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[Private] Negative Space

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Re: [Private] Negative Space

Noelle Faye Benson | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Mon Apr 17, 2017 6:24 pm

Was there a single word in the entire English language that could sum up what I wanted from my progeny? The closest I'd come to was... I wanted to always want something from him. It didn't matter what it was, loyalty, disloyalty, romance, domination, damnation, or simply, the flesh between his legs. I would never take all of it from him completely, because without wanting, there was nothing between us. It was the foundation of our bond, the thought of not wanting, leaving us to drink from the necks of our victims at the dining table in silence... How uninspiring... Right now was a prime example. The look in his eyes like I was game, and his shotgun was loaded and ready. Why on earth would I ever want to lose that? I was a predator, and so rarely hunted. It was an entirely different game of cat and mouse and I happily took on the role of mouse for so few, it was in my blood to admire rarity. And this was rare.

The surprise I felt at his willingness to be tortured took over my expression for a moment, but I immediately dug my fangs into my lip and narrowed my eyes to regain my power over him. He wasn't going to get more than a glimpse of weakness from me, not yet, not until he'd earned it. He was on his way too. My skin was practically rolling with pleasure as his hands took control. The muscles in my legs practically vibrating as he kept going, every word an aphrodisiac. My voice merged with my breathing into aroused moans. Talking dirty to me won't work. My comment entirely contradicting my demeanor and the sounds I was making. Keep talking murder all you want, even if... I exhaled, throwing my head back with eyes closed, entirely, completely sexually absorbed in the fractions of the story he was telling.'s about... Family... Had he gone into detail, I might have lost control entirely, but our lips locking eliminated the possibility, and I was thankful.

So thankful... I erupted into uncontrollable laughter, it continued on, long after I'd landed across the room. The sofa knocked back, and the rug beneath it bunched off to the side. When he caught up, and pinned me down, the nearby end table and lamp wobbled from his force, finally crashing down as my senses filled with the scent of the floor beneath me. Shards from the lamp scattered out in front of me, a fanged smile unwilling to disappear. His threat, and the feeling of him hovering so close, had me uncontrollably raising my ass, an unspoken invitation. Until he pulled away, voicing more erotic threats. My strength and speed sent me on my back, my legs rubbing against his sides as they made their way behind him, hooking around his hips and tightening pulling him closer to me, and I closer to him. My fingernail cut a line across my collar bone, the wound bleeding, but healing before I had even stopped carving into my own skin. Prove it. I smiled, mentally summoning his brother. In an instant the doors began to rattle violently, Mr. Harrison clearly trying to get past the lock without using his strength. For fucks sake he was an idiot.

I ran my finger over the blood I'd drawn and painted it over my tongue as I leaned forward to lick his bottom lip, not pausing once as I slipped past his jaw and leaned into his ear. I wanna watch.

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Re: [Private] Negative Space

Benjamin Reese | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Fri Apr 21, 2017 1:39 am

Listen. I used a terrible word. Lots of research (while at work like wtf is wrong with me) and I couldn't find anything better. There is not a good word for... well you'll see.

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