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 [Closed] War is the Answer

[Closed] War is the Answer

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[Closed] War is the Answer

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Wed Mar 22, 2017 1:58 am

Thread Details
Hidden Clearing in the Forest | Clear, Cold | A little after 1am

-DAY 18 Without An Alpha- Part 1 of 3?

“Moon blessings Fleabags!” The usual congregation was out in force. Verdant green glowing eyes like an ocean of emeralds all focused on me. This was my element. Since all the fuckery of the past eighteen days I had focused mainly on one thing. Combat. It was the only thing I knew I could do right. I was not equipped to deal with anything else but duties directly related to my rank. No more trips to the mall, strolls in the forest. Just keep it fucking simple Luxx. If only my deteriorating grip on reality got that memo. Training sessions were a mindfuck. Ever since my scuffle with Camille I had begun playing out alternate universes of certain moments. They were all completely fucked. I’d died over and over again to the point that I was almost numb to the whole idea. For three days after the night in the forest I had actually really tried to stay off the blood. Proper rationing of doses, being methodical in my attempts to cut down. It didn’t stop the daytime and night-time hallucinations though. It helped with my overall health, which was good because I’d extended once again how long the training sessions lasted. One thing I was struggling with, was the point to getting off the shit entirely if death was so…run of the mill now. Literally, a day didn’t go by that I didn’t experience getting murdered by someone at least once. I’d used my wolf ability more times than I had fingers and every single time that woman was there…waiting for me. Camille wanted me dead? Well, she could take a number and sit the fuck down and wait her turn.

“You know, it defeats the purpose of saying the greeting if you tag on an insult at the end.” Azalea spoke to me through the corner of her mouth while still managing to brightly smile out at the sea of warrior ranked wolves. Eco in particular, had complained that I wasn’t ‘nice’. Fuck being nice. Nice got me nowhere just as much as being a total bitch hadn’t. I was seeking that in-between and while I had seemed to find it with most other wolves who didn’t already forever hate just the sight of my blonde hair appearing in a room, Eco wanted me to give out fucking hugs or some shit. Ignoring Azalea’s comment I got straight into the first order of call. “Tonight’s warm up is going to be what we have be using as our main program on previous nights!” A murmur rose up from the Un-pack and I flicked on my golden eyes as a warning that I hadn’t allowed anyone to make comments.

The earliest sessions had focused on two things. Identifying where each wolves strengths lay based on their physiology was the first. Each wolves form was different and while we might want to fight a certain way, we were somewhat predisposition to a style based on our body types. Once every wolf had been individually looked over by me, they got an overview based on what I saw. Some were ticked off with what they had been told but fuck, I wasn’t here to make friends and tell puppies what they wanted to hear. Not when I was standing in front of them as their teacher.

Secondly, I had been concentrating on unlocking their rage. It should be no surprise that fury was a source of adrenaline in times of war. A careful balance had to be found between fighting with so much of it that it blinded you, or not enough that finding the will to push through difficult situations was near impossible. The Sequoia had to be the worst at adopting this tactic but then their teachings took a different route. I knew Apollo at this point had been running his own training sessions and while I hadn’t expressed feelings on the matter, most wolves assumed that it annoyed the fuck out of me. When in actual fact, I didn’t give a shit how they learned to fight, just that they learned. Since I had been pushing my cadets much much harder than he was, I was showing more results but that didn’t necessarily mean that my angle was better than his. Just that I had less fucks to give about getting there the fastest way possible, even if that meant deaths. This war over who was the better Warlord was ridiculous. When the grim reaper came knocking on our door, when we sought him out, I was the one that had the most experience now, dancing while dodging the scythe.

There had been one death. Orion had flippantly told others in One Shot that in order to make a great omelet that some eggs had to be broken. Let's just say he did not get fucked that night. Not all the graves I had dug were due to my brutal battle royales though. These fucking retarded but entertaining bar brawls over who was the biggest and bestest Warlord had gotten way out of control. So far there were three graves. All were my fault but in the same breath they were Onyx’s. Shifting the blame onto the absent Alpha made it easier to get through the days. It had been eight days since I’d read his note and still there was no sign of him. Once again I’d sent Kidd back to that same motel, this time in Onyx’s own truck. Did I give a fuck that he was fifteen and didn’t have a license? No I did not. Not a single one of the Warlords had a grip on the increasing desperation in the Un-pack. Not that I was trying all that hard. The more they focused on their own petty squabbles the easier it was to redirect their attention away from the obvious. Eighteen days was a long time to keep up a charade of this magnitude.

Leaping down from the rock I had been perched on I strode into the mass of Wolves, the waters parting. Every single one of them stood taller than I did. As I walked past they began stripping off their clothing. I was already naked. My collarbone more prominent now, ribs slightly noticeable under pale skin. A wound always sat over my chest and now I knew why I had been tearing into that one spot while I had been sleeping. Killing time between training sessions was now spent moving from music filled destination to yet another. Half arsedly dealing with Un-Pack disputes that hadn’t been flung Apollo’s way. Constantly trying to re-build sections of the Den, even when rebellious fuckers burnt shit down. However, there were always unavoidable silences. In those moments I thought back to my first night back in Index. When times had seemed rough but were paradise compared to now. Which is why I now remembered something that had seemed so unimportant then. That glowing symbol on Onyx’s shoulder. Same side of my chest I had been fucking with.

“Group up!” Barking the order I watched intently as Wolves found their sparing partners. Each group consisted of six wolves that rotated. I’d been using the same terminology The Dominion had. Now that every wolf knew my origins due to gossip revealing one of my secrets I no longer had to hide what I had once been. Bosses, the brick walls of the battlefield who could soak up the most damage, who could be used as firm launching pads were paired with more agile fighters. The acrobats. Those with faster reflexes.  All-purpose warriors found themselves facing their own mirrors, chosen due to specific key areas of strengths and weaknesses. The rare Assassins buddied up with the even rarer Knights. Apollo was a Knight, as was Flint, as was I. Knights became Warlords. Some became Alphas. Once a wolf became a Pack Master a whole new range of tags became available. Onyx was a tank. Just like Dominion had been.

Returning to my rock throne I sat and cracked open a bottle of vodka. Tonight I was not going to be training physically. “Taking it easy Luxxie?” Orion had adopted a nickname I had gotten from my time with the Sequoia. While those wolves used it as a sarcastic insult now, the Knight assigned Pacific wolf crooned it at me. “My training is of a different kind tonight. Light the fires Azalea.” Az didn’t fight. She was a medic from Eco and Mother to the most adorable little pup. The youngest of our numbers. Little Leafa. She gracefully bounded from her position at my side and darted off further into the depths of the forest to ignite the rune that had been placed on the ground. The Dominion had wiped out, or run out of town every single coven, bar one. They hadn’t been allowed within the territory of the pack without expressed permission but we had a business agreement. I hadn’t gone as far as using them for my arena but they weren’t the only witches that sold their services to the highest bidder. My bank account was now drained. Completely and utterly.

Watching the Un-pack begin battling one another brought the fire to my eyes. My golden gaze observed with deep satisfaction as canine bodies were thrown into orbit. Growls and snarls filled the clearing. Sneak attacks were trashed with absolute efficiency. Thumps of savage paw swipes against solid hides. Ruinous jaws dodged in a dance that I knew all too well. Pulling out a cigarette I only managed to drag my attentions for a second to light the end. Transfixed. Every ripple of muscle. Movement of tendon. Extension of limb. A frenzy that got more heated as every missed swipe was a challenge. Every connecting jab, fuel for revenge. Breathing deeply I drank in all the scents of battle along with the uplifting smell of smoke. What was interesting were the tendrils of fear that carried in the air. The Sequoia tended to get the brunt of the assaults in these group based royales. It was what they wanted. Other wolves smelt that fear and thought they had an opening. Sequoia wolves knew how to use that to their advantage. I suspected they came so they could shove their differing training tactics in my face.

As the smell of blood began to force its way into the scent cauldron of battle I flicked my half-smoked cigarette into the darkness and skulled back some vodka. Time to get down to business. “Enough! Follow me!” There was a commotion as I turned to lead the Un-packs fighter division towards my gift and as I took two steps I realized no-one was following me. “We won’t follow you anywhere scum!” Pivoting around my eyes again aflame with yellow I snarled at a voice I’d heard all too often. Should have learned his name by now, but I hadn’t. “You speak for everyone again?” I knew he didn’t but he liked to think he did. “What’s your fucking problem now? Shit, we need to hire a shrink just for your kin” He advanced on me with three other wolves flanking him. “You’re ungrateful fucks.” Threatening them with the wrath of the Alpha had only worked for so long. Without Onyx inflicting punishments himself, the wolves had become feral. Luckily for me and for him, I could hold my own against any of these wankers. Judge, Jury and Executioner.

“We don’t give a fuck what Onyx wants, he’s obviously just cunt struck.” The talk of me being some kind of magician in the bedroom had infiltrated every inch of the Un-pack. Obviously, Orion loved it because as far as he knew I hadn’t entertained any of the offers I’d been given to ‘prove the rumor true’. Why in the fuck would I screw random wolves if I was apparently fucking both a Pack Master and a Pack Masters Son? “What the fuck did you just say?” They could say what they wanted about me. I was used to the snide jabs but there was no way I would let them speak about their Alpha like that. The lack of a present leader was making them forget their loyalty. Like not seeing those white eyes made them loose their way. “Do I need to make an example of you? Is that what you want? Because I didn’t have dinner before I came, I’m feeling a little peckish.” Whenever I reminded them of the cannibalistic traits of my previous pack they usually backed down. He did swallow hard, the adams apple in his throat making that obvious but this time the threat of picking my teeth with his bones wasn’t cutting the mustard.

“A Maggot. That’s what you are. Crawling around in the corpse of our misfortune. Taking what you can!” This was a pre-organised speech I could tell. Made the situation much easier to handle when I thought about him practicing it in the mirror. “It’s what you Lones do. It’s what you do. You aren’t helping us. You’re just waiting for the right moment to grow wings and start biting!” Holy shit this was so dramatic. “What the shit?” I started laughing, really roaring. “Listen to yourself. You honestly think I would go this far to fuck with your head?” The look on his face was giving me my answer. There apparently was no limits to my villainy. Not in the eyes of the Sequoia, not in those of the Pacific.

“Why in the serious fuck would I do all of this just to turn on you all later huh? Make a pack strong to just destroy it!” My voice lowered to a sneer that I reserved just for the wolves that had advanced on my position. “It’s much easier when they are weak, you know all about that Sequoia puppy.” He leaped at me and I shifted a paw and struck him across the face, ripping into his cheek. Screaming in agony he fell to his knees, clutching at the rippled flesh that began spouting blood. “I get it!” Addressing the pack I waved to Azalea who had returned to mend the first serious injury of the evening. “You hate Lones. You hate me. Nothing fills me with more satisfaction!” Words from the lips of a wolf I had once been. “I spent my life trying to make others believe that we were nothing but trouble but continuing to hold that ideal is hatred for yourselves, for the wolf standing next to you!” They were all Lones right now. Without an Alpha they weren’t really a pack. Plus continuing to fight me was just detrimental to their advancement. “My loyalties are to your Alpha, and by extension to you!” No matter how many times I had vocalized the fact I wasn’t joining this new community, none of them believed me. I didn’t even believe me sometimes. “Hate me, but save it for the battlefield. Put Luxx masks on every Fanger I don’t fucking care. But don’t waste your fury on me!”

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Re: [Closed] War is the Answer

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Wed Mar 22, 2017 1:55 pm

-DAY 18 Without An Alpha- Part 2 of 3

“Before this all happened some of you never fought!” That statement was mainly directed at Eco as I stalked around the perimeter of a ring of pebbles, dried herbs and gemstones. Fires were lit in several locations, embedded into the circle. Using my ability to reverse time and save wolves from certain deaths wasn’t useful in training unless they could learn from their mistakes. Unfortunately, anything lower than a Warlord forgot the old time pocket. This rune changed that fact for those inside of it. Tonight I would get through as many pairings as I could. Really push myself. They fought to the death. At the time of one wolves demise I would take it back. If only fixing other things were as simple. Darshna and Flicket paced around one another inside the arena. Blood dripped from both their jaws. Both were heavily wounded. Getting two of them to enter at first had been an uphill battle. Eventually, Orion had stepped up to the plate. Battling against my other bodyguard. It was a sick display of loyalty to me but fuck, did it fill me with a feeling I hadn’t felt in a very long time.

“Those of us that did always fought for things we didn’t have and never had!” More territory. Control. While it was true some of these packs had battled against foes that had struck first, most had thrown themselves into wars out of a desire to gain more. Wasn’t knocking that in the slightest of course. “This time we fight to take back something that was ours. Our right to exist!” Our freedom to live without the looming figure of the Supremacy lording over us. Picking off our numbers. Trying to obliterate our kind. “We fight for the lives we have lost. The Alpha’s that were taken. The Spiritual Leaders who were tossed aside. The pups that were slaughtered!” The crowd was being whipped into a frenzy. Not just from the memories I was unsympathetically bringing to the surface but the battle being waged in the arena.

“We fight for them. For the Ancestors. For the Alpha!” Crimson dripped from my nose. My teeth were covered in the stuff. Tasting my own blood instead of that of other wolves and of Fangers was a different experience. That tantalizing metallic taste took on a whole new meaning. One that some of those in the audience were starting to see. I was shedding my blood for them. Putting myself through torture for them. “More importantly!” There was nothing more important than those three things. Not for them anyway. However the last figure in that holy trinity…saying that word and automatically attaching a face to it…stung. Did he deserve this? All that shit he had said to me and then had left. He was a bigger liar than I was. “More importantly you fight for yourselves!” I would have to echo that last part because Flicket had just ripped the throat out of her opponent. The grey wolf collapsed onto the ground and the crowd fell silent. Watching one of their own die before their very eyes was something I didn’t think any of them were going to become accustomed to. No matter how often they were going to see it from this night onward.

As I used my ability I saw her. The first time she had lingered in the treeline, emerging from it. The second it had appeared as if she had walked during the fight and had come to stand amongst the wolves on the opposite side of the arena, staring directly at me. This time, this time she stood right next to me. They fight for you. All the other times I had quickly moved out of the in-between trying to pretend that I didn’t see her but this time I stopped. “They don’t fight for me.” But they could. I shook my head even though the thought now got stuck in my head. When I had first seen her I thought she was a ghost, a specter of the forest that would obviously have some skeletons lurking in every corner. Now I had decided that she was a reflection of me. A side of me I was trying to tear from myself. The part that only wanted what was best for me. 

You could make them fight for you.

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Re: [Closed] War is the Answer

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Wed Mar 22, 2017 8:57 pm

-DAY 18 Without an Alpha- Part 3 of 3

Stumbling as I emerged from the in-between I felt Azalea wrap an arm about my shoulders. Coughing up a lungful of blood I leaned into her. It now poured from my eyes and ears, as well as my mouth and nose. I could feel wolves eyes on me so I stood up straight while using Az for support and addressed them. “Maybe someday soon you’ll all fight for me, like I fight for you!” Had to force the words out of my mouth because my head was ringing. Was I saying this because of what that woman had said to me? The seed of something I had tried to forget being re-planted. I’d told Onyx that I had no intentions of eating his heart this time around. But he had lied to me, he expected I was lying to him so what did it matter if I had once again lied. Swallowing a mouthful of blood I shifted over to a rock to sit down, reaching for my vodka to wash away the thick residue on my teeth. Holy shit it felt like my eyeballs were trying to escape their sockets and it was only going to get worse. I’d been unconscious before training was over. This was madness given my delicate condition. Little food. Little sleep. Fanger juice doing a number on my insides. One could hope though that slipping into a coma would do wonders for my mental and physical state. Couldn’t pussy out in the middle of withdrawals if I wasn’t awake to do so.

“Are you going to be okay if we continue?” Azalea sat down next to me and I nodded, waving a hand for the next pair to enter the arena. An arena that was already stained with the blood of wolf. “I still don’t get why we are doing this.” Smearing cerise from my nose onto the back of my hand I let out a long sigh. I understood why it looked pointless. Just battle training tactics from a Warlord whose old pack had eaten other wolves like they were a rare delicacy, like puffer fish or live octopus. “We’re going to be fighting and killing Fangers.” Rubbing the blood tears across my cheeks transforming them into macabre war paint I finally managed to clear my head enough to open my mouth. “Give it a few days. Fangers come next. They won’t hold back at all, not like our own brethren will.” I flicked my head to the arena where two new wolves had begun sizing each other up. Even having permanent death removed from the table most were still reluctant to truly unload on the wolf in front of them. Throwing them directly into match ups with Fangers could have spelled disaster for many of these wolves so I was starting off slowly. As slow as I could force myself to shamble when it had always been clear that time was not on our side.

“Not to mention we may have to fight some of our own.” I felt a sharp intake of air being sucked into Azalea’s lungs. I’d killed one of The Dominion. Riot had attacked me with a collar around his neck. I hadn’t even remotely hesitated to kill him. “Are you saying that you intend for us to kill, actually kill, other wolves?” She hissed at me keeping her voice as low as possible. The howls, yips and growls from the rest of the Un-pack could have drowned out anything though. “I’m saying they will attack and try to kill us. So we all need to be prepared for that.” A low growl rumbled in her throat and I tilted my head slowly towards her. Azalea’s green glowing eyes greeted me. “I won’t ever kill any of my own, if you ever ask me to do that, then we will no longer be friends.” Friends. Fuck that word lanced through my heart like no other that had been uttered by any Wolf. Az didn’t have any reason to see me as a friend. I’d done nothing for her. Every night she came to training and left her little one in the care of others she barely knew. I thought she was just doing her duty, following orders passed down by the Alpha. “Then I’ll promise if it comes to that. I won’t ask you. I’ll do it myself.” She grabbed my arm roughly with an anger I hadn’t seen in her sweet face but whatever she was going to say was interrupted by a yell. Shit that fight was over quick, I hadn’t even gotten to watch any of it.

Closing my eyes, as the more often I used my ability the harder it was to concentrate, I reversed time. When I opened them I stared down at Azalea’s face which was no longer twisted in a snarl. You could make them fight for you, but why would you? Her voice, the womans voice. She stood right behind me and I turned, slowly, cautiously to have her pale face looking right at me. Her face, that was a mirror image of my own. My doppleganger. My twin. He only needs one guardian Lilith and none of these will ever match you. She was right, I knew she was right. No amount of training would ever give them the experience I had. Years of living and breathing the rabid ferocity of The Dominion who purely existed for the fury of battle. The years upon years of constantly fighting as a Lone. They would all have to live another lifetime to be comparable to me. Yes Lilith, yes my sweet white wolf. Only you can protect him. She reached out and touched my cheek, cupping it in her hand and every single stitch of controversy was lifted from my chest. Tell me what it is you really want.

I looked directly in my eyes. Why was I making myself say these things out loud to myself? Was it to remind me what was important? What was important now? “To complete my prophecy, to protect the Alpha and then….then I want to become one before I die” She tilted her head in what looked like curiosity and pushed her fingers through my hair to grasp at the back of my head. My reasons for wanting those white eyes were numerous but if she was me she would understand why it was that I wanted it so badly. It wasn’t a desire that was stronger than that of wanting a home, but in the same breath it was the very same thing. You think these wolves will let you do those things? Shes gestured to the Un-pack that were frozen in the time slip. They hate you. Their jealousy is what will drive you away. Then you won’t have what you want and I know what you really want. It was my turn to tilt my head the same way she had. “What do I really want?”


My eyes widened slowly and her grip on my head got firmer. Did I? Was that the reason behind all those dreams I had been having? Kill them all and you can have what you want. I swallowed heavily and tried to move back from the hold she had on me. “What? No, theres no way I would ever do that. Even if what you said is true. NO…” Her lips twisted into a snarl. Let me show you how easy it would be Lilith, how good it will make you feel. As I slipped out of the frozen time what I was brought back into wasn’t what I had left.

The clearing was littered with the dismembered corpses of Wolves. As terror filled my chest so did a sense of overwhelming power I had never experienced in all my life. My hands were dripping with blood. I could taste a hundred different wolves on my tongue. I felt drunk. With the knowledge that I had slaughtered every single one of them with my own two paws. With the flavor of their flesh in my teeth I remembered what it had been like in the early days of being a member of The Dominion. Strong. Significant. “I didn’t do this…this, this, no…this is not me, this is not what I want to be!” Maybe I didn’t have a choice. Forever stuck in a path of destruction that I had no one else to blame but myself.

When I blinked it was all gone. Another battle had commenced and I was back to looking Azalea In the face knowing that I hadn’t yet uttered my response to her stating that she would no longer stand by me if I was willing to kill those that were collared. “I don’t kill wolves anymore Az, so I’d never ask you to do the same.”

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