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 [Closed] Ancient Word

[Closed] Ancient Word

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[Closed] Ancient Word

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Fri Mar 24, 2017 12:38 am

This is in response to This Post by Gayle Shaffer.

Saturn rolled out of bed, and I kept my eyes closed. I opened one eye a moment later, seeing the back of her naked body standing in front of the window, her hands gripping the bottom of it to pull it open. As she started to turn I closed my eyes again. They stayed that way as the bed shook from the weight of her body climbing back in. The blanket was whipped from my body and tossed to the floor, my legs instantly hit with a gust of cool air from the now opened window, and hands darting down to cover my junk from that same air. Fuck... It's hot. She said sleepily as she fumbled with the pillow under her head, trying to give it fluff it just didn't possess anymore. To you... I replied, my tone just as lazy and tired as her own.

I finally forced myself up, my feet producing deep thumps as they walked across the cold wood floors towards the blanket at the corner of the room. Don't you dare put that shit back on me. Chill. That's what I'm tryin' to do! She erupted in giggles as I pulled the blanket over my head, then wrapped the rest around me like a robe with a hood. Crickets chirped outside the window as I plopped into the chair in the corner of the room, Odin's journal in my lap, and laptop nearby. Damnit, Onyx... It's two in the mornin'... Be quiet then, I'm not the one makin' noise, you are. I replied as I opened up the journal, the corner of a letter appearing from in between the center pages. Hijo de puta... Cállate I smiled after, sensing a smile coming from her direction.

I pulled the letter free from the journal and opened it up... Staring at the words blankly...


I'd been sitting in my truck, going through what felt like pack after pack of smokes, a bottle of booze propped up against my hip, and an empty parking lot surrounding me. It seemed my truck was the only way to get some solitude lately, some peace and quiet. It was pretty fucking ironic, really... The less wolves around, the more surrounded I felt. Did I hate it? Did I like it? Or was I just... Somewhere in the middle? I didn't know, but I did know the more wolves that surrounded me, the more wolves I came in contact with, the more the pressure pushed down on me. The pressure to be a leader, which only grew more and more fucking heavy as I exhausted every idea in my head. I felt like I was the boogie man, disguised as a leader. Trying to save my wolves from myself, without telling them I was the true monster they needed to fear. Fuck... If that wasn't selfish, I didn't know what was.

Did you get it? The voice came from my left, and I jumped, my smoke landing in my lap. I thrashed around, digging between my legs to find it so I could toss it out the window. I inhaled sharply as I ran my fingers over the burnt hole in my jeans, finally turning to glare at the figure peering in at me. Damnit Camille... I glared even harder in her direction, using my arm to push her to the side so I could flick the thing to the ground. Her gaze followed it as it tumbled through the air, landing in the cigarette graveyard that I had formed. How many of those things have you gone through?

What do you want? I ignored her question, and she leaned up against my truck. I want to help you. So, did you get it? The AB? I tore my eyes away, looking out the windshield at the river rushing by below. No. I felt a hard smack at the back of my head, and I immediately threw my hands up to grip where the pain was coming from. What the fuck?! I yelled, finally looking up at her from under my hovering elbow, her eyes burning a bright white. I'm not gonna tell you again. Get it. This is your last warning. I rubbed the back of my head before finally dropping my arm. Warning? What the fuck are you gonna do? Smack me again?! I sneered. I'm not going to do a thing. And neither is the Witch. Her patience was gone a long time ago Onyx, you've been hovering in my good graces for weeks. But I can't buy you anymore time. Get the blood, or she's gone. She'll leave. Do you hear me, Onyx? Your window of opportunity is shrinking by the day. I breathed in deep, and exhaled loudly as I fumbled with my pack of smokes. I said, do you hear me? Yes! Fuck! I tossed the pack of smokes onto my dash and threw my hands against the steering wheel, my arms extended straight out as I glared ahead.

Three days. That's it. I'll contact you. And just like that she was gone. My grip released from the steering wheel, arms dropped, and head slumped as I rubbed my tired eyes. The only thing that caught my attention was the sound of scratching at my roof. Oh fuck no! I punched against the ceiling... More scratching followed. FUCK YOU! I yelled again as I reached my hand out the window and moved it violently over the top of my roof to shoo the damned thing away. You're not gonna shit on my truck! I went completely still. Eyes growing wide as I slowly pulled my hand down... A raven came into view, it's feet curled around my index and middle finger, and something... I reached forward, pulling a letter from under it's grip, and detaching a vial from it's legs.

The raven hopped off my finger and perched itself onto my side mirror as my eyes darted between the letter I was opening in my hands, and the raven itself. I scanned over the hand written text, quickly at first, but a few words stood out, and the second time, I slowed down, reading every word over again.  The second paragraph in particular had my eyes widening at the Raven on my side mirror. Michelle? I said in shock, the Raven turned it's head to look at me, as if it was responding. Then... It flew away. I looked back to the letter, then to the vial, and inside it held something particularly useful...

The blood of an ancient.

Onyx! I blinked, recoiling back as I realized a set of fingers were snapping in front of my face. Get back in bed. You gotta busy day tomorrow. I tucked the letter back in between the pages, and held the journal tight to my chest as Saturn tugged at my arm, leading me back to the bed.

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