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 [Private] An Introduction to Chaos - Page 4

[Private] An Introduction to Chaos

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Re: [Private] An Introduction to Chaos

Narrative |

Posted on Sun May 07, 2017 10:39 pm

“So glad you’re here man. If anyone can fix this shit, it’s you.” The last Alpha. What an awesome camp fire story that was gonna be. Better than whatever Luxx had told us that one night. Even better than Scarlet’s or Azalea’s. Dunno what I’d had been expecting. Had talked to too many different peeps ‘bout what Onyx was like. Dependin’ on when I caught ‘em was what I got told too. Wasn’t just Luxx that gave me a mixed bag. None of their shit seemed to fit the dude in front of me. He was laid back but intense. Fuck if anyone could hear my inner thoughts they would think I was into him or some shit. Nah. This was how you were meant to feel around a good Alpha right? Warm and fuzzy but in the no homo way.

I nodded spastically yet again. Don’t know why no-one had thought of blood bonding before. That was all we did in the Reavers. Ceremonies were kinda seen as being a bit pansy. Only for those that thought having a chitty chat to the Ancestors was how they got down. When really we’d all believed that all they cared about was doing what wolves did best. Killing stuff. Since bein’ here I knew there was more to all of that. Felt good to know that the gods or whatever weren’t gonna get pissy at me ‘cause I hadn’t killed nothin’ for ages. “Oh, should probs mention though. The Fam, of the dead wolves. They wanna have a proper burial ritual thingy. We only gave ‘em graves ‘cause I told Luxx ‘bout what we used to do in my old pack.” I stopped. Fuck. Was made worse when I saw the look on his face. I’d kinda flipped my lid a little at the thought of not being allowed in ‘cause I was a Lone. Like an actual Lone. Not like the others who came with friends ‘n family. I was just myself.

“I…” Swallowing hard I tried to look him right in the eyes. Tried my hardest to not have my voice break. “My pack. I’m the last one. We’re…I mean it’s easy as for everyone else here to talk ‘bout where they are from.” Luxx had done it though. Told him. Let Scarlet and Boom tell everyone else. She wasn’t afraid. Well that’s ‘cause she didn’t wanna join but I didn’t wanna stand here and admit that she had bigger nuts than I had. She didn’t even have balls…I don’t think. “We used to bury bodies beyond the borders of our Den, ‘cause Fangs would smell them first and get distracted. Givin’ us time to saddle up.” Luxx had liked that idea. She said it gave the living wolves some peace that while their loved ones hadn’t been sent off yet. They were helping us all. “We weren’t the Dominion, they were epic cunts but we weren’t much better. If everyone knows….” I trailed off agitatedly moving my weight from leg to leg, scuffing my tennis shoe in the dirt. “If you know….” He wanted honesty. Digging deep I took a deep shakey breath and just blurted it out. “I’m from the Reavers. We roll in steal other wolves shit. Wreck the landscape and move on. They…we….I…thieves…”

Nothing more dishonest than someone who stole things. Still stuck in my pit of misery I rattled off a reply to the question ‘about Orion and Luxx. “Yeah man. He’s up her arse something nasty. Thinks she’s the bomb.” Finally realizing Onyx’s eyes were white I took a step backward. Of all the things to get pissed about it was this? Or maybe it was my pack origins. I didn’t know. My eyes went wide, my mouth hanging open for a bit. “They’re fucking…is that…a problem?”

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Re: [Private] An Introduction to Chaos

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Mon May 08, 2017 12:11 pm

You knew you were a piece of shit when you had to keep reminding yourself not to be. I'm changing. I'm going to be better. I'm going to do better. The same thoughts seemed to slip through the cracks of our conversation, always finding a way to surface in my mind just before opening my mouth to speak. Like Quails, always running across the street just seconds before you pass by, making it across just in time before they lubricate your wheels in feathers and blood. I had to believe I was better, that a part of me had changed while I was gone, but a kid I'd never met before was testing that theory. Bringing up topics that would have previously sent me flying off the handle and speeding down main street in a rage filled haze.

It only got worse. Displaying something I could only believe was genuine faith in my abilities to make a difference, to fix what was broken... Fuck I hated that. It was easier for me to change and be better when I was doing it out of spite, not when I felt I had to live up to another wolfs ideals and beliefs. That's when the pressure started to return. That weight on my shoulders, while not as heavy as before, it was starting to pile up. I'd even begun to sweat for fucks sake. If anyone can fix this shit, it's you... Maybe I'd been conditioned to expect a handful of reactions, none of which were nearly as positive as the one Kidd had voiced. A part of me felt good, knowing that there were still wolves out there that believed that I was ''innocent until proven guilty'' or ''good before proven bad''. But most of me didn't know how to take it. How to react, how to feel about it, because it wasn't just a rare feeling, it was practically non-fucking-existent. Hell, what was even more fucked up was the fact that, convincing myself he only felt this way about me because I was the last alpha in the surrounding states, actually made me feel better. I was the best of a bad fucking situation, always had been, so believing that was true now was easy... It was comfortable.

So, I did what I could, managed a nod, but didn't say anything. Then I wouldn't have to worry about making promises I couldn't keep. A nod simply meant I acknowledged and heard what he was saying, not that I was actually capable of fixing this mess. God damn, I'd fucking try, I was still willing to try, but I was a fucked up piece of shit... Only capable of feeling confidence and assured when I was met with hostility... Then insecure and broken when I was met with loyalty and faith... And it was clearly just the location that made me feel that way, Index had a way of making any normal person down right fucked up. Maybe it was in the air... A beautiful but toxic place. A lie without trying.

We'll do that. That's one thing I won't cut short or rush through. They'll have their proper burials. I replied confidently, which was easy, because I meant it. I meant a lot of what I had said, but now I was starting to question myself. Wondering if I was only able to make myself appear strong and capable because I'd convinced myself I was. Like a liar that genuinely believes the lies they speak.

My eyes locked on his and the way he was acting gave me a brief feeling, a poisonous one, the kind I got from Luxx when she ''revealed something honest but it turned out just as toxic as her lies''. It was probably written all over my face too, made even more obvious when I realized it and intentionally flattened out my expression. That's smart.. I added, waiting for a bombshell, one I didn't even know was coming or not.

It started to drop, and so did my heart into my gut as I waited for him to reveal some ultimate fucking betrayal that I could never forgive. I didn't even have time to register how fucked it was that I'd grown accustomed to expecting that to happen.

I'm changing. I'm going to be better. I'm going to do better.

When he finally said it, I was shocked, but not at what he'd revealed... I was shocked at the first feeling, my first mental reaction. I'm changing. I'm going to be better. I'm going to do better. Maybe it was true? Maybe I was changing. Maybe I had changed. My first instinct wasn't to push him out, force him on the sidelines and use him through this fight until I couldn't use him any longer. My first instinct wasn't the opposite either. I didn't feel any urge to go out of my way to make him feel more welcome than the others, just to prove to him how little I cared about his past. No, my first instinct was neither. This literally changed nothing. I don't care about your past. You don't do that shit here, and we won't have a problem. I only care about now, and our future. I'm hardly innocent myself, we fuck up, we change, we move on. I said simply, honestly, and calmly. It was good to know, however. It was good to know where wolves were coming from, not just so I could prepare for old habits, but so I could understand when those old habits resurfaced. It's not so much about a wolf being a piece of shit... I guess it's more about a pack teaching their wolves to be a piece of shit. Fuck that was a weird feeling, actually believing that. It made me want to avoid Luxx even more, honestly. I said I value honesty. But that doesn't mean I've never told a lie. It doesn't mean I've never been dishonest or dishonorable. All we can do is try to be better, try to adapt to one another. I can't expect much more than that. I added.

No. That's not a problem. History has a way of repeating itself, it's an overused saying, but couldn't be more true, Kidd. He probably had no idea what I was talking about, but honestly, it wasn't the kind of business I should be discussing with him anyway. Not when he was clearly in contact with Luxx. No, any issues I had with her, or with Orion, I wanted those to come from my mouth, not someone else's. I really should go check on our new recruits... Then I guess... You and I will be crashing a party Kidd.

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Re: [Private] An Introduction to Chaos

Narrative |

Posted on Mon May 08, 2017 7:51 pm

I’d drilled Luxx for info. Really dipped into that fucked up brain of hers. To get her to tell me, right down to the last word, how Onyx had reacted to her telling him ‘bout the Dominion. They actually ate other wolves. They did what the Reavers did but a whole lot worse. We might have run packs out of their territories. Killed them and shit but we didn’t eat them. We didn’t chase them, make sure every last one was dead. I’d actually gone and thrown up when Luxx had told me how many smaller packs had been totalled by the Dominion in the short time she was with them. Sickos. What was really fucked was that she just said it so….plainly. Like she was telling me about her day or some shit. Like it wasn’t a big deal. “I loved my pack. My Dad is….was…the coolest but I dunno, after meeting everyone here…kinda makes you feel shit for what you’ve done.” I knew at the time that it wasn’t right. It was for us though. How we did things. I didn’t wanna say that I was glad to have a new start. I missed everyone. Really fucking badly. If I could go back I would. It was home, they were family. “I just wanna stay with everyone here.”

When he said he told lies I felt relief. Not ‘cause I’d told any to him, ‘cause I hadn’t but ‘cause I told them to others almost daily for Luxx. Even fed her a few myself. Taste of her own cough medicine hah. It was lame, made me feel like a child but it felt right and I was gonna go with it. Lurching forward I gave him the most unmanly hug ever. Disney channel shit. Wrapping my skinny arms around his torso. “I’ve told more lies than I ever wanted to, to everyone here. ‘Cause Luxx made it sound like it was to protect you but I’m not gonna anymore. I’m not like her. I’m not a Reaver anymore.” I had felt comfortable around her because of where we came from but it Onyx was right, and he had to be, he was the Alpha, then none of that mattered anymore. Luxx was right too. I saw it now. How she always said I should distance myself from her. I didn’t want to end up like her. She was a sad wolf. She thought I didn’t notice. But I did.

Awkwardly moving backwards I almost tripped on my undone shoelace. Didn’t look him in the eyes ‘cause I was bright as a tomato. “Cool, time to go shit in a box and give it to Orion then.” Barking a short burst of laughter I waited for him to lead the way. I’d done my dash of being in front of him. Leading him through the chaos. Now it was my time to follow him.

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Re: [Private] An Introduction to Chaos

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Mon May 08, 2017 8:02 pm

Transition to One Shot

Out of control. Completely and utterly.

Get the fuck off that pool table I don’t give a shit whose birthday it is! Ozra bellowed. Orion laughed smugly entangling his fingers in my hair to tilt my head up to him. Bet we looked a sight together. Guess he thought the change in my look was a fashion statement. Skinny goth wolf with an icy penetrating stare that could rival their Pack Masters. Orion almost tried to mimic me, like he wanted us to look like Mr and Mrs Corpse. He’d taken up wearing guyliner. Pierced his eyebrow and wore nothing but black jeans and black t-shirts. Sunlight was a curse word, though his skin was nowhere as pale as mine was. Neither of us listened to the bar owner, remaining in a close embrace on the pool table, grinding against one another in time with the music.

A glass smashed on the dancefloor, voices that had been heated now rising over even the loud music. Probably just yet another disagreement over something petty, that would escalate in no time. Luxx! Ozra howled at me but I just looked up onto Orion’s face with a dark grin on mine. Don’t know what it was about these particular wolves that brought out the asshole in me. They were all the un-pack members from various beginnings that just seemed a little off. Not all my followers acted as if they were a little too dangerous for the general population. Only the ones who spent any significant time with Orion. Practically cast out from the cuddle of the Pacific he’d bonded instead with those that loved the training sessions purely out of a need for carnage. Wolves from packs similar to my own. Members of others that had found themselves upon meeting the power hungry, the disturbed and the reckless. They were all some of the best fighters we currently had to offer. Unfortunately almost every single one was a ticking time bomb. Somehow their time clocks found a pause button when around me. Glowing yellow eyes had that affect apparently on those that looked upon war fondly.

You haven’t given me a birthday present Luxxie. Orion crooned at me and I cocked an eyebrow. Like I’d had time for that shit. My condition for the last night and day had been kept on the down low since there was no way I wanted any of those Apollo loving insurgents to know that I’d actually fallen for their trap. Every girl should know not to accept a drink with a broken seal from any fucking wolf. My eyes were open to see any glimmers of surprise in any fuckers face. Soon as I figured out who had exactly tried to kill me there was going to be hell to pay. Of course I half blamed Apollo. So he was going to get what was coming to him too. Wasn’t going to allow any rabid mongrels fuck with prophecy. That rage I had from my assassination attempt was welcomed in these halls. I’d already gotten into one fight this evening with my usual sass partner, Dianeira. She was built like a male. Taller than most of them. Skin so dark she blended in with the shadows. Swore more than I did and could let bygones be bygones. After taking a stool to the shoulder, she’d still had a drink with me only ten minutes later. Get a fucking room! There she was. “Been too busy for presents but I’m sure I could think of something.” Orion licked up my neck and I flashed my yellow eyes at Dianeira who replied with placing two fingers in a V in front of her lips, waggling her tongue between them. Cheeky bitch.

I have an idea of what you could give me. I’d already heard that fucked plan already. Orion thought it was going to be a surprise. Now I knew he was intending on making a sick scene I was intending on bailing before shit hit the proverbial fan. The moron was going to ask me to be his first. Right in front of all these dickheads. Like that was a good idea. Shit. Sometimes the lack of two brain cells in his head made me wonder if I had been training him too hard. Or fucking him too hard. Whatever was the culprit for not seeing with his own two eyes that there was no way in hell I would ever accept the offer. Just like everyone else, none of these wolves believed that I wasn’t joining the pack. In fact the only wolf who had listened to me, had his mind changed by me. Vilks stood behind the bar with Ozra, glowering at me with such intensity you would think he was trying to make me spontaneously combust right on the pool table. Fuck. It was just a weak slip of the mind that was all. I didn’t really mean it….

As the music dropped into something seductively dark I spun about in Orion’s arms, shrugging off his grip by lifting my arms over my head. Sliding my back up against him I let the music drip into my limbs. Running my fingers down my long hair, brushing the curve of each breast suggestively. He stood back slightly but I could feel his glowing venom gaze devouring every enticing slow sirenic roll of my hips. I’d been dancing more and more in a way that just read like I was trying to coax wolves into my web. Every single time I closed my eyes I didn’t see Orions face, nor any other wolf who stopped to watch the show. Just the bright blues of a certain Alpha. I’d given up trying to cleanse my mind. Just giving into the dark desires of my subconscious. He wasn’t here. Wasn’t coming back. So what did it matter? Injecting that bewitching need into every wandering hand, each ripple of beat that coursed through my torso. Curving my spine I called upon Dianeira who had looked as if she was leaving for a smoke, with my chest, tempting her in with a soft rhythmic pulse. She smirked at me and flicked her eyes at the wolf leering over my shoulder. Orion immediately pressed his body up behind me, snaking a possessive arm about my waist, dropping his mouth to my neck. Continuing to move with the provocative sway of the music, every silken shift of my body rubbing up against Orion, I closed my eyes. One hand rose and twisted harshly into his hair, detaching his lips so I could feel his hot breath against my ear. Once again pretending that it wasn’t the traitor Pack Masters son I had under my spell.

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Re: [Private] An Introduction to Chaos

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Tue May 09, 2017 2:15 pm

No one else is innocent either. I added, my tone almost melancholy. But it was true. Did I approve of what he told me? Fuck no I didn't. Did I have any solid ground to stand on? No, and yes. I wasn't an angel, but I was also an alpha. But the truth was, it didn't count if other people were making him feel shit for his past, it only counted if he felt shit for his past on his own. That was the only way he could grow. And that, I did know for experience. I did have solid ground to stand on. That wasn't my business though. I barely knew this kid, just met him and had a conversation. Maybe one day I'd try to help him, but I always felt like the drug addict uncle trying to tell his underage nephews how stupid they looked when they drank when I gave people advice... Well, with most people anyway.

I didn't touch on the topic of his dad. I had experience there too, and it wasn't a topic I felt comfortable saying anything about... Mostly because no one else had the right to talk about my own dad but me. I hated when people brought him up, I even hated it when uncle Philip brought him up. I just wished people wouldn't at all, even if the things they had to say were nice. Making new family isn't easy, but it is possible. You'll do fine here Kidd. Encouraging words weren't my expertise, which was the irony of me being a Pack Master at all. I wanted wolves to feel at home here, I wanted them to work on being better, I wanted them to work on adapting, but I also didn't want to pat too many backs or pass out star shaped stickers, either.

He took me by surprise, and I just stood there, his arms wrapped around me, pinning my own down. I just exhaled loudly out of my nose and tried to use what movement I had in my wrists to pat him on the back. Heh... So much for not wanting to do too much of that. And I couldn't even blame him for what came next. I had invited Luxx into our home. I had accepted her alliance, I had accepted her help... And while she wasn't pack, she was his superior because of the alliance I had made with her. I guess if anyone was to blame for him doing what she said... Even if what she told him to do was wrong, it was me. What kinda lies Kidd? I asked curiously, now wondering what the fuck she had people saying about me? Some lie about me abandoning them so she could steal control? Or maybe she'd sent me on vacation in Maui. Who the fuck knew...

I'd cut straight through to the cabin, got our new recruits settled in, and let them know I had some business to take care of. They were all pretty tired anyway. Runner was the only one wide awake and talking a million miles a minute. That kid just couldn't sit still. Fuck if I had a fraction of the energy he did... It didn't matter. Arriving at One Shot was strange. It gave me a really weird feeling. Like I'd been gone for twenty years and I was only now visiting the place I'd grown up. Familiar... But foreign. If you drink anything in here, I don't wanna hear about it. I didn't know how old Kidd was, but something told me he wasn't the legal drinking age. Did I really care if he drank? No, I didn't give a flying fuck. But I also didn't want to have to worry about being the disciplinary alpha either. I wasn't sure if that was a line I needed to cross, so I wanted to avoid having to decide entirely.

I sighed as my hand planted firmly against the door, my forehead pressing up against it shortly after as I looked down towards my boots. Wait a minute. I needed a smoke first. I plopped one between my lips and lit it before staring at the door again. Just go in. Fuck it, I pushed open the door and had intended to look nowhere but the bar, but instead, I looked everywhere. It was clearly a celebration. Celebrating a traitors birth from another traitor. What a beautiful nightmare, our start to Reprisal. I caught eyes with Ozra, but didn't let them linger there for long. Instead, my eyes had locked on Bonnie and Clyde, acting exactly as I had imagined they would be. I couldn't even appreciate the rarity of something turning out exactly how I imagined it would. It wasn't even Luxx right now, it was Orion. Why he had the nerve to come back, knowing i couldn't turn away the son of the previous alpha... He had balls, I'd give him that.

Instead of confronting the two of them, I simply moved to the bar, and Ozra had placed my drink in front of me without me even having to ask. I'd forgotten how nice that was. I gripped it in my hand and swung around to stair at the two of them quite obviously. He came back with you, didn't he? I asked, sensing Ozra standing behind me, behind his bar. He heard me, but he still didn't say a word. The sight of Luxx rubbing on him like she had the poison ivy and he was made of sandpaper made me fucking sick.

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