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 [Private] How Much is That Doggy in The Window?

[Private] How Much is That Doggy in The Window?

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[Private] How Much is That Doggy in The Window?

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:42 pm

Thread Details
The Amaranthe Mall | Light Snowfall | 11am

-DAY 8 Without an Alpha- Lil's Outfit. Complete with sunglasses to hide her very hungover look lol

This was all new. For so many years I hadn’t sought the company of others because it went against the personal mantra chant I’d adopted in my head. Once a Lone always a Lone. Never trust a Lone. Though Onyx wasn’t here his words still rang like alarm bells in my head. What I had been doing was all wrong. Made me wonder if the Ancestors had been trying to find me a home all along. They had obviously condoned me leaving The Dominion and rightly so. They would have known what plans that pack had. At least the awful decision that Dominion had made. That Sona had accepted. Every single time the Ancestors had directed me to somewhere I could have been accepted, I had been the one to fuck it up. Being aware of that as a possibility just made me feel ill. Didn’t know if it was possible for me not to screw shit up. It was obvious Onyx was never going to let me join the new pack even if I wanted to, so it was all a moot point. Not worth thinking about. Still, as I was browsing the underwear section of La Perla with Scarlet, Ollara and three female members of Eco, it played on my mind.

“Just ask her.”

“You ask her”

“Dun fink eva of yah shud arsk her, she relly dun lyke Apollo I dun fink.”

The huddle of women were actually standing far enough away that I shouldn’t be able to hear what they were saying. Fanger juice did have a variety of perks. One being that I didn’t need to shift to get a mini-boost to my already exceptional hearing. Had I not taken a hit before we’d left Onyx’s house for the mall I would have missed the conversation that I wasn’t meant to overhear. Though I think I would have preferred not to.

“I’m not saying like, ask her what Apollo’s favorite color is, she wouldn’t even know that, like, well she is like, living with Onyx and you know what that means.”

The tinkle of giggles made me clench my teeth. I’d forgotten that hanging out with women like this always ended up turning into an episode of a high school drama of some description. Who was fucking who blah blah blah. Someone shoot me in the head please oh fucking God. I so was not the type to kiss and tell. In fact, I didn't go around with my knickers on my head in the first place. Getting called frigid or a prude didn't bother me in the slightest. Sex to me was more of a re-distribution of power rather than a declaration of anything else. Lately, I had changed my position. Sex was a waste of energy but fuck did it feel great. Activities that were wholeheartedly enjoyable were few and far between so I'd decided that bumping uglies was one that didn't have to come with any strings attached at all.

“She obviously knows what she's doing in the whole, getting ranked guys attention department. I mean, she didn’t even go home to the Alpha last night.”


“Yeah, really.”

Fuck. I thought I’d been stealth as shit about that. Actually, what was I saying? There were only two things I could be bothered hiding now and that was the fact I drank Fanger blood and that I didn’t take orders from Onyx because he wasn’t even here. There was not enough energy to spread to other forms of deception. Already had my hands full with what was important. I’d gotten some sleep. With sleep came naked Onyx dreams. Orion was a poor substitute for an Alpha but he had done the trick. This morning I just felt vaguely hungover.

“Hey, Luxx, what kind of lingerie do you wear for Onyx?”

“Or…what did you wear last night for…Orion? That was his name right? Got a thing for Pacific Wolves yeah?”

I’d tried walking out of the store to completely avoid the questions I knew I was about to be asked but they had followed me. Piped Piper to their Lemming. Turning around slowly once we had cleared the fluorescent signage of the boutique, I clenched and unclenched my fists in an effort to calm myself. “Generally I find that naked with beer works like a charm, or to be honest you could wear a sack and they wouldn’t give a shit as long as you grab the right body part.” Were they going to need a diagram? Wasn’t rocket science. Getting laid wasn’t difficult unless of course the one wolf your subconscious wanted to screw hated your guts. Not to mention wasn't in town at all.

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Paul Thacker

Re: [Private] How Much is That Doggy in The Window?

Paul Thacker | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Mon Mar 27, 2017 6:01 am

Paul is wearing black skinny jeans, a Killswitch Engage tee that is so faded its grey, and a plain hunter green hoodie. Black chucks.

I wish we would have stayed.
I did too, but I couldn't admit it. I could pretend this wasn't my problem, maybe even try finding the surely decayed heart and eating its remnants and hoping for the best. We could go on, even with our small numbers, we could have built our numbers and stayed home. We could have defended ourselves. But it wasn't true, and it wasn't what the ancestors wanted us to do. As shitty as things were here, I still knew I was in the right place. But it wasn't something I could tell Sirius. He'd have to know when this was all said and done. I washed the last bite of fajita down with Corona, knowing later I'd spend the rest of the night saying goodbye to things much stronger. The next week would be a time of intense training and fasting. But in days like this, I was coming to find that morale was just as important. If we couldn't live, just what were we fighting for?

Too late now, besides, the threat would have only gotten worse. You remember what Vega said.
Home is no longer a place, and peace has a cost.
The tab had already been laid on the table, and I picked it up before scooting out from the booth, Sirius following suit. What now? We're at the mall. New purse? Your makeup bag feeling a little empty? I smirked. Shut the fuck up, Apollo. You needed to come here just as much as I did. I raised an eyebrow with a mischievous smirk. Is that so? The Fossil store. Fuck.

He was right, and I'd wished those ignorant fucks could be footing the bill. My shit was all a mess. I'd taken only necessities, and in the process of the journey and training I'd lost a significant amount of weight. Gone are the days of 'shine, banjos, 12 strings and hijinks. All I needed was a good belt rather than a new wardrobe. And then there was the matter of all my shit, my backpack, my travel gear, and some motherfuckers who thought by ripping it all apart they'd find some dirt on me. No doubt something done at the very least in the name of Luxx. I didn't understand how women thought the mall was therapeutic. Once the food part was over, it was all errands and bullshit.

I paid the tab, thanking the cashier in the best Spanish I could muster. (Living in southern California I had learned some.) We went out the door that lead to the mall and the Mexican folk music faded and it was now the strange elevator music version of old pop songs. I know, I know, meet you in an hour, Dad. Damn right.

It wasn't long before I found the mall directory, and headed straight for the Fossil store like I was on a mission, at least until I smelled it - in fact, I felt it. A group of wolves. In the state things were in, I'd grown a sense of dread at sensing my own kind, which was horrible. Just weeks ago I would have been ecstatic, overjoyed, but of course, that was something else in my life Luxx just had to go and shit on. As much as I hated it, this whole situation, this whole bowl of shit stew she'd served me, needed order. It needed a lot of things, but one of the first things on my list was some form of punishment. If I couldn't kill her, which still wasn't entirely out of my mind, I'd have to figure out a way to incapacitate her. I knew the moment I'd heard she was around that things would be headed quickly for shit creek, and as much as I had trusted every other thing said by Vega, I couldn't understand how on this shitty little earth she could take up for her. What, was she abused as a child? Did I throw up my mom being a pill slut every time I fucked up?

... living with Onxy and...
..home to the alpha...

My ears perked up but then I smelled her, that smell I'd learned to hate, and I could feel the tips of my fangs pushing through my gums. I could feel claws pushing at my skin. Without thinking, I ran. Without even realizing it, the shelf of the calendar kiosk was down on the floor, the fat guy's hotdog was pressed against his chest as I pushed him out of my way, and shopping bags were dropped on the ground.

LUXX! Unwillingly, it came out as half a growl as I pursued the blonde shit eating demon who was now in view.

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Re: [Private] How Much is That Doggy in The Window?

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Mon Mar 27, 2017 4:45 pm

Unbeknownst to them I probably could be a far more specific tour guide. Hang around a wolf as much as I had Apollo once upon a time and you learn a few stupid little things. Could probably set them up real nice with Onyx too if I wanted. Knowing eccentricities didn’t help me any. What looked like knowledge gained through being genuinely interested in their packages was seen through layers of fucking shit if I used it. Which was about right really. I had gained anything I knew mostly under nefarious pretenses. Wasn’t going to fucking share what Apollo’s fucking favorite color was, or the fact that propositioning him while fucked out of their gords on beer wasn’t the best way forward. Just like I didn’t imagine he was going to let slip that strawberries were one of my favorite foods. That I would eat them whole no matter how big the fruit was, even if I had to get juice all over my chin in order to do it. Or that live music could send me to an entirely different universe to this one.

Just as I expected the women in front of me to start demanding further details as to what beer to buy, what sack was the best for hooking ranked wolves, I caught the brief trail of a scent on the air. Wasn’t like I hadn’t smelt it before. Avoiding Apollo was more difficult than dodging almost any other wolf. I was well aware there were two that could find me no matter what I did. Vilks and Camille. That didn’t mean that Kidd and Apollo didn’t have an advantage.

Getting trained in being a scout was one thing. Actually being good was a whole different story. I’d spent far too many years learning how to use wind direction, potent scents and misdirection to give the average wolf the slip. The Lone female Alpha and the old Lone knew all those tricks too having been in the very same position. With their obvious additional specific training they had me beat. Kidd was exceptional for his age and eager as fuck to show what skills he had to offer and Apollo…well, Apollo’s nose was nothing to snort at.

Was just going to lead my lemmings away from that smell but I didn’t have the chance to. “Hey Apollo!” The girls began approaching the fuming figure of the very last wolf I wanted to see again in the flesh. Would rather be threatened by Camille again or even have Onyx return to see that I’d gone and used his name without his consent. Especially when the Sequoia warlord looked like he was about to shift in the middle of a busy mall.

“Shit….” Using Scarlet and the others as walking, talking distractions I spun about to bolt in the complete opposite direction. Fuck this shit I was out of here. My determined spin and bounce into a run wasn’t done with care. I slammed directly into a tall solid woman adorned with more shopping bags than was necessary for someone already dressed like she owned a castle. She lost her hold on several of them, the floor getting scattered with jewelry boxes, books and lacy underwear.

“Bitch! Watch where you’re…” Her angry voice was cut off as I teetered slipping on a silky negligee, careening backward this time into a man who grasped me by both shoulders. “Woah there little lady, where you off to in such a hurry?” Anywhere but here. Ripping my body furiously from his hands I decided pelting down wide open corridors wasn’t going to be the best plan and not because I would have to duck and weave through shoppers. We’d run together, Apollo and I, I knew he was just as fast as I was.

Turning to change my path I threw myself into the clusterfuck that always ran down the middle of any mall. Those little cheap cell phone accessories carts, costume jewelry vendors and instructional kiosks. Running full tilt right into a line of coin operated massage chairs I leaped up and stomped a foot down on an armrest, launching myself up and over it. Had to barrel roll over the floor awkwardly when I landed but at least I was putting as many obstacles between me and certain dismemberment as possible.

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Paul Thacker

Re: [Private] How Much is That Doggy in The Window?

Paul Thacker | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Thu Mar 30, 2017 12:31 am

What was I going to do if I caught her? Magically conjure some cuffs or pull some zip ties from my ass and keep her prisoner until I figured out just what to do with her? No, and sorry Vega, but there was nothing that kind crossing my mind as I ran. She was trying some parkour shit and I knew it wasn't going to work out for her. For the greater good, I thought to myself as I ran alongside, pushing humans out of the way, and doing my own version of her tactics as some fucked up kiddie train passed through playing the kid's bop version of some pop song. I stumbled on my landing but was quickly at it again, catching up when there was a slight gap in crowd. Why do you run, Luxx, guilty conscious? I muttered, knowing it was possible she'd hear my voice even through the low mumble of the crowd.

She was fast, and maybe more nimble than me, but what I figured she wouldn't get is that at this point I couldn't give two shits about casualties. Normally, sure, but it took a different side of me to deal with her. The one who had to step up and do the unthinkable if it meant protecting what little we all had left. I'd be a fucking martyr, sure.

I thought I was almost beside her, Enough so that I could strafe to my left and tackle her, until right in front of me there was an obstacle I wouldn't be able to plow through without shifting. Of all things, the fucking Easter Bunny's hut. Kids lined up to my right, curved around, waiting to take a picture on the lap of some pedo, giant oversized carrots and eggs surrounding the "yard". Further to my left was the what the back of the bunny hut rested against, the half wall of brick and bench and a joke of a fake forest. I had nowhere to go, but neither did she.

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Re: [Private] How Much is That Doggy in The Window?

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Thu Mar 30, 2017 3:10 pm

Lesson one in running from someone. Don’t look behind you. Women in scary movies never followed that rule and always ended up getting caught because they were fucking air heads and had to take a gander at the serial killer chasing them with a knife. Should have followed my own advice, but I didn’t. Kept glancing over my shoulder as if knowing exactly where he was would mean I could gain an advantage. All it did was reduce my head start to nothing as the strip of stalls feathered out.

Swallowing hard in my throat as his voice reached my ears even over the distracting cacophony of shoppers, my lips twisted into a programmed sneer. Of course he would think I was running because I was guilty of something. Nobody would think maybe the Lone wanted a bit of mid-morning exercise. Never mind the fact he looked like he wanted to turn my ass into a white fur purse. Oh no, it was because I had done something. Always with the pointing of fingers. I had done something of course but fuck, did all these wolves live in the past? Was forgive and forget far too much for them? Wasn’t even convincing myself as the thoughts ran through my head. Apollo and the Sequoia had every reason to want my head on a pike. Unfortunately for them that wasn’t going to happen. Not now, not ever.

Stuck in my head as my boots clattered over the shiny linoleum floor I hadn’t even noticed I was cutting myself off. I’d been aiming for the food court. All the overlapping scents of cooking food would hopefully disorientate his senses and give me a shroud to hide behind. Would only work if I could somehow get out of sight of course. Boxed in. What the fuck was this shit? Why did humans do this crap? Santa Clause that I could understand. Not that if I had kids I would let them sit on a strange old farts lap to beg for presents in exchange for being a ‘good little girl or boy’. Shit was creepy as hell. What the fuck were they asking the Easter bunny for? A pass card from getting type two diabetes? Fuck my life. Between me and the food court was this monstrosity. Between me and the wolf I was avoiding was nothing but a country wagon filled with straw cradling fake vegetables and a candy display of chocolate double the price they would be any other time of year.

This was not how I was going to meet my end. In a garden of plastic grass with stuffed white rabbits. Shrieking with frustration, I slammed my shoulder into the shelving that was taller than I was to tip it directly into his path. As it crashed to the floor, showering foiled eggs everywhere, several children screamed. The sound stabbed deep but I had no time to think about frightening kids right now.

Grasping a huge hollow carrot I vaulted over the little white picket fence and grabbed the ornament on the follow through to then biff it with as much fury as I could muster towards Apollos head. My sunglasses fell off my face but I abandoned them taking hold of a giant empty Easter egg decorated with baby blue and pink stripes. Little bodies scampered everywhere trying to get out of the way of the carnage. A sea of baseball caps and brightly colored t-shirts with animals printed on the front of them. “Piss off! Leave me the fuck alone Paul!” I winced as I used his human name. Would just look retarded if I’d called him Apollo right? Who the fuck named their son that?

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