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 [Private] Beep BEEP beep

[Private] Beep BEEP beep

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[Private] Beep BEEP beep

Michelle Hawke | Human; Citizen

Posted on Fri Mar 31, 2017 5:25 am

Thread Details
Index General Hospital | Wet, cloudy, chilly | Ten AM

Beep BEEP beep.
Beep BEEP beep.
Beep BEEP beep.

Weird, I don’t remember that being how my alarm sounded. When did I change the tone? I reached for my phone, but I couldn’t find it. In fact, instead of fumbling over my night stand, my hand hit a plastic rail. What the -  .  At this point I was terrified to open my eyes, but slowly I did and the scene before me felt like a punch in the gut. Outdated wallpaper, hospital bed, overbed tray. Wall mounted tiny ass tv. I was in a motherfucking hospital room.

“Do you know if anyone told her about the baby yet?
“I doubt it. When Dr. Abernathe made his rounds yesterday she was still pretty sedated.”
“Poor thing, she was pretty far along, too.”
“I think I should say something.”
Beep BEEP beep.

My eyes finally followed the sound, and with it the tubing filled with deep red. Occlusion downstream, the pump read, and the half filled bag hanging above, AB +. Fuck. What happened to Lilah? Was she going to be pissed? Did I care? What would they do, kill me? In fact, how the fuck had I gotten here? Who brought me here? And as if I’d asked out loud, I was answered.

Good morning. I almost couldn’t see her, her thin frame sunken into the large recliner chair. Long dark brown hair, brown eyes, and freckles. I still never figured out whether I was supposed to call her Mom or Claire. It was at least, more convenient now that we weren’t enemies, but on a scale of one to Rush Limbaugh on a tricycle we were pretty fucking awkward.

Did you bring me here? She simply nodded. I would have been fine.
We both know that’s not what you wanted.
I sat up, wincing as I felt the tug on my arm. Fuck. I followed the red tubing around the bedrail and looped it over so I had more slack. And I was reminded of the sound my mind had finally drowned out. Beep BEEP beep. Are they gonna stop that? Or better yet, can I stop that without someone coming in? She held the remote in her hand and pressed a button. Fuck, was she trying to piss me off? Couldn’t we just find a power button on this motherfucker?
What do you mean, that’s not what I wanted?
I had my WRX up to one-twenty on Index-Galena road just last month. Why the fuck was she telling me this? And how stupid was- oh.
You too, huh?

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Re: [Private] Beep BEEP beep

Michelle Hawke | Human; Citizen

Posted on Fri Mar 31, 2017 5:55 am

Thread Details
Alley beside Bennigan's | Also cold and rainy | 8p, the night before

Hadn't someone actually said I was a magnet for supernatural creatures? Maybe it was Kai, I didn't think it was Vin, or maybe it was me. I think it was me. And even then, I'd had no idea and I wasn't sure why the ancient stopped making me "forget". I guess I'd finally proven myself, or it could have had something to do with the woman who currently had me pinned against the brick, my cleavage being scratched by the rough texture and the tips of her fangs teasingly pulling at the skin of my neck. Her hand covered my lips, but not my nose - and it was just enough to give me the slight feeling that I couldn't breathe, and her other hand, well... you get the idea. I briefly remembered the blonde vampire from Poison, although I couldn't think of her name. Ladies with teeth, man, they loved me.

I jerked my head to the side, in an attempt to fling my hair and expose my neck. You'd die, princess. A muffled cry was all I had to reply with, but at the very least, and finally, I felt her teeth sink into my shoulder. A scream of agony faded into a groan, which then faded into a whimper, all muffled still by her hand. The torn flesh still burned, but at least a part of that hole was filled.

It was better than any drug, the pleasure of sex, the endorphins released by the pain, and the fact that I could stand on the edge of the abyss where I felt like I belonged - the closest to home I could ever truly be. All while looking like I was getting raped in an alley beside a cheap pub. I hadn't chosen the place, and as prim as Lilah had always seemed, this side to her had surprised me. She's a fucking predator, Michelle, lions don't hunt in a fucking office.

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Claire Trevino

Re: [Private] Beep BEEP beep

Claire Trevino | Human; Citizen

Posted on Fri Mar 31, 2017 6:53 am

This takes place almost immediately after the last post

Logan Byrne
Foods gonna be about 10 more min. Ball Pen beer? I can't remember what you said about the beer but that doesn't sound right.
8:10 PM

If only Bennigan's delivered. I was already in sweats and a hoodie when the hunger hit. In the fridge, barely enough milk to justify the space the jug took, one egg, and random sauces that probably all needed to be thrown away. The freezer? Also a bust. Frozen peas, frozen blueberries, three of the same microwave meal I'd tried and hated. Spaghetti noodles in the pantry but no sauce. I could go on, but you get the picture; it was desperate times. Did I even need to ask Logan if he was hungry? Alright, so, there was a gas station with a beer cave just a block down, ten minutes should be enough time to grab Logan's beer and maybe a bottle of shiraz if they had it. I leaned against the counter, told the bartender I'd be back in just a few to pick up my order, and scurried off, trying to remember which side of the street where the beer cave gas station was.

It wasn't just one thing. It was first the dark, and then the sound. A little like rolling gravels, a little bit of a thud, and then there was the moment I felt the world change. Like all this time, I'd felt like I was the only danger to myself until that very moment. Self inflicted danger was fine, but there were things humans did to other humans I didn't want to happen to me. And I realized how completely oblivious, stupid, and naive I had been about this town. I, of all people, knew better. And yet curiosity had my head turning to follow the noise. One shadow, and I caught the last bit of the sliding movement from the side of the building to the ground. Oh, no. I'd heard the stories about the heroin junkies passing out, overdosing, dying on the street, in bathrooms. How horrible was it that I didn't want to go help for fear of a needlestick or something? But the least I could do was check out the situation, and dial those three numbers.

I didn't remember the smell of blood being that strong. And, there wasn't much light, but there was enough for the pool of it to reflect something. Just what Had I actually stumbled upon? I turned the flashlight on, on my phone, and all I could see was the backside of a girl, black hair, black skirt, no shirt but a large tattoo and a purple bra. Was that another tattoo on her shoulder? I moved the light and -

I felt it rise up in my throat, and I at least had time to turn my head to the side, hearing it spatter on the ground like pouring soup into a toilet. Was that muscle? Was that white... what was that white thing? and there was so much blood.

Get it together, Claire, get it together. Okay, okay, was she breathing? Should I try to turn her over? The back of my hand on my mouth, as if it would keep me from throwing up again, I squatted down as far as I could, and rolled her over. First I noticed just how white she was in the dark light. and Then I noticed her face. Michelle! Only a low groan. That was good, she was alive. I stood back up, having no earthly clue what to do at this point. Not even thinking to turn the flashlight off, I pulled up the keypad of my phone and dialed 911.

It felt like it took an hour for the ambulance to arrive, but according to my phone it was fifteen minutes. There were two paramedics, a girl with frizzy reddish brown hair pulled into a bun, and middle aged man who looked gaunt and tired. You got the narcan? I didn't know much about the medical field, but I'd seen enough news to know what they were thinking. She's not an addict! She's bleeding to death! Finally the girl knelt down and saw what I'd seen, and she looked up to the man with panicked eyes. Garrett, this is bad. Call IGH, I'll get a line started. Ma'am? Do you have any idea what happened?

I hadn't even thought about it, but now that I was forced to, I knew. But I had no idea what to say, I couldn't say. I just found her this way.

Index General Hospital

She was only in the Emergency room long enough for them to strip her clothes and put on a gown, and ask me health questions. How ironic, it was my own body, I should have know, but I'd forced myself to forget everything I could. She - we? She was young, so there couldn't have been much, besides, I was "just a friend". No, she didn't have any family, no, I didn't know her allergies. Jane Doe was lucky to have a name. Evangeline Marie Hawke, but she goes by Michelle.

Surgery was over much quicker than I'd expected, but I didn't know if that was a good or a bad thing. She was in a room by two am, and it wasn't until then I'd thought to tell Logan where I was. I pulled it from my pocket only to find a black screen. The flashlight. What time does the gift shop open?  Eight? I think? I nodded, still staring at the black screen while the nurse began the first of two units of blood. Apparently she'd had one in surgery as well. I'm glad someone was well fed.

I couldn't sleep, which I expected was normal. The chair was terrible and my mind was wired although my body was physically drained.  And one question that kept plaguing my mind - did she feel that pull too? Did she want this? Was this her 2am reckless drive through the twisting road? Even though I had no evidence that she wasn't attacked, I felt like I knew the answer.

I passed the time by late night HGTV, pacing the halls with hands shoved in my pockets, and reading a privacy policy notification which was what finally helped me to doze off for a few hours. At eight am I promptly ran to the cafeteria for some fruit and oatmeal and then to the gift shop for a phone charger. Eight thirty my phone had enough juice to turn on again.

Logan Byrne
I don want to wake u but dont want to worry u either. Sorry couldnt call phone died. At hospital
8:27 AM

Of course I realized the mistake immediately after hitting send. What could I have said? A friend. A friend was - I fell asleep with the phone in my hand.

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