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 [Closed] Ungrateful are the Dead

[Closed] Ungrateful are the Dead

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[Closed] Ungrateful are the Dead

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:35 am

Thread Details
Outside the Den | Cold, Cloudy | early evening

-DAY 22 Without An Alpha- Final Solo in long ass series. Final section in italics is a fever dream.

The smell of decay didn’t bother me anymore. Everything was decomposing. Vilks and I worked in silence. While the others who had died had been given ceremonies to send them home to the Ancestors by whatever was left of their original packs, these ones had not been given that. Eco wanted to wait for the proper formation of the new pack, of which these two wolves were members as far as they were concerned. They wanted funeral rites that would feature both Alpha and Spiritual Leader. This demand was made at breakfast. By lunchtime the friends and family of the previously deceased had joined in. Coughing in wolf form I spit up a chunk of dirt mixed with stomach bile. Shifting out I stumbled over to a flask that sat on a nearby rock. Opening the lid I took a thankful mouthful. “It’s true isn’t it?” Vilks voice actually sounded empty. Devoid of any and all emotions. The heavy scent of death in the air wasn’t just from the bodies we were burying, or the corpses that were being eaten away under the earth close by, but from the Fanger blood mixed with vodka and red bull I had taken up drinking. Vilks knew now. Knew that I was a junkie. The creepy fucker had been following me. I hadn’t even noticed because I was far too focused on everything else.

Ouray, Camille, Vilks. Three wolves that knew for definite what was wrong with me. Everyone else thought I was just working myself too hard. There was no need at all for black eye make-up. My eyes were sunken, dark rings wrapped around each socket. My cheeks were drawn, cheekbones high and sharp like an emaciated super model. Scarlet had dyed my hair, to bring back some of it’s color, as the sunny highlights had disappeared. A cut that wouldn’t heal sliced through my bottom lip. A bruise that didn’t mend itself covered the right side of my jaw. Constantly bloodshot. Always pale. I’d gone from a comfortable size six to a size two in Twenty Two days. “That I’m dying? Sure is.” He sat down heavily into a faded deck chair picking up his beer and taking a noisy slurp. “Hah Sugar, they don’t dare say that. You know what your nickname is now? The Ghoul. An immortal manifestation from the bowels of hell that runs purely on determination given to yah by the Alpha. It’s kinda poetic and also fucking foul.” I spluttered a dribble of my toxic concoction down my chin and grinned at him. Smiles no longer reached my eyes. Though they had always been large now they seemed to be hypnotic in their size. Every swirling color within them enhanced by the pained face they looked out from. But they were so empty. The only emotion that could break through was rage and nothing had twisted me into a fury for days. Until the collared wolves had returned.

I’d only barely gotten Kidd out of harms way. I was starting to see I wasn’t just being reckless with my own life, but the lives of those around me and all for the fucking Alpha. Needed to stop giving a shit but fuck it was hard. I had to fucking find him. It had been far too long. What the fuck was going on? Was he really coming back at all? At first it had just been the odd sighting that I had investigated but found no truth behind. Which was why I had ignored a text message about the exact same thing. Always had to be the one time you thought to shrug something off as being a wild Fanger chase when it fact it was an actual attack. Both wolves had been dead by the time I had dragged my ass out to the abandoned barn.
“Then what?” My stomach turned and I rubbed a hand over it. Was probably just my body telling me I hadn’t eaten for the past two days. Nothing to be concerned with. My head spun for a moment as I grabbed hold of my shovel to right myself. “That you’re in love with Onyx.” I spat a mouthful of metallic tinged saliva onto the ground and swallowed hard. Fuck, felt like I was going to be sick. “Not you too. Fuck Vilks I didn’t think you listened to fucking lame ass gossip started by novelists.” Had be Scarlet that had started that rumor, no-one else would have come up with that shit in the million years. I guess given my actions it probably sounded about right. Taking another mouthful of my drink to try and settle my stomach I found that it didn’t help. It was then I took a deep breath in, actually smelling the bottle I had in my hands. Vampire Blood, Red Bull, Vodka and…..silver.

Fuck me.

Falling to my knees my lips parted slightly as foam frothed through my teeth. “Luxx! Luxx! Babydoll you stay with me!” I pitched forward and the older Lone grabbed me before I collapsed into the grave I had been digging. Convulsions slammed my body but Vilks held me hard to his chest. “If you care about her at all you’ll help her!” He was howling at someone. As I managed to open my eyes I could see he was looking directly upwards. The Ancestors. Vilks always said he didn’t give a damn about them. Didn’t understand why I bothered talking to them when it was obvious they had forsaken both of us. That them telling me to leave The Dominion was their way of saying that I wasn’t right. We were now in control of our own destiny. Only Wolves who accepted the shackles of packs were under the control of the great spirits. He was wrong of course but just as stubborn as I was. He was right, even when he was wrong.

My eyes shifted to the heavens above. It was so clear out at the Cliffs. No light pollution from the city limits. Stars that weren’t just solitary pin pricks in the pitch black but blankets of diamonds that pulsed with the deep blues and purples of celestial bodies. Focusing on a singular little dot, one that almost disappeared when I looked directly at it, a trickle of liquid fell from my nose and down my cheek. “I don’t want to be alone anymore.” Barely whispering the words I tried to mentally push that little star that was all by itself into a constellation nearby. It was as impossible as it was to fix my own isolation. “I don’t want to die alone.” All the time I had been spending with the Un-pack had gotten under my skin. I’d caught myself before, stopped myself from really feeling it. That sense of comradery while sitting in One Shot surrounded in boisterous wolves who openly shared stories about their past lives. Real friendship when letting Scarlet try to fix my hair, music playing. The other girls lounging around on their phones, drinking cherry flavored vodka, singing along to the lyrics. Actually really getting to be a Warlord. Training wolves. Testing them. Having them ask me questions, awkwardly requesting one on ones.

“That’s why you’re doing this isn’t it? No person or thing is worth you hurting yourself. Fuck them.” I winced slightly at the jab of his fingernails biting into my skin. “You’re stronger then every single one of those sacks of shit and that terrifies them. They look at you and see everything they are too afraid to be. We are not the disgusting ones Luxx, they are.” I’d been poisoned. I’d been attacked before but with Orion and Bullah following me like shadows nothing had caused me much damage. Now they were getting fucking serious. Not just trying to scare me, to scar me, they were actually trying to kill me. “Fuck Luxx, if you want a home that badly. Take this pack. We’ll kill that useless fucker and you can take over….” Before I heard anything else I passed out.

Living skies of raven wings.
No Horizon.
Bare desolate landscape.
Old skeletons.
Someone beside me.
Their hand in mine.
Everything stops.

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