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 [Private] Negative Space

[Private] Negative Space

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[Private] Negative Space

Benjamin Reese | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Mon Mar 27, 2017 5:46 pm

Thread Details
Daron's Vampire Party | Whatever clear and cold? | Some time at night

Ben's original look, however, his hair is a blood covered mess, jacket and tie are gone and shirt is ripped. Chest is covered in blood as well. You can see the shirt is wet from blood and the pants have blood stains.

I hadn't felt exhaustion like this since I was human. I wasn't even sure if it was real or some kind of game my mind was playing with me. There was no real description for this feeling, either, because sleep was not something I desired, I'd found, at least not during the night. Not right now. Adrenaline mixed with exhaustion, how did you describe that? I had to focus, I had to decide what it was that I needed, what it was I wanted. The maze had clouded it all up, and painted a fucked up picture of the few things I knew about myself. I wouldn't be here if I wasn't seeking her. Noelle. It was true, I purposefully kept myself away from her in spite of my need for her because every experience with her felt in a sense demeaning to me. I felt powerless, like her goddamn gimp and yet I loved it, I wanted more. Like dilaudid, like heroin. And I hated sinking to the level of desperation I felt around her.  And wasn't it fitting, that I came to her like this, now? Oh, there was no question, I was still going to find her. As much as I wanted to at least appear like I had my shit together, whether it was because I wanted her to feel proud of me or if it was with the intention of giving her the illusion I was fine without her. Both. It was both.

I followed that strange feeling, that strange line that had connected us - that felt stronger now that we were so much closer than we had been in ages. I entered the doors, down the hallway, brushing past people and other vampires like myself, drunk and fat on blood and the humans light headed at this point. I still had no idea of how much time had passed in actuality, it felt like days in the maze. Finally, I stopped, finding a room to the side, some sort of parlor, which judging by the blood coating the furniture had already been used and abandoned. Could I call her here, to meet me? I closed the door behind me and fell onto the chaise, the back of my wrist somewhat dramatically resting on my forehead. If she wanted to see me, she would find me.

It wasn't until I finally stopped moving that I realized just how hungry I was. The scent of my blood made my skin crawl with need and I slowly pulled myself from the lounge and to the door, cracking the door open. I rested my back on the door frame and waited, the first untouched human would be my easy prey. I didn't want scraps. I wanted something at least decent enough for the two of us to share, if she was so inclined. And finally, a muscular, mixed race man walked slowly down the hall. He looked dazed, lost, and reeked of the likely the most fear he'd felt in his entire life. As fast as he could blink I had him in the room with me, door shut behind me.

You look lost, like you could use some help. The game was coming naturally to me, as if it was on autopilot. As hungry as I was and I was still playing with my goddamn food. The man swallowed hard. I just thought this was... is this real? I mean, it's just a bad trip, right? I stood next to him, placing my arm around him, on his shoulder. I think that's likely. I'm just coming down myself. Why don't you stay here, with me, until you feel better. I walked him over and sat him on the lounge.  Thanks, bro, I think.. I think that's a good idea. I took a seat beside him, noting that I could smell him, and what luck it was. He was a healthy person, which would be a breath of fresh air. How nice it was, now, not to have to feel limited to the back alley skanks and addicts. I rested my hand on the back of his neck, lightly, and he jumped.

Sshh, It's okay. I know how to make you feel better. What's your name?
Diego. He was shaking, on the verge of tears even. I shook my head, turning my hand around so that the back of my hand rested on his neck but traveled along his jawline, and I moved his face to meet mine. My eyes met his. I thought to compel him, but I changed my mind. I wanted that fear. I wanted his apprehension. Instead, my thumb grazed his lips. They were soft, big, and maybe it was the maze but my thoughts were going places with his lips in mind. I.. I think you have the wrong- Ssshhh, I said, as I felt his breath against my fingers and I pressed my index finger against his lips. You want to feel better. I can do that for you. Now it was the time, and my eyes met his. Take off your clothing, I commanded. It wasn't much, it was the sheer number I'd seen most of the humans wearing here. Stand in front of me and look at me while you do it. He obeyed, and I couldn't hide the smile when I saw that his dick was hard. I stood up, my hand gripping it before I pressed myself against him. My lips brushed against his. I turned his head to the side and let my lips rest on the lobe of his ear. I bet you taste real good.

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Re: [Private] Negative Space

Noelle Faye Benson | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Mon Mar 27, 2017 7:12 pm

Click to View Noelle's Appearance:

IMAGE LINK: Dress, Makeup, & Hair

The color of Noelle's dress is an in between of gold, and rose gold. She is wearing absolutely nothing underneath of her dress except for a very slim pair of plain nude panties which match her skintone perfectly. Any NSFW bits are perfectly hidden by the embellishments on her dress. She is not wearing any jewelry except for her simple and thin gold/rose gold daylight ring, and her pumps are classic pointed toe, with a perfectly matching, metal, gold/rose gold stiletto heel, and plated toe.

Her hair is long, but not obnoxiously long, and extends just a tad below the center of her back, and will always be pushed behind her, exposing her neck and more importantly, keeping her dress completely free of any long strands which would hide it. Noelle's hair is jet black, thick, straight, and all one length, parted directly in the center, and the ends are cut blunt in a perfectly horizontal line, unlike the image.

Her nails are natural, long, and filed into a perfect ''coffin'' shape. [Google is your friend.] They are painted in a matte nude color. - Her eye shadow matches her dress perfectly, both in it's shiny appearance and gold/rose gold color, however is only reflective at certain angles. Her false eyelashes however, are not as thick as pictured, long and thick enough to bring a nice contrast to the color of her eyes, but not nearly as ridiculous as the image. She is sporting a subtle gold/rose gold highlight on her cheek bones and simple duo toned matte neutral-with-a-hint-of-mauve lip [in which the upper lip is a tiny bit darker than the lower].

Noelle has a medium/warm tan, probably only a tiny-tad lighter than the girl pictured in her ''makeup reference pic''. And most importantly, I'm sorry I play such a vain and beauty obsessed character that long ass descriptions of her appearance are necessary lol.

I was a betrayer. A weak little thing. Delicate too, when I wanted to be. But most importantly, I was an addict, and while one of my addictions had been satisfied only moments after I'd arrived to this party... My other addiction was a far more rare brand of drug. The kind of drug I was ashamed to admit I was addicted to, and time and time again I tried to tell myself I could live without, but here I was. Seeking to fill that hole inside of me with particularly toxic brand called Benjamin Reese.

Hey baby, what's the rush? A man, a vampire, reached out and gripped my wrist, stopping me dead in my tracks. Unfortunately, I was in the midst of a withdrawal, and that was precisely what took the blame when I hissed a fanged hiss in his direction and sunk my fangs into his neck, tearing his flesh away as he released me. Do you see what you've done? Now I have to clean up before seeing him, delaying our reunion even further. His wound started to heal and I laughed as he tried to lunge after me, my speed carrying me into the ladies room where I used a fresh towel to wipe the blood from my chin. I of course gave myself a look over before busting through the bathroom door and rushing towards that feeling inside. It grew and grew, and I could feel myself getting closer.

My speed came to a halt, a closed door in front of me. I could practically feel my dead heart pounding in my chest as I took a light step forward, pressing my hand... My face, and eventually, my entire body against the door. My hand slid down, practically caressing the wood, knowing who was on the other side. Desperation didn't even begin to describe the feeling within me. Longing was too shallow a word. Only lust came close to defining the feeling that had come over me. But it wasn't just a lust in a literal sense of the word, it was more.

My hand gripped the handle, as the fingers on my other ran through my hair in a circular motion around my ear, eventually sliding down to my neck as I listened to the conversation taking place on the other side. This was not how I had imagined us reuniting. Benjamin indulging himself, his sexuality and hunger coming face to face over one of Daron's prostitutes, most likely overpaid hookers at that. While I didn't find the behavior appalling, I had wanted our reunion to be more... Intimate and private than this. But of course, it didn't matter, I could already feel myself turning the handle...

My speed carried me through the door, which closed behind me, and in a flash I was behind my progeny, needlessly breathing in deep, feeling his back against my chest. My own hand was gripped around his, adding more pressure to the blood bags dick, my other sliding down the side of my progeny's leg, and my face resting on Benjamin's shoulder as I whispered in his hear.

But I taste better.

I then shoved myself between them, fangs out as I hissed and produced a look so terrifying it sent the blood bag running out the door, granting me the privacy I had wanted. When the door closed behind him, I spun around, staring at my progeny. He looked... Embarrassing. His hair out of place, blood coated him, his suit which I imagined he'd arrived in, was no longer complete. And here he was, letting people see him like he was a blood drunk fool.

I shoved him forcefully, sending him stumbling back into his seat. My speed landed me on top of him, straddling with my dress hiked up as I gripped his throat, digging my nails into his neck hard enough to draw blood. Where the fuck have you been?! I yelled, my grip getting tighter... But another sensation, the one of my body on his. My hips started to roll back and forth, grinding on him, but my anger towards him grew. Torn between pleasure and pain I sunk my fangs into his bare chest, allowing myself to taste him was sending the wrong message, so I tore away, removing myself from him. My speed sent my back against the door I'd entered, not putting nearly enough distance between us but it was all I had.

What happened to you? I asked, looking him up and down, but unsure if the question was in reference to his appearance... Or where the fuck he'd been the past however many months...

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Re: [Private] Negative Space

Benjamin Reese | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Thu Mar 30, 2017 1:28 am

Maybe it was rude, but how was I to know? Maybe I shouldn't have started dinner without her but I felt I was only preparing the meal. Was my dick hard with power or was my dick hard because her presence was raising the hairs on the back of my neck and making my spine tingle in the best sort of way. An emptiness I didn't know I had was filled, but I could not, would not sink as low as to some bothersome, groveling idiot. No, she had to be proud of me. And she would be. I was her beautiful monster, and I would do things to this man for her, she'd see I'd done just want she wanted of me, my humanity was gone and I had finally embraced what I was. It almost made sense to me that I was apart from her for so long, only coming back now when I was deserving. I wasn't used to this, seeking approval of someone other than myself, but for her I now realized, I would gladly do it.

The door opened and my teeth bit the man's ear, my hand squeezed harder, and an unnecessary audible gasp escaped my lips. I would have suffered another year of the fuckery in the hedge maze if this was the reward. And then it was ripped apart. My gift was gone, and I was flung to another part of the room. Hurt, pleased, even confident. She was my entire world and she didn't even want to bother with dinner before she was practically hopping on my dick. Nothing could be better. Confidence, Benjamin, make her proud. Disgust with myself at the low I sank to for her, the pep talks I was giving myself, but also resolve. I shook my head.

I was going to share, I promise, I said, looking up at her, but the last word turned into a pained groan. Had I really forgotten how marvelously sadistic she was? I wanted to lock the door and never leave. My eyes rolled back and my jaw loosened. My fingers had just started to dig into the firm muscle of her ass when the feeling of tearing flesh hit my chest and before I could even recognize that mix of pleasure and pain she was gone. Typical. She'd even said something, but my senses had been so overloaded, my need for her so present like an itch that when scratching both relieved it and made it worse. I would never have enough of her even if I could crawl into her skin. In a sick way it made me want to murder her.

I stood up, tore my shirt open feeling that last stripe of blood roll down before the wound healed. I unbuttoned my pants, not looking at her, and let them rest on my hips. With her, I couldn't expect any more action but my cock was much more comfortable this way. I turned around trying my best not to look at her and finally everything she said was soaking into my brain.

Arizona. I spoke it just as casually as if it made just as much sense as the sky being blue. I doubt you're interested in the story, I said, finally turning around and letting myself see my maker. She was a piece of art, perfectly sculpted and adorned meticulously. She couldn't have even been real, and I felt that image of her there in front of me would forever be burned into my head as the unobtainable. Something so close but completely and forever out of my grasp. It was a sick, twisted power and there was something so masochistic of me that forced me to keep reaching.

I- Nothing I could say was good enough and any attempt at keeping a strong front would be futile. But another feeling was rising in me and look but don't touch just wasn't going to work. I appeared in front of her, actually crushing her against the door and I could hear the splintering of the wood. My eyes didn't, couldn't leave hers and my right hand gripped her neck. I let my fangs pierce my tongue, tasting my own blood in my mouth before pushing the back of her head against the door and forcing my bleeding tongue between her lips.

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Re: [Private] Negative Space

Noelle Faye Benson | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Sun Apr 09, 2017 6:38 pm

Pleasure and pain. It was so real in every aspect of my life, it hardly needed mentioning. Much like my appearance; It was just a fact that I was desirable, I knew it, and those I involved myself with knew it, but while it didn't need to be stated, bringing it up didn't hurt. However, I also didn't see much difference between the two words. This only became more and more true when in the presence of my progeny. I wanted him to wreck me, and nothing would please me more. The last I'd seen of him, he was a caged animal. An addict, only indulging in scum, the boxed wine equivalent of the human race. Like a starving homeless man on the streets, eating what he could from trash bins. He might as well have gone for the full cliche, and ate rats in the gutter like Louis... His conscience, if that's what you even wanted to call it, had been the bane of my existence.

Haven't you learned a thing? You may have been willing to share, but I'm not. Hell, maybe I was just as cliche as he... I stared at him, completely overwhelmed and thirsty. I even slipped my hand behind my back to lock the door to make sure no one would enter. He was mine. This room, our boxing ring from now until I said otherwise. Neither of us were leaving until we had it out, which had so many meanings I wasn't entirely sure which would break first, the furniture in this room, or us. Likely destruction of anything and everything was ahead, and my oh my, what a gift that would be for Daron.

Arizona. I echoed bluntly, clearly unimpressed with his choice of destination. At least when I went searching for myself I went out of the country... Well, haven't you become intuitive? What else would I like to hear and not hear? Any disdain in my tone had completely gone. Was he finally going to control the game of tug of war we constantly found ourselves in? I desperately wanted him to tell me everything, about him, about me, with certainty and confidence. I wanted anything he said to sound like an order. It was essential he command me, even when he wasn't voicing a command.

And he did.

My breaths were heavy, forcing my chest up against his own as he held me against the door. Each inhale and exhale rapid. My jaw hung open, fangs exposed, and eyes on him as I played along, "struggling" against him as he took what he wanted without asking and without apologies. His blood brought my taste buds to life. I only let him have his taste for a moment before shoving him back, feeling something in him... Something different, it wasn't just his kiss, that was just what brought whatever this mysterious "thing" was to the surface. No, he had changed. I could feel it in my bones... And in his... A fanged smile spread wide across my face, feeling a challenge I hadn't felt before with him.

In a flash I closed the distance I had put between us when I'd shoved him back. If I wanted to regain the upper hand, I needed to make him vulnerable. And I did. I shoved him to the floor, my knee pressing up against the bulge in his pants, more than enough to cause discomfort; While my hand told a different story, running passionately through his hair. Skip the insignificant details, Benjamin. Give me the important bullet points. I picked up our previous conversation, practically moaning the words as I hovered above him on all fours, one hand pressed against his chest to hold him in place, my legs now on either side of his hips, and my other hand snaking down his pants. Was it demeaning? Absolutely. My actions were stating loud and clear that I owned him. My order for him to speak through both the pleasure and pain I was causing him only made it all the more clear.

My hair shoved to one side as I tilted my head, leaning down to lick the blood I'd drawn from his chest before it could dry. My eyes stayed glued to his the entire time. My tongue carried me up to his collarbone, and my lips hovered around his ear. I replaced you. I whispered. Doing everything in my power to anger him for so many reasons I couldn't even begin to list them all. He needed to feel the anger I felt while he was off chasing spirits in Arizona without even a phone call, and that was the primary reason, as far as I was concerned, right now, it was the most important one. My nails dug into the skin on his chest, and the grip I had further south tightened. How do you plan to earn my forgiveness? How are you going to show me you're my king, and your new brother is just a prince?

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Re: [Private] Negative Space

Benjamin Reese | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Mon Apr 10, 2017 7:41 pm

Death in the family. The words came out calloused, the enunciation over-exaggerated and my lips following suit, but with a certain ironic grin that attempted to express the pure apathy I felt about it. I didn't want to dwell on it, because obviously we had better things to do. If Noelle and I could ever have pillow talk, I'd save it for that. It doesn't matter, Noelle. Trust me. My eyes should have been fixated on hers, but for now, that ever present barrier was still there and all I could do was look at her body like a goddamn starving Ethiopian looking at a piece of ribeye. I couldn't speak with her, I couldn't be comfortable with her until I conquered her. Until I'd earned her. Nothing given to you would ever truly be yours, and I felt that way when it came to her.

Now on the floor, almost feeling a crack in my spine as it landed on the floor, I returned her fanged smile until I felt her knee come down hard on my cock. My head turned up, my eyes rolling with it and jaw dropping I couldn't stop the groan of misery, satisfaction and thrill. My fingers drug across the carpet of the rug beneath us. I rolled my hips up, pressing into her knee, her hand, to feel more of all of it and to show her I wasn't weak - in fact she wasn't even touching the surface of what I could not only endure but enjoy, especially if it was from her hands.

My father's h-head... I shifted again, my hands now reaching up to hike up the skirt of her dress and my hands dug into the tight muscles of her ass, pulling her to me and letting her see just what that supposed "pain" did to me. splattered over a trailer in the- Alright, if pillow talk wasn't the same for us, then let it be. I reached and finally pulled her lips to mine but instead of kissing I felt my fang tear at her lip and the few drops it produced fell on my tongue. I exhaled, realizing now that breathing was still required of us, but only for different reasons. desert. Happy?

My head shifted back again, now just memorizing what it felt like for her to taste me, own me, and when I felt her breath against my ear it was even better - until the words registered.

Impossible, I stated with a growl. I conjured all the strength I had and threw her off me and to the side, her body catching the top of the sofa in the room, knocking it over on its back. Before it landed, before she landed, I was already en route and I landed, almost pouncing on her, pinning her face down to the ground. My legs straddled her waist, and my left hand spread against the back of her head, pushing her nose into the ground. My right hand hiked up her dress once again and I shifted my hips so that my dick was resting between her legs, against the thin fabric of her underwear.

I leaned down to speak in her ear, just as she'd done to me. I could kill him, I said, rage building up in me but I used everything in me to hide that fact. I pressed into her as I rose up and spoke again, But I think I'll fuck him first.

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