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[Private] Waiting to Die

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Re: [Private] Waiting to Die

Gayle Shaffer | Vampire; Ancient

Posted on Wed May 17, 2017 6:45 pm

I was enjoying every second of this. Every look of disgust, every snide remark, every glare. It wasn’t intentional that I surrounded myself with people who either respected me or feared me enough to pretend to, even if I wasn’t so bad. I could soak in this honesty all day. There was nothing real about constantly being surrounded by suckups. And as much as I loved Noelle, I almost envied her relationship with Benjamin. Someone who resisted the bond. Someone who gave me a source of, I don’t know, confrontation. Another sire? Now? What a terrible idea. The last thing I needed was another weakness. Very wet, I mumbled. What was it the kids said? Come at me. Do you really want to see who would win that fight? I sat up now, thinking about my own thin frame and just how fragile I likely looked. I’d been a starving farm girl when turned. I knew I looked brittle, so very breakable. I envied Noelle’s figure, I envied anyone able to change their body with weight and muscle and curves. But when it came to combat, I loved everything about my own body. I loved how nimble it was, I loved how even when my foes knew of my strength, my body couldn’t help but give them a false sense of confidence. Whether this was or wasn’t where his came from, it didn’t matter. His confidence was just that, false.

This entire encounter had me smiling, ear to ear. Could I just sit in a booth and let him hurl insults at me all day? I began laughing, now resting my elbows on the table, covering my face, at how insane it was. Was it the gin? Had it made me giddy? I was trying, I swear it, not to anger him again, but when you were rewarded with what you wanted, it was basic psychology and I found sometimes those notions applied to anything that was self aware - or not. Pavlov’s dog, right? You’d be surprised, Alpha. I thought it was common to take pictures of your dinner for social media. Tons of positive comments.

I would have laughed another time, but I couldn’t even pretend. No, this was the time to show my authority. I could use him, whether he knew it or not he could use me, but our relationship wasn’t critical. Simply convenient. If he didn’t take the brownie then the rats could have it. The best I’ll do is a real time trade, mutt. Contrary to what you believe, I can do much more for you than you can do for me. You’re just a second weapon against the supremacy fucks. I’ll live without wolf to dine on, but where will you be with the collars? And they’ll only get more sophisticated as long as the supremacy is allowed to exist. My hands folded over each other, my head cocked slightly to the side. I said deactivate, not remove. Don’t get me wrong, it’s in the works. But another thing that isn’t easy with the supremacy still around to make things… difficult.

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Re: [Private] Waiting to Die

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Fri May 19, 2017 10:30 pm

My eyes narrowed on her, a disgusted look all over my face and didn't give a fuck. Do you really think it'd be me you'd be tangoing with? I asked bluntly. It wasn't like I could summon Lilith... Well, technically I could. I had a fuck load of rage I could easily tap into at any minute of the day, and most days it took everything I had to keep that lid from popping off. But the truth was, she also had the power to surface. I knew exactly what fed her too, exactly what lured her out. I knew exactly what gave her power. And for the most part, it was something beyond my control. The truth was... I wouldn't want to be there when Lilith and the Ancient came face to face. The problem was the fact that if it ever happened, I'd have to be.

Her smile fucking got to me, and I hated it. I hated that I let it get to me. What did I expect? Civility didn't just happen, it was born from at least some level of respect, and she had none for me just like I had none for her. Her laughter... The comments which had clearly devolved into petty jabs... I was three seconds from done with the fucking Ancient for good. Remember what she offered you. Fuck that inner voice. I fucking hated it more than I hated her. You're fucking sick. You may be able to heal physically, but your mind is fucking gone, Ancient. I believed it too. 'Just another immortal psychopath on a power trip. Like I needed anymore of those in my life.

Fine. I answered, knowing the deal wasn't going to get any better than that. I already felt physically fucking ill for negotiating with her in the first place. But I stay. You wanna talk private shit with her, fine. But I'm not leaving her with you. She's about the best fucking hope I got and if you think I'm leaving her with your demented fucking mind you're crazier than I thought, which is really fucking crazy. And this was the best deal I had, unfortunately. Removal of the collars was top priority, but if all I could manage was deactivation, then I was gonna take it...

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