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[Private] An Introduction to Chaos

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Re: [Private] An Introduction to Chaos

Narrative |

Posted on Fri May 12, 2017 3:25 am

Didn’t get much time to catch everyone’s names. Onyx had brought a truck tonne of wolves with him. This pack was gonna be massive. They all seemed real nice. Guess most folks would given who I was comparin’ them to though. Felt bad. Was probs always gonna feel bad. Luxx wasn’t all shit but the more I did look at her and look at everyone else…could totally tell she was a Lone. Maybe that’s why everyone was acting sandwiches short of picnics. ‘Cause we weren’t a pack yet. Hadn’t had an Alpha around. Gone stir crazy. The longer we were Lone the more we became like the real ones. All bitter and angry and really fucking sad. When we had left the Den I gave Onyx a further run down on what Luxx had got me to do.

“Early on. We had wolves come by the house all the time. Wanting to see you. They don’t think you stepped out for a beer or something Onyx. They think you were here the whole time. Too busy to talk to them so Luxx worked as your second or whatever. I’d have to tell them lies if she wasn’t around to do it herself. Every day I said somethin' that wasn’t true ‘cause she said it would be worse if they knew. They weren’t bad lies I guess but lies are lies. Onyx is out training come back later. He’s just out of town for a day talking to another pack he found. Up at the Den, didn’t you see him? Shit like that. Then some wolves started talkin’ like they had seen you. That you had tried their moonshine. Hung out with them afterhours at One Shot. Given them training tips. Was unreal man. Sometimes I walked up to the house expecting to see you there. Then I remembered I’d never met you.”

Walking up to One Shot I couldn’t help but grin. Couldn’t wait till I was legit allowed inside. Ozra sometimes let me. Depended on his mood I guess. Soon as I looked wrong at a bottle of beer though I’d be dragged out. “It’s cool, I’ll hang outside.” Didn’t know what was gonna happen. Didn’t want Luxx to see me there. Defo did not want Orion to see me.

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Re: [Private] An Introduction to Chaos

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Fri May 12, 2017 3:31 am

First I thought I was hallucinating. That was a thing, like an actual thing. Then I considered I’d just passed out on the pool table, knocked myself unconscious and was about to have an Onyx dream. I could smell him. A scent that originally had been like smog in his house, in his truck but had since then dwindled. I had to bury my face deep into the jacket I was wearing to get a hit. Leather managed to maintain scents much longer than other materials. Learned that lesson when I’d once dropped red wine all over one of mine. Shit had smelt like Merlot for months. The scent of Alpha just made my dance movements all the more amorous arching my back to really grind into Orion. His mouth made its way back to my neck, sucking hard enough to leave a mark. Would have been nothing if the surface of my skin contained any blood whatsoever. This is a pretty good birthday present actually What was? “Hmmm?” Squashing those rumors that you only play with me when that fucktruck Onyx isn’t around. “What the fuck are you talking about?” Who even invited him to my fucking birthday anyway? It wasn’t you Luxxie was it? You know I hate that cunt.

I opened my eyes.

They locked straight onto the source of the smell. Like someone had linked a rope to my nose, attaching it to the Alpha himself. I didn’t see anything else but those blue eyes. I stopped moving. Stopped breathing. Stopped being aware of anything else in the room. Until Orion growled in my ear. Why the fuck are you staring at him? I had no answer to give him that would have made any sense. He didn’t know this was the first time I’d seen Onyx for a month. That I hadn’t even been sure he was coming back. Didn’t even know how I felt about it because I was completely numb. Not a single emotion. My face blank. Unreadable. It had nothing to share anyway because I had nothing to offer. Hey! Really snarling Orion roughly grabbed me and twisted me around to face him. My head actually turned. Keeping my gaze locked on the Alpha. HEY! Orion said louder, actually shaking me, digging his fingernails into my neck trying to pull my head around.

Instincts were all I had right now and that didn’t bode well for Orion. I dramatically punched him in the nuts. Really slamming my fist in with all the extra strength that Fanger blood gave me. Fuuuck…biiitch… Doubling over Orion dropped to one knee clutching his groin. Though I managed to catch sight of a dirty smirk on his lips as I clambered off the pool table. Fucker probably thought it was foreplay. I was in truth a little rough with him. Using him like a chew toy and he weirdly enjoyed it. Finally able to rip my eyes from Onyx I quickly dashed around wolves and exited out through the side door. Even in the alleyway I didn’t stop moving. My body just reacting to a situation my brain didn’t know how to handle.

Run Luxx. Run.

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Re: [Private] An Introduction to Chaos

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Fri May 12, 2017 9:33 am

I guess I should have been angry. And maybe I was, maybe somewhere inside I just knew Kidd wasn't the one that deserved the brunt of that anger. Bottling it up did no good either though, and without anything to break, it would only fester, as it always did. Wolves had talked about training on the way home, some were adamant that they needed it to relieve stress... Others were adamant they needed it to keep that rage they had at the surface. I only hoped it'd do both for me, selectively. Like I could just press a button and decide that training would relieve stress one day, and build rage the next. It didn't work that way, but damn did I want it to.

Kidd staying outside was probably the best plan, for him. And I surely didn't need a partner at my side. I'd done this shit by myself for so long, that the self loathing about it had managed to transform into... Whatever I was now, whatever it was that made me capable of dealing with the icy stares and whispers. Warlords being your closest confidants, friends, and allies was a joke most of the time, but being filled with a genuine hope born of genuine circumstances was like escaping a car accident completely unscathed. It gave you a value for life... Your own, others... And it just had a way of shining light on the little shit. Maybe that's why I was hopeful for Louisiana. And considering he'd seemed pretty stable on the travel home, I felt like I had a decent ground to stand on to make those hopeful assumptions. But God... I wasn't sure I was ready to be disappointed either.

I'd thought about pushing Ozra for a reaction. Telling me to fuck off would have been better than complete silence. But I was hypnotized, and not in the fun way people volunteered for at county fairs either. I was transfixed, staring unwavering at the pair. A live fuck show, the mating dance of deceivers right before my eyes, and I had a front row seat. At first my eyes had been cemented on Orion's, but they'd found their way to Luxx. Our gazes locked in a dance of their own, a staring contest that I had no problem winning. I sat comfortably, leaning back on the bar with what I felt was straight face, but I could feel the corners of my mouth turned up the smallest degree. It wasn't happiness I felt, but victory. Seeing them meant no lies could fill the air between Luxx and myself when we were so unlucky to find ourselves held in conversation. Not lies about this anyway. Maybe that was the trick... Being everywhere at once... If only that was easy to accomplish...

I guess I was saying many things to her with my expression, everything and nothing at the same time. And I meant every unspoken word. I wasn't giving up our game either, when I turned to grab my drink, but when I spun back around to pick up where we left off, she had vanished, and Orion was in pain on the floor, with his hands between his legs. And strangely enough, that didn't even warrant a laugh from me. I just stared at him, watching him writhe in pain like a cruel child watching blankly at a dying caterpillar on the sidewalk. You think I didn't know? The voice from behind was the only voice capable of interrupting my stare, and I spun back around, looking at Ozra. His hands were spread out, palms against the bar, and he was staring at me... Making me feel like that dying caterpillar on the sidewalk. Don't you think out back is a better- Oh no... No, no no. He shook his head, breaking eye contact so he could occupy his hands with something useless behind the bar. If you think I'm takin' my eyes off this bar for one second with these hooligans in here, you got another thing comin'.

My eyes navigated around the room slowly, locking with other eyes that were staring right back at me. Some in silence, others not, and some were so drunk, they didn't even realize I was here. If Kidd was any beacon of truth, I wouldn't be surprised if some of them had even convinced themselves that they'd had a long conversation with me just last night. My presence was no more important than a fly on the wall to some, and I didn't give a fuck, because there were enough eyes on me to form a reply that Ozra couldn't deny. You think they're gonna do something while I'm here? He froze, expression falling flat but a loud exhale followed, and I removed myself from my stool. He might. He nodded towards Orion, who was still gripping his junk, laughing with watering eyes. If he knows what's good for him he won't. Plus, he's in the black widows web now... Ozra nodded without me having to explain exactly what that meant. He and I both knew Orion came from and was drawn to toxicity. He'd likely go after the lone that excelled at running. Too bad for him... Even I knew you couldn't catch up to a lone that had a reason to run. Even more true when they didn't wanna be caught.

I'd found my way outside, not before catching Ozra's voice employing wolves to keep an eye on the inside. And when I heard the backdoor reopen, I spun around, greeting him with a smile, one that was knocked right off of my face when he planted his fist in my jaw. Had to do it Onyx... He was already breathing heavy, shaking his hand around, pacing, and wincing at the pain in his knuckles. I spit to the side, reddened saliva landing beside an empty box of smokes on the ground. No you didn't. I smiled again, but not because I was happy, but because I knew that I was right. I knew because there had been many occasions when I thought about doing the same thing to him, and saying the exact same thing after. But I never did. He was a bitter old man, but he was still an old man.

You wanna tell me where the fuck you been boy?! It was strange, hearing so much rage in his voice now, but so little rage after he'd popped me in the jaw. Don't call me boy. My smile had gone, and I was staring daggers at him at this point. Why? You think yer a man? 'You have any idea what's been goin' on in your town while you 'been gone? Hm? Do ya'?! Let me guess... I spit to the ground again. It has something to do with your livelihood? He glared right back. You betcher ass it does. Yanno, I'm tired o' you trying to make me feel like that's insignificant. It's not! Just because it doesn't matter to the great Onyx doesn't mean it doesn't matter to me. And for the record, kid, I do care about more than just my bar. If yer pop could see the way you talk to me he'd- I shoved my finger into his chest. Don't you fuckin' say another word Jim. It was the first time I'd used his human name since I became what I became. And it was a strange feeling, knowing I didn't mean it respectfully, but instead with as much contempt as I heard when he'd called me ''kid''.

Why shouldn't I? He stepped forward, ramming my finger even harder into his chest. But I dropped my hand and growled a long, low growl. Because, if you can stop flappin' those gums of yours, maybe I can get a word in. You wanna know where I've been, don't you? I could see it in his eyes, he did want to know, but he wasn't done fightin' yet either. I was just lucky that on this night, curiosity had gotten the best of the old wolf. And I told him everything, not a single detail left out. I even pushed through that instinct I had, that voice that always sounded in the back of my head when I said anything honest to a wolf, that screaming and pleading voice that told me this was a bad idea.

Ozra had found himself leaned up against the dumpster, entertained enough with my story that he likely didn't even question where his anger had gone for the duration I was telling it. But the second I stopped speaking it was clear to see that nothing could take the bite out of his bark. Quite a tale. Now tell me the part where it was impossible for you to pick up a telephone. He crossed his arms, and I rolled my eyes. Nah, it is! Great story, glad to see you enjoyed your vacation. I just want to know... At what point, did the dryer part of this state lose telephone service? If ya' can tell me that I'll get off yer heels and we can go inside and have a glass of whiskey. I had turned, my back to him now. My eyes were closed tight, as if that would somehow stop them from burning bright white... It didn't. I spun around, groaning like a little kid that didn't want to go to bed. Fuck it wasn't like that! I can't... I can't explain it!

He threw his hands up in defeat, slapping his palms down to his knees for stabilization as he pulled himself upright. Then we got no more to say to one another. He was already turning for the door and a tone I'd never even heard came out of me. It sounded like... It sounded like Odin. Sit back down! He stopped, his hand dropping from the door handle... But he didn't turn. So that's how you want it to be now, Onyx? Order and obey? My face fell to my hands and I rubbed my eyes, groaning even more now. I wasn't trying to fight with you. I came to tell you it's time to open the vault. That's it. He spun around quicker than a cat with their tail on fire. His eyes as bright as fire too. This time he dug his finger into my chest. No. He said sternly, his voice hoarse. No, you hear me? No. I won't do it, you'll have to kill me first. His tone was a serious as ever, but it didn't make a difference to me.

Sorry, Ozra, It's gotta happen. I tried to sound as understanding as I could, but the truth was, with all of these wolves looking for a home, looking for a job, looking for safety... We needed to make some real improvements. And unless Ozra here wanted to pay out of pocket, the vault was our only option. He dug his finger in even harder, and I smacked it away. Why you gotta be such a damn old fool?! What's it matter, that's what it's there for?! Wouldn't you consider... This... I gestured around me, taking a step back away from him, ...A damned emergency. Fuck Ozra just do it okay?! Just fucking do it! You don't always gotta fight me on shit just because one time a-fucking-decade ago I caused some damage to your fucking bar! He took a step forward and gripped me by the back of my neck, staring at me with his wide glossy eyes, his arm was shaking and he got close enough I could smell the beer and garlic on his breath. You and I both know what I saw that night. 'Never told a soul, never will, and I'll never ask you anything for it either. But don't you dare think that's an excuse to walk all over me, Vincent Sawyer. He violently released his grip, and I rocked there for a minute like a buoy in the ocean.

His hand was already on the door handle, and he turned his face over his shoulder to look at me one last time. You still owe me, prick. We had a deal. It was the last thing he said before disappearing into the bar.

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