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 [Closed] Harnessing Rage

[Closed] Harnessing Rage

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[Closed] Harnessing Rage

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Sun Mar 26, 2017 8:22 pm

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A secluded and private location in the woods. | Sunny | Some time before 10 AM.

Lunge at me.

Louisiana braced all four feet on the ground and raised his head tall. I looked at him, hesitancy in my eyes. Just do it. I huffed as I prepared myself, one foot up against the rock behind me. I leaned back, then used that foot to thrust my body forward, landing with front paws and claws digging into his chest. I immediately pulled away. You alright? I asked, and he began pulling himself to his feet. I am. But that's the lesson. What? I asked, taking a few steps back to give him room to stand. When I tell you to lunge, what are you thinking about? He asked. ...Lunging, I guess. Exactly, and that's why I was able to pull myself to my feet with nothing but a few minor wounds in my chest. If you want to take advantage of your power as an alpha, of your strength, you need to account for mind, body, and soul. Not just body. How the fuck am I supposed to do that? I can't, not with you. I don't actually want to hurt you. Plus, that happens naturally when I'm faced with fangers to begin with. Does it? He asked, as if he already knew the answer, and it wasn't what I thought it was either...

So, use your imagination. If I'm a vampire, and you're about to lunge, what are you thinking? I was mildly annoyed... We'd been training nearly every day since I'd come back, and I could feel myself improving, fuck I could see it. But some of his lessons felt... Wrong. What the fuck does my mind even have to do with fighting anyway? The question lingered, but I answered anyway. I'm... Not... My own answer took me by surprise. I hadn't realized it, but it was true. Exactly. You have the rage, you're using it, but you're not using it to your full potential. If you continue to do this, if you lose focus, you will continue to make irrational choices... You will lose. How much rage is enough? What kind of rage? I mean... Fuck it comes natural to me, but harnessing it feels fucking impossible.

He went silent, and I could tell he was absorbed in one of his ideas. That's what I'm going to teach you... I could tell by the sound of his voice in my head that he was distracted by whatever ideas were forming in his mind. The words came out quieter than the rest. For you in particular... Your harness is your ability. It's a mental gift, is it not? And how do you train a mental ability? How do you use advancements to your ability that you haven't quite mastered? I... Clear my mind... Exactly. It works for improving your mental ability, but it can also be used to harness that rage you have inside. To keep it from becoming explosive, to the point that you make the wrong move in battle, but also, to let just enough of it out to add more power behind your attacks. There is a balance, and only you know what that balance is. So this time when you lunge at me, I want you to completely clear you mind of everything except the source of your rage. Focus on it at first. Let it build within you, and when you feel it reach that sweet spot, start letting other thoughts in, the things I've taught you, the awareness of your surroundings, the position of your body and it's parts in relation to me, your target, your senses, scents and sounds... Every aspect is an important aspect to battle, and when you can harness your rage alongside the rest... His voice trailed off as he positioned himself again, feet planted firmly and head held high.

I returned to my position as well, planting my foot against the rock behind me as I leaned into it... My mind went blank... Eyes closed as I focused on the source of my rage. I could feel it vibrating my entire being. As if it was my only purpose... It grew, and grew, and I hit that sweet spot, I could just feel it. That moment when my rage was at it's highest point without luring out Lilith... And my eyes opened. Every sound came flooding in, every sight, every scent. My eyes stayed focused intently on Louisiana, even as I heard twigs snapping and caught the scent of the others, Axe, Axle, Nexxus, Runner, and Saturn. By scent and sound, I could pinpoint their exact position, I could gauge the speed in which they were traveling, all while keeping my eyes unblinking at my target. Louisiana had taught me a fuck load, and had told me half of what he had taught me I already had inside of me. It was just... No one had taught me how to access the maximum potential of my senses and reflexes... Today, he was teaching me how to control my mind, and use it to boost my strength in battle. And it showed...

I lunged towards him again, the force of my impact vibrating up my legs as my claws dug into his chest, and his back created an indent into the earth beneath him. Holy shit... I could hear Runners voice in the distance only seconds before he appeared at our side, staring down at Louisiana as I pulled away. I felt that shake the ground all the way back where the trail ends. Is he okay? Louisiana shifted back, pulling himself up and wincing as he leaned up against the tree behind him. I'm fine. He smiled, grin growing wider as he looked in my direction. You see the difference? I too shifted back, staring at the wounds in his chest with wide eyes. Yeah but... You need a medic? I asked, rushing over to get his shirt. When I returned I pressed it against his chest, and he brought up his hand to hold it there. No medic. If we can't keep our wounds, train through the pain, we aren't learning anything about real battle. Fangers don't care if we're wounded and sore. They'll attack when they attack with no mercy.

I nodded, and began putting on my clothes as the rest of the crew started emerging from the trees. It was nearly ten, and we'd been training for six hours. We got booze! Saturns voice grew louder as she rushed towards us. She leapt up in the air, legs like clamps as they gripped at my hips, and I fell back into the ground, with her sitting on top of me waving a bottle of Jack above my face. It's not even noon... I glared, but snatched the bottle out of her hands anyway. We're celebratin'. Axe replied, and I leaned my head to the side to peer at him from behind Saturns torso. What are we celebrating? Our victory. Not any of you maggots, but my brother and I. Both Axe and Axle had warmed up a lot, talking more and more with each passing day. I'd learned they just needed a little time to get familiar with people. It was awesome... Last night, I watched both of 'em take down a nest of six or seven fangers one by one without even being seen. Runner used his speed to dart around, acting out the battle dramatically. Oh yeah? I asked angrily as I gripped Saturn firmly by her thighs and lifted her off of me so I could stand.

Don't get all alpha on my ass. The kid wasn't there. Nexxus wanted us to try out his whatsa-macallit... Axle assured me, and I looked to Nexxus. A webcam... For the head... He was leaned up against a tree, striking a match to light one of his cigars, didn't even make eye contact. Which I'd learned wasn't him being disrespectful, the guy was just... That way with everyone. A man of few words, and even less enthusiasm. I watched from Saturns place. Nexxus showed us how to watch it on the big TV like a movie. It was the coolest think I'd ever seen. Even cooler than you, Onyx. Thanks for the confidence boost. I laughed, taking the cigarette Saturn had lit for me from her hands. Why don't you guys go get Runner started on his training. I nodded towards Axe and Axle, and they nodded back, moving to the center of the clearing where Runner was already standing in wolf form. So what's that for? I asked Nexxus. Tactics. But he's also working on making the device smaller, so if any of us get captured, the rest of us have a live feed from home. It even has a tracker that maps out a wolfs course so you can see exactly where they've been, and where they're going. Pretty impressive, right Onyx? Saturn jumped in, answering for Nexxus. Actually... It is. But next time... Let me know when you're sending wolves out to test this shit. If anything had gone wrong... Aw, ease up. Axe and Axle knew what they were doing. You do know the pack they come from, right? I nodded at Saturn. But I still didn't agree with them keeping me in the dark.

Tomorrow we all need to be here at the asscrack of dawn. Louisiana finally spoke up as he pulled himself to his feet, examining the wounds on his chest. One on ones are nearing that point of perfection as far as I'm concerned. Tomorrow, we begin group training, group tactics, then... The real fun can begin. Real fun? Saturn, Nexxus, and myself all asked in unison. Using what we've learned on the real deal of course. I looked at him, completely fucking confused. Fangers, Onyx. He nodded as he began putting his clothes back on. So I take it training with the rest of the outcasts is up to par then? I asked, It is, but they won't be a part of the live battle test. That's just for your group for now, you three, Axe, Axle, and Runner. You guys are gonna be the guinea pigs. This was regular practice where I come from, but you folks are far different than the wolves I grew up with and learned from. So don't fuck it up. He laughed, but I just stood there, more concerned with the idea of Runner not taking this seriously enough to survive a ''live test''...

Alright, Ima go oversee the three knuckleheads, Nexxus, you're with me. I'll catch ya' later Onyx, my second class is waiting. Louisiana saluted and Nexxus mimicked the action as they both started moving towards the center of the clearing. Saturn tugged at my sleeve, and I turned to look at her curiously. Aren't you training today? Her hand slid down my arm and tugged at my fingers as I waited for an answer... When two other hands snaked their way down my shoulders from behind. My head turned to the side as far as it could, seeing a second Saturn grinning up at me from behind my shoulder. I am, but I get to be teacher today. You need to work on your ability. The Saturn in front of me spoke the first half, and the one behind me spoke the second, and I grinned.

You're a cruel, cruel woman...

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