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 [Private] How Much is That Doggy in The Window? - Page 2

[Private] How Much is That Doggy in The Window?

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Paul Thacker

Re: [Private] How Much is That Doggy in The Window?

Paul Thacker | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Mon Apr 10, 2017 12:07 am

How could such a coward create so much destruction in her path? I suppose I answered my own question - cowards would rather let the world burn around them than face a problem. And I stood, ready to pounce, ready to pin her down and rip her to shreds in front of kids, mall security, whoever was stupid enough not to turn their heads. I was at that point. Not just what she'd done in the past, but the fact that she couldn't even face me after. Perfectly timed, the loud crash happened just as I'd started after her, as if it was the fired gun to start the race. The large carrot she chucked at me scraped against my cheek as my feet began to propel me into the chaos - only fueling my anger and increasing the speed at which my chucks climbed over the downed shelf.

You should have left the Sequoia alone, I muttered, almost growled, not sure if she would hear. Now that I was over the shelf, I couldn't see her but I still had the glimmer of her scent. I hadn't eaten a strawberry since she left - pure taste aversion and the thought alone made me want to vomit. I ran toward it, leaving behind what was becoming at this point angry shouts and rent-a-cops talking fervently into their radios.

My tank clung to my back, and I'd stopped bothering to wipe the sweat from my forehead, just letting it drip down my face. There was dried blood on my left arm, a gnarly gash from training. It didn't bother me, especially now that it had stopped bleeding. It meant that my current class was getting better, that I was doing my job. I'd only stopped because Matrix insisted, and demanded that I went to see Vega. She wasn't exactly a medic, but well, since times had gotten a bit challenging our actual medic had been missing for a few days. I wasn't concerned - she did this from time to time. She swore she could manage both her soccer mom lifestyle and this, but I had a feeling she wasn't trying. I had a feeling she simply had one foot out the door.

I pushed the thought away and opened the screen door to Vega's little home. Blankets hung on the windows for shade, and some old Johnny Cash song played loudly on a cheap radio. Vega still used Cassette tapes, and any time I didn't have wifi I was actually envious, since I was inclined to stream all my music. Vega? Matrix said- Before I could finish, she stepped out from the kitchen, her flower print dish gloves on, sweat causing her own hair to stick to her head. Saros still hasn't fixed your AC? Fuck, I didn't know how, or else I'd bump it to the top of my to-do list.

Did a pup do that?! She was smiling and I returned it. That was something I was thankful for - maybe it was her age and the amount of time she'd spent in a pack of wolves, things she'd seen. She knew it was a good thing. She always seemed proud of the way I handled at least my physical wounds, always commenting on how strong I was physically. She said it's what we needed at a time when a lot of the younger ones were burying their head under the sand. So in a strange, twisted way, Vega and I rejoiced any time ones of my trainees had wounded me. I guess you could think of it as a kid getting an A on his report card. Yup, they're getting better every day, aren't they? She walked past me, nudging me with her elbow. C'mon, let's get it washed off, and I know, nothing else. I wasn't completely against what she had to offer, but strangely enough Vega had a few salves an ointments she'd found at a drugstore. Just like my food, I didn't want anything I couldn't recreate myself. Wash off and let it heal the way it was intended. I stepped into her bathroom, which was furnished by pastel pink fixtures and off white tile. The shower curtain was new, but it was the only thing. I looked at myself through the dirty mirror and smiled as I saw her reflection in front of me, just the top of her head as she turned on the faucet and waited for the water to get just right.

I'm glad you stopped by, I've been meaning to tell - or rather show you something.
I'm not drinking your juice, I don't care how hard you've tried to mask that fish smell. Vega, I just can't do it. Her eyes squinted shut and she laughed as she splashed the cool water on me. It felt amazing, although it probably wasn't meant to. No, Paul, I have a message for you. I knew she wasn't talking about a simple note from a friend. She meant the spirits, someone from the families. Whenever you're ready, sis, I think Matrix sent everyone home. She shook her head and smiled. I know you weren't finished, but they apparently wanted to speak with you.

The coffee table pushed away from the couch, we sat cross legged facing each other. Two cups, one in front of me and one in front of her, and hilariously they were both old plastic cups, probably from the Dollar Store, but it was what they contained that was important. Burning sage (I think), and some other kind of incense filled the room and thankfully somewhat masked the odor of the drinks we were about to consume. How do you know they want to t- She shushed me, her eyes closed, the backs of her hands resting on her knees, the almost cliche vision of meditation. Drink now. I picked up the cup, and drink the "beverage" she said would help her connect me with the spirits. Soon, we'd both hear the message in a whisper. I'd only done this, maybe, five times?

Everything went dark, even when I opened my eyes, but I could still feel that she was with me. First, the whispers were unintelligible, but then words started to form, almost as if they were swirling around each other. House, home, life, enemy, create, build. There were always more words thrown in than the actual prophecy, if I remembered right, which confused me. But I imagined it as if the idea, the visual of it was there for the spirits, and this was their process of putting it into words. together, hate, join, repair. Silence, which I knew that meant it was coming. You will join together with your enemy to build a home, and there you will plant a seed.

It can't be her, I thought as I now stood at the foot of the food court, scents of fried green peppers, stale pizza and fresh cookies filling my airways. I'd lost her, the scent of strawberries only very faint. There was no actual way I was planting a seed with that witch. Maybe that shit was wrong sometimes. Maybe if a spirit told you that you were going to "crush your enemy" you'd simply step on a fucking spider that day. I looked, my eyes catching on every blonde in the building, and then I had an idea - my ability. Would it work against me? I tried to find an energy, any energy that meant an ability beyond human. Three. Fuck, I'd hoped by strengthening it, I'd find it. But it was risky because I just might be strengthening someone or something that would come and.. it just wasn't a good idea. It might be time to accept that I'd lost her. I started to pull my phone from my pocket, to send Matrix a message when I shook my head and my mind was changed. I closed my eyes, breathed, and focused on one of those powers, knowing it was all or nothing. If this didn't work, I'd lose her for good.

Time. Could I figure out which was which? One felt... visual? No, move on, next. This one - too ambiguous. Eyes closed, I continued walking toward it, pushing past anyone in my way and only opening my eyes briefly enough to watch for chairs, tables, etc. in my way. I knew I was right when I could see blonde locks when I blinked and a very faint aroma of strawberries filled my nose. She had to be about thirty feet away, and I wasn't sure if she could see me, since it was crowded and everything that hid her from me, was hiding me from her as well. I won't kill you, not today, if you just tell me why. It was my hearing, this time - I could barely hear myself say it. How fucked was that? I didn't think she would actually tell me, but if she did, I wouldn't even fucking be able to hear it.

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Re: [Private] How Much is That Doggy in The Window?

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Mon Apr 10, 2017 7:11 am

When did my ears lock onto his voice? Fanger juice definitely had its upside and I hated thinking about it that way. Gave me endless excuses to stop taking the shit. Right now I wished I could get a sponge and rake it through my veins to soak up every slick of the stuff just so I wouldn’t be able to hear him. His voice alone made me think about stupid fucking crap that I hadn’t thought about in years. Moonbows. Like rainbows but cast by moonlight. Shit like that. Fucking ethereal enchanting fantasy bullshit. Never wanted to spend even a single second thinking about anything related to that place, that pack because while in the moment it made me feel warm, it was always shortly followed with a rage that was directed at myself. Now that their pack was here I had an outlet. I picked on their members in training sessions. I avoided Apollo and Matrix like both possessed a virus that would make my skin melt off if I breathed the same air they did. I fucking hated them. Hated them. More than I had ever hated anything. Especially Apollo. Especially him. 

Darting into the Easter bunny hut I threw the egg I’d held in my hands at the bloke in the furry costume, pushing him out of the way to use his exit out the back to get into the food court. Should have left the Sequoia alone. He didn’t know how right he was. How much I wanted to have not known what it was like. Was even worse now that I was aware that perhaps the Ancestors were trying to find me a home. That I had been the one to make it so they had to direct me to run over and over. That the last pack I had visited, the one I’d spent the most time with, had been my paradise. STOP IT. STOP FUCKING THINKING ABOUT IT. Raging in my own head I raced around tables and chairs with a new found sense of urgency and threw myself behind a very potent scent barrier. Indian Star. Those overpowering scents would confuse not just him, but also shrouded his presence from me. Had no idea where he was. Didn’t stop my Fang amped ears listening intently for his voice.

Breathing heavily I leaned against the side of the food outlet, my fingers absently running over the embossed intricate swirls on the cream and gold wall coverings at my back. Waiting for him to give up and accept defeat seemed like a pointless exercise but now that I felt like I’d given him the slip I didn’t want to make a false move and reveal myself. Just looking at him filled me with fury. At least that almost uncontrollable rage burnt the existence of every other emotion I had felt when I had left them. Remembered that night clearly. Not that I really wanted to think about it.

“You had him, you could have done it.” Vilks walked along beside me smoking a cigarette, slinging his battered backpack over his shoulder. Travelling with belongings always made shit more difficult. While wolf form was faster and made me feel more free, I didn’t especially like the sensation of having a saddle. Which is literally what a bag felt like strapped to my form. “Wasn’t about to do it with Apollo fucking standing there was I?” Still had no idea how the fuck he knew where to find me. I’d been so careful about making sure they were all at one of the bonfires before I put my plan into action. Wincing I stopped and tenderly touched the big bruise that I knew was forming over the majority of my face. At least I hadn’t gotten clawed, or bitten. Those scars stayed around permanently I had one from Dominion to prove it. “Was quite a battle, always thought you were just blowing hot air up my arse when you said you were a true Warlord.” “Hope you enjoyed the fucking show.” Snarling I picked up the pace kicking at an empty beer can left on the side of the road, sending it skittering across the tarmac and into the night. “He barely even fought back.” Had no idea why that was. Made me sick to my stomach. That wasn’t the only reason why I felt unwell. Turning away from the road which had potential to shed light on my face from the passing headlights of motorists, I delved into the brush, into the comfort of darkness. 

“What does it matter if the golden boy Warlord was watching?” Vilks didn’t understand. Noone ever would. That’s because I was never going to explain it to them. Why would I? “Because having him see me morph into a fucking traitor right before his very eyes ruins fucking everything.” Actually going ahead with the goddamn plan had done that really. Fuck. They had given me everything that I had ever wanted, all except one fucking thing. The one thing I knew I had to take for myself. Had some fucked ideal in my head that even if I screwed them over that they would still accept me. Apollo had cared about what I had wanted and needed, he of all people. Gah. What the fuck had I been thinking? Lost my damn mind. “Oi! Slow the fuck down, it’s not like they are going to chase us Luxx.” That wasn’t why I was frantically shoving my small body through the tundra. Oh no. I had wanted it all so badly. So intensely. It had been right there. Right there. Now I was right back where I knew I had started. The further I got away from Vilks. The less likely he would see I had tears on my cheeks.

As soon as I heard his voice. Faint. Like a whisper in the back of my head I knew he had used that fucking ability of his. It wasn’t just his nose I had to worry about, but I had hoped that time had washed away his recollection of what my energy signature felt like. Apollo had explained it to me once, and I had spoken about the horrors of my own wolf gift. Fuck he knew so much about me it was unsettling. Probably thought that gave him an advantage as the hunter. This prey had fought hard to move forward, like always. This was going to be his very rude awakening. Closing my eyes I knew he had a handle on my particular strand of static and using my own ability would just completely pinpoint my location to him but I wasn’t going to allow him to think I was afraid of him. Avoiding him didn’t feel cowardly, but this was, it definitely was. Twisting into the nether the activity in the mall froze. Grey mists of the in-between rose up and enveloped everything. Removing myself from my hiding place I calmly moved about the shoppers. A woman with two unruly children. One tugging on her long skirt pointing a chubby finger at the empty display happy meal box perched on a glass countertop. The other in the stroller she was trying to push, screaming its head off. All paused in a state of suspended animation. I circled around a pair of teenagers sitting opposite one another at a table. Both girls had light blushes on their cheeks and when I bent over I could see why. They were secretly holding hands where no one could see them.

I only manipulated a short pocket of time, coming to stand directly in front of Apollo for a moment. Didn’t even look at him. Not in the face. “Everyone wants the truth.” I knew he couldn’t hear me but I spoke to his boots anyway. “When I offer it no one believes me, and you’ll be no different.” As I let the sands through the hourglass begin to fall once again I took one deep breath in and looked sadly right up into Apollos face. “So I’ll tell you what you want to hear and you can be the hero and I’ll be the villain. It’s better that way” As time started again I knew he would know that I had changed something. Partly because he was a rank that could remember manipulated time pockets, though mostly because now I was standing directly in front of him. 

Having adverted my eyes again as soon as everything had begun to move, the shoppers none the wiser of the blonde woman suddenly appearing thirty meters from her original spot, I snarled. “While you couldn’t kill me even if you tried I’m feeling generous.” He had only know me to end up bloody and incapacitated after using my ability even once. This time I stood calmly, no blood, no crippling agony. Not even a headache. Bouncing back out of arms reach I turned my eyes skyward. I’m not going to lie Ancestors. Being open and all that shit. Just…omitting certain things. Not that I imagined it would change a damn thing. “Why what? Why did I do it? Why did I not succeed?” Backing up towards a Japanese photo booth I moved the curtain to the side with one awkwardly twisted hand, reversing back into the box large enough for group snapshots. “Choose your question wisely because you get one.”

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Paul Thacker

Re: [Private] How Much is That Doggy in The Window?

Paul Thacker | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Tue Apr 18, 2017 3:10 am

Look who was growing up. I hadn’t tried very hard, I hadn’t given her that much help, but it was impressive what she’d done with it. Did she even realize? No, there was no way or else she wouldn’t be saying what she was saying, which wouldn’t matter. It was all bullshit that pissed me off even more. It pissed me off that, if I understood right, Luxxie here thought she was being some kind of martyr. I knew, instantly when the time was starting again - when people started moving and her tone flipped like a fucking switch. My lips moved as soon as it was possible for them to. My lips curled up in a smile, wasn’t that just her way? To flip like a switch. From the “martyr” to the “tough bitch” type. I crossed my arms and rolled my eyes. I let her finish, I let her go on because I wanted to savor the moment she realized I’d heard every word of what she’d said. This moment of weakness - I was “privileged” to witness the process of the liar working furiously to believe their own lie. Wasn’t this fucking sweet?

You’re full of shit, Luxxie, I said, and when her name slipped my lips it was coated with contempt. You’re a regular fucking Dark Knight. I took small steps toward her, thinking she was fucking nuts if I was having a come to Jesus talk with her in a fucking photobooth. Instead, I rested my wrist against the top of the opening, towering over her, my eyes attempting to burn holes in hers. When she revealed what wasn’t intended for my ears, I realized whatever answer she gave me wouldn’t even matter. She was fucking delusional and probably even believed she was some kind of fucking hero. Sorry, but the old saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” was not fucking applicable. Soon, the phrase, “Karma’s a bitch” would be much more appropriate.

What do you think I want to hear? Oh, wait, nevermind. I rolled my eyes, thinking if ocular muscles needed exercise I was getting plenty today. That’s definitely not my question, not that it matters. Truth doesn’t come from your lips. But let’s see, I’ll think up something fun to ask anyway. My hand finally left the booth and my first met my lips as if my brain was working overtime in thought. You were welcome, you were family. For fucks’ sake even Vega trusted you before a trial. Why the fuck wasn’t that enough for you?

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Re: [Private] How Much is That Doggy in The Window?

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Sat Apr 22, 2017 3:38 am

What I wouldn’t give to trade places. Not that I really wanted to be either of the monumental hypocrites I envied. Both Apollo and Onyx had that in fucking common that was for damn sure. They both had secrets but they acted as if mine coming to light was a bigger travesty than the election of celebrities into positions of political power. I knew Onyx hid things and I’d been a part of Apollo’s deceptions. Both were more than happy to cast stones at me however just because what I had kept under wraps had been revealed. The perfect scapegoat for their anger. A burning effigy of everything foul and disgusting. Hope it made them feel fucking better. Really hoped it did. What was different between us is that I could see the conviction in Apollo’s eyes just as I saw it in Onyx’s. They both thought that they were right. They knew that they were right. I’d once been a member of that club. Believing that everything I did and said was perfectly fine. Would rip out a few ribs and cut off all my hair for the chance to go back to that blissful ignorance. 

Now I was too aware of the fact that I’d not only done them a disservice, but myself and the Ancestors. I’d sullied the reputations of Lones beyond the point where it was really fucking necessary. Had such tunnel vision. Apollo’s hatred wasn’t misplaced. Neither was Onyx’s. I was under no illusions that what I’d done could even be compared to their sins. Apollo had just allowed a Lone to participate in a ceremony which was specifically for wolves of their pack. Bet he fucking blamed me too. Somehow saw that playing out in his head differently. That I’d suckered him into it. Easier to blame someone else. Wish I had that fucking luxury now. Couldn’t tag on the guilt to anything or anyone else anymore. Made me fucking ill just thinking about it. Regret didn’t change anything, just like saying sorry didn’t, nor telling the fucking truth apparently. Forgiveness was a fucking myth when dealing with flesh and blood creatures. Only the Ancestors had that kind of goodness in them.

I growled. Couldn’t help it. Whenever I heard that fucking nickname sneered with such disgust it made me furious. Barely could handle hearing it at all. I’d actually hated it back then too but when it was always offered with a warm smile I hadn’t been able to properly punch it from anyone’s lips. Fucking weak. “The name is Luxx, Sunboy.” The nickname I’d given him was even more stupid than the one I had. What could I say? I was awful fucking drunk at the time. When I’d googled the fucking word one afternoon in the middle of a YouTube music marathon I’d found a short film that had fucked me up for a week. Imagery that had disturbing parallels to my own childhood. I’d eventually adapted the thing into a fireside story that I played out to the children of the Sequoia using goddamn shadow puppets. That’s how fucking mental I had been. Turning Apollo into a bloody shining knight who vanquished a demon beast. Pups all thought it was fact for months. “What? We’re using lame fucking superhero references now? Thought it was only Matrix who wanked over that shit.” What was fucked is that I could probably now have a very in depth conversation about any fucking character, Marvel or DC, even the obscure garbage all because of Matrix. Waste of fucking inventory space in my brain.

Huh? I paused for a moment, walking backwards far enough into the booth that the indicator light flashed on, aware that there was a presence in front of the camera lens. What the fuck did he just say? My lips fell slightly open even though the savage glare still trained my eyes. Did I accidently say that stuff when not concealed in the mists? I’d been doing some fucking dumb shit on and off, my brain off in another universe but really? “How..?” Fuck it. Didn’t matter. I could tell him everything and he wouldn’t believe a fucking word, not to mention care anyway. Lies or truth would all be seen under the same red flashlight. You know what was hard though? Like really hard? Not biting to constantly having my ability to state facts slammed every time the word truth or trust came into conversations. I fucking got it already. Everyone thought I was a habitual liar. Or at least Apollo, the Sequoia and Onyx did. “My full name is Lilith Caroline Alysbury. We’re currently in the Amaranthe Mall and..and…” Anger was a tough bitch to handle when trying to form sentences. “...your fucking hoodie is green. Oh look at that Luxx can speak truth. Shit better call the cops.”

Grasping a handful of hair in one hand in frustration I knew this was all fucking pointless. Should just kick him in the nuts and leave. The question he offered up was fucking horrific. I’d been ready to make up some believable bullshit story about why I hadn’t gone the full nine yards. Not that it really mattered. He would think everything was a lie anyway. Seriously, fuck this shit. The pain of those words really did a number on my already delicate stomach. Couldn’t handle this. So I laughed. A mocking though very strained giggle. “Are you fucking serious?” Looking back on that time was not high on my Christmas list. I had, briefly thought about it. Had been forced to after the last little chat I’d had with Onyx. The real answer to that question was far too complicated for a photo booth interrogation. That was for damn sure. “I would have only been welcome until you all knew why I was there.” Truth. Wouldn’t have mattered if I knew what I did now. I had only waltzed into their territories for one reason and one reason only at the time. “I wasn’t fucking family.” Half-truth. There had never been an official Hey Luxx join the Sequoia. I’d just been cello taped onto the side of it like a broken hood ornament. “Vega trusts everyone.” Lie. A hard one to say. She trusted me because she and I….it was hard to explain. She knew me. In a way the others never would. “And it was never enough because it’s not what I wanted.” Lie. Biggest fucking big fat lie of the lot. However it was the response I gave filled with the most bitterness because I hated that it was a lie. “But its all lies right?” I grabbed a handful of his shirt. “Why even ask me a goddamn thing when you aren’t going to believe it anyway? I could fucking tell you anything.” Maybe it was because in the last eight days he had heard what I had been doing. Following the Alpha’s orders. Out of character for…Luxxie.

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