all of which always spoke to me with a certain level of caution. Still very aware of what I was. Paul said he was confident I could deal with them and so I had but that didn’t make the fact I had to because of fucking Portia any less of a horse pill to swallow. On top of that she was always just so fucking woeful. Conning anyone and everyone to get her fill. No loyalty. No shame.

“I said no Portia, I know you’re not used to hearing that fucking word and actually listening to it. But you’re going to open your painted on ears this time.” Though even rehab couldn’t redeem this woman now I wasn’t about to become her pusher. Didn’t wish my situation on a single damn wolf. Not even the ones I despised. The jangling on the door stopped. “Already know what junk you’re on Luxxie, you smell like death. Trust me, I know that bouquet all too well.” Clicking back the latch I slowly pulled open the door to find her standing right in front of me. Thought I would feel some semblance of horror at having yet another wolf know that I was hooked on grave water but I didn’t actually care. No fucks left to give. “Bullshit. If your busted nose could smell it then everyone else could and they have no damn clue.” With a smirk she held out her hand, palm skyward, wiggling the marred fingers. “I’ll let you in on the little secret.” She actually dipped her voice into a whisper. Made what she said sound all the more ominous. “I’m on the V too.”

Before I even knew what I was doing, I reached into my jacket pocket and pulled out another vial, dropping it carelessly into her hand. My stomach turned as I watched her eyes come alive with a ravenous hunger, flashing green for the briefest of moments before she began struggling with the stopper. I’d seen that same expression on my own face while looking into the mirror. Was even worse when I saw it in someone else. Even if it was fucking Portia. Disgusting slurping noises accompanied her guzzle of the red contents. I gagged seeing her lick her tinged tongue over her lips, giving herself a sheen of macabre lip gloss in the process. She stumbled backwards, groaning with delight, tumbling into the wall between the wash basins. “That’s the sttttuuuffff.” The reflection of my own dismayed face met me in the mirror. Without wanting to I made comparisons between myself and the haggard woman. “How long?” “Couldn’t tell you. Time has no meaning now.” She moaned the words, grotesquely rubbing her hands over her sagging breasts, like lemons stuffed into socks. Was this what I was going to become?

Felt ill. Which wasn’t new but my vision flickered. Instead of the fluorescent bathroom I saw an almost identical one. The lights were out, the floor littered with building supplies only illuminated from the streetlamp outside the broken window. A stream of artificial light caught the unsettled dust swirling in the air. The mirage was gone in an instant but it disorientated me. “I don’t feel so hot. Going to go sit in the car.” Without waiting for a response I barged past her, exiting the restroom. A blast of hot sweaty liquor infused air hit me but it was almost straight away replaced with that of dust, charred wood and abandonment. Fuck I felt strange. Blinking rapidly I practically threw myself out of the nightclub and back into the carpark.

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Re: [Closed] Your Heart is a Fortress

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:53 pm

Part 4/15

“Hey! Luxxie! Is that you? It’s totally you.” Slowly opening my eyes I found myself slumped over the steering wheel. Lazily turning my head I once again didn’t believe the face I was greeted with. Nebula looked different. Her hair was a bright shade of purple, cut in some funky punk style complete with undercut. Her midriff was showing. A piercing in the belly button matching the one in her nose. Both decorated with little stars. “What?” Groaning I sat upright glancing to the passenger seat expecting to find Portia right next to me. Was nothing but a crumpled twenty dollar note on the torn seat cover. Dust undisturbed aside from a few finger trails. “Fancy seeing you here. Hitting the clubs?” Was just about to mention that I had already been in one before I realised the carpark was empty, aside from my own stolen vehicle. Shit this place closed its doors early. “Why aren’t you in Index?” Tried to open the door but I felt terribly weak and gave up almost immediately.

“Oh, the whole, new pack thing? Nah. I’m a Lone now.” My eyes shot open in surprise and horror as she’d stated the fact like she was proud of it. “When did that happen? Why? Why would you leave the Sequoia?” Already knew the answer to the second question before she’d even said anything. Nebula had always been like a moth to the flame of technology based entertainment. Back when I had known her she had dated a human DJ just because she had loved the flashing lights from his equipment. She was more at home on the dancefloor of techno dance clubs than she ever was around a campfire. I had always known there would be some kind of division eventually in their pack. Those that wanted to preserve their way of life, the bond that they had with nature and those that didn’t actually mind the encroaching human developments. The smell of pollution, the sound of traffic and the feeling of tarmac under their feet.

Felt a little bad that I didn’t actually listen when she started giving me a long drawn out story as to when she’d left, why she had stayed away. My tired eyes just followed her animated hand gestures. “Yet you’re here and not one of the hundreds of other cities in this country.” Nebula dropped her excited bubbly routine in favour of something flustered and sheepish. “Well, Nova....I just wanted to make sure some of my brothers and sisters survived the Fangers okay?” A small smile managed to crack my cheeks. She was one of the few that had devoured stories of what it was like to be without a pack. Completely ignoring any warnings I embedded into the tales. Only savouring the idea of true freedom. Freedom of any kind came at a price. The tag on this was far greater than the reward and she had to understand that now. “You don’t have to live with the loneliness Nebula.” Her face dropped. Pain evident on her young features. “You do.” Was fucked how just two words, two little insignificant words, could stab like white hot pokers.

“Why are you here?” Nebula stood with her hands on her hips, leaning forward to shove her face through the window. She almost looked like she was accusing me of something. Surprise, surprise. “Helping the new pack reform. You might not have felt entirely at home in the Sequoia but this is a chance to be involved in the development of something that everyone feels properly connected to. Your chance to have your blend of forests of trees and skyscrapers” “Are you joining it?” An awkward silence hovered as I didn’t reply, didn’t meet her eyes. “How do you expect me to go enlist if you’re not going to Luxxie?” “You have the option to, I don’t.” “Why the hell not? Have you asked? Did you offer?” I blinked. All I’d ever said was that I had no intention of joining. Didn’t want to. Couldn’t. The few times I had ever spoken as if I would have, it had been shot down by the one person who stood between me and a membership or met with disgust. Though listening to Nebula I knew there was really only one person who was stopping me from becoming part of the pack. 


Finally turning to look her directly in the eyes, both our faces inches apart from one another, I made a pact. No wolf truly wanted this life but somehow Nebula had told herself that if I could do it for as long as I had then so could she. I had never wanted this for anyone else, it was a horrible existence. Faced with her here and now I knew I would do anything to stop others from feeling the same way I did. Especially when I was becoming so used to the feeling of being alone that it was becoming a disgusting part of my actual being. “If you join, so will I, at least I’ll try to but don’t be fucking surprised if I get a big fuck you instead of a name badge.” Nebula grinned which brought to my attention a little golden star glued to one of her incisors. “Deal.” I frowned and titled my head slightly. “That was easy.” She laughed and pulled away from the car dusting imaginary lint off her black mini skirt. “Hell Luxxie. If the Lone who chose to be one, who has turned down any opportunity to no longer be alone wants to be in this new pack. Then who in their right mind would say no? You wanting in makes it sound like heaven on earth.” 

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Re: [Closed] Your Heart is a Fortress

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Mon Apr 17, 2017 11:08 pm

Part 5/15

Nebula had attempted to do some reminiscing about old times in the Sequoia but I hadn’t wanted to take a trip down memory lane. Not like that anyway. Shrugging her off was shitty but she had said she was going to pack up what belongings she had from her roach motel and catch a bus to Index. That she expected to see me there soon. I hadn’t been intending on returning. When I’d said to Portia, that this was the end of the road, I’d meant it. I wasn’t going back. I was done. Done. Instead of detoxing off the Fanger blood I was just going to document my decent into madness and hopefully send the volume to Onyx’s address before I died. So he would know what had happened to me. That maybe the account could be used to deter others from the addiction. However now after seeing Portia, I didn’t even know how long it would take to actually kick the bucket. How much I would hate myself before it actually happened. What lows I would drop to before I finally succumbed. Plus I now needed to return to fulfil my side of the bargain with Nebula to make sure she did join the new pack. Make sure that they all did.

I hadn’t been lying when I’d stated that I wasn’t intending on joining. It was a lie to say I didn’t want to. There was a difference. A battle I had fought for years. With having a reason to, outside of what had already been obvious, it didn’t feel like I was entirely using them for my own gain or accepting some kind of weakness. Which is what it would have been if I’d sought entry based on what I’d already considered. The fact I did enjoy my time with these wolves. Even the ones who hated me because I didn’t mind the acid. Rage was comforting. Shitty brain. Not just that but the safety net it would provide. Dying when a member of this new pack would mean the Ancestors would have no reason to deny me.

I was pretty damn sure that I’d completed my prophecy. Sure, there was still a hefty dose of doubt sitting in the pit of my stomach but I’d mostly convinced myself that what I had done for Onyx was enough. I’d trained his pack so that they themselves could defend him in lieu of myself. I’d done what I did best and lied so that they wouldn’t reject him when he returned, even though I had never been really sold that he would. A part of me didn’t want him to. So I could take this pack, be its Alpha. I had protected him from feeling what I knew he carried around with him. Those toxic ideas of having no-one who loved him, no-one he himself could love. If the wolves had known that he had abandoned them, it wouldn’t have mattered for what reason, then I was damn fucking sure that those emotions would have been reignited, solidified in his head when they all turned their backs on him. Just like he’d done to them.

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