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 [Closed] Unlucky Number

[Closed] Unlucky Number

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[Closed] Unlucky Number

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:09 am

Thread Details
The Forest | Clear, Cold | Twilight

-DAY 13 Without an Alpha- Part 1 of 2

Shit had taken a turn for the worse. In three days somehow everything had gone completely tits up. I was trying so hard. Every waking moment, which was pretty much every hour, was spent trying to make puzzle pieces fit. Just shoving them in place if they didn’t want to go. The un-pack was divided. That’s what I was calling it in my head now. The Un-pack. Made it sound like a zombie construction of wolf parts that just didn’t work together. Creating a monstrosity that burned buildings in the den I had been painstakingly repairing, spray painted fucking symbols all over town and attacked one another in the streets. If the Supremacy was watching, and I’m sure they fucking were, they all had big boxes of popcorn. Saying shit was fucked was not enough. Rightly all I needed to do was talk to Apollo. A civil war had broken out over a singular thought. Who was going to be chosen as Head Warlord for the new pack? It didn’t matter what I said. It never did really. If it didn’t have Onyx’s signature tagged onto it then it didn’t mean fuck all. The Wolves were running the show now and their rumors and gossip had taken a very sinister turn. You were either for the election of Apollo or you were fucking bonkers and thought that it should be me.

Walking through the forest alone at twilight I actually let the silence wash over me. Now wherever I went I could get music. If I was at the Den working with other wolves to rebuild it, speakers would blare out anything I wanted. Training sessions always had soundtracks, dictated by me. Had to admit that the power was intoxicating. I kept telling myself that the reason why I wasn’t focused on squashing the rebel uprising was that I was too busy but in actual fact…urgh, it was nice to feel wanted. Even if it wasn’t a majority vote. Some wolves actually looked up to me. Orion in particular was beautiful on the battlefield, though right now it was all simulated. Watching him made pride rise up in my chest. That I was indeed being a Warlord. That wolves were taking from me the tools they needed to take back what had been ripped from us. Our freedom.

Silence made me think. Thinking was typically a bad thing. Before I could even really clear my head enough to really zero in on what it was I needed to figure out, I caught a scent on the air. Fuck. FUCK. I didn’t even get time to shift before she was in front of me. Her white eyes glowed and I found myself transfixed for a moment. Hadn’t seen that color for so fucking long. Being unable to properly sleep made days drag on. She padded around me, and I didn’t dare move. Camille was an Alpha. If I tried to call to my wolf, there wouldn’t be time to take full form before she tore my throat out, I knew that. Where is he Luxx? Her voice filled my head and unlike any other time I had ever spoken to her, it was filled with hatred. “I….Camille…I….fuck….are you even going to believe anything that I say? Like…fuck…no one listens to me. You all assume I’m a liar as soon as I open my mouth.” Her graceful form stopped and she calmly sat down, tilting her massive canine head.

Tell me a story Luxx. Make this one truth. You’re right that I’m the one who’s going to decide whether or not you are telling lies. Lets start with my first question and move onto the next. Was I going to die? That wasn’t about to happen right? I’d seen my death. It was at the hands of Onyx and when I looked around me I had a fair idea why he would want to, if he didn’t already have enough ammunition now. I’d forced myself into some form of detox through the last three days. Drinking blood so close to Ozra had been a wakeup call and a half. Especially when he had started dropping hints when I was working. Not that he thought I was drinking the shit, but that I ‘needed to drop my extra training’. He thought outside of the regular pack boot camps that I was off fucking up Fangers like some vigilante with a death wish. His way of coming up with a reason why the smell of death followed me everywhere. Stretching out vials was how I was dialling it back. Not drinking whole ones. Sipping like it was fucking tea and I was the Queen of England.

“He’s coming back, I just…I don’t know where he is…” I wasn’t going to fucking beg her. I still had some dignity. A little anyway. “He left a note in his truck, which he left in a hotel carpark in the middle of nowhere.” Why do the rest of the wolves believe that he’s still here? “Because I haven’t told them that he’s gone, that I don’t know where he is.” Camille advanced on me, as if that statement was not enough information to answer the question that had been offered. I didn’t move. She padded right up into my face, looking down at me. Her hot breath hit me in a tidal wave. I thought no-one believes a single word from your mouth Luxx. Oh fuck. Once again the shit from my lips was getting me into trouble. Seriously?! “I told some fucking lies okay, its what I do best. Rumors and gossip have always worked to my advantage but it’s not like I can control the thoughts of Wolves. Without Onyx…’s chaos, I’m trying…” I choked back the rest of the sentence already knowing it didn’t matter what it was anyway. She’d already made up her mind. Just like Onyx had when I had tried to reach out to him.

“How did you become an Alpha?” I blurted the words out before I had a chance to think and as soon as it had hit the air, reached Camilles ears, I was on my back in the dirt. Her large paw pressing down on my chest. I winced as the pressure moved a broken rib that was taking it’s sweet ass time to heal. A deep growl reverberated from her form, traveling through her limb and into my heart. “This pack needs one Camille!” And you think that should be you don’t you! Her voice sliced through my temples. I’ve watched you stroll around. Wearing his leather jacket. Smoking cigarettes. Sleeping in his bed. Driving his truck. Why did he leave Luxx? assuming I believe you that he left of his own accord! “I don’t know!” I screamed at her and the weight on that paw got heavier. Fuck, she was going to cave in my ribcage. Terror rose up in my throat. This was not how I was meant to die. wasn’t right.

I did something unthinkable. I used my ability. I’d been using it on and off during training. If someone got themselves into a situation that meant another wolf was going to be wounded seriously. It had been the only way I’d managed to avoid deaths so far. It was draining me faster than the combat itself, than the lack of proper sleep, than the Fanger blood decaying my insides. Hitting the in-between rocked me like no other time before but instead of the form of Camille emerging from the tree line, I saw something else. The shadow woman. Before when Onyx and I had been fighting that nest she had been nothing but a feminine shade. Now, now I could see her.

It doesn’t have to be like this Lilith. You are an exquisite creature. These wolves don’t see your worth but I do. I want you.

She held out a beautiful hand and in it was a weapon. Before I even took it I knew it would hurt when I passed back into reality.


Allowing time to revert back to where it had been, not changing a thing I blinked back into the same position underneath the immense paw of Camille. This time, this time my hand sizzled around a thin delicate blade. A fine sharp tip. I saw the flicker of realization in Camille’s eyes. That I had used something she had only heard rumors about. My wolf ability. Just as she crushed down on my ribcage, shattering every single bone, cutting into vital organs, I shoved the weapon up into her head. Piercing through an eye socket.

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Re: [Closed] Unlucky Number

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:42 am

Part 2 of 2

No…it wasn’t right.

What the fuck? What the fuck just happened? My eyes widened even further than they had been before. What? Didn’t I just…die? Didn’t I just kill Camille? How? I was still under her paw. She was still staring down at me as if she had just only recently asked me why Onyx had left. But…but….I couldn’t breath and it wasn’t just because the Alphas foot pressed against my lungs but because I was freaking out. Camille tilted her head and a calmer breath of her voice filtered through my skull. Are you okay? I mean, I’m pretty impressed with myself for making someone as arrogant as you tremble but…Luxx… She removed the paw from my chest and I rolled over grasping at the dirt. What was happening to me?

“I don’t know why he left, I really don’t. All I want is for him to come back. It’s like the moment he left everything has gone wrong!” I screamed everything into the ground. I was losing my mind. Really actually losing it. Had to get off the Vampire blood. Not only was it destroying my body it was now getting further into my head. I could deal with the dreams about fucking Onyx but I couldn’t do this. Not this. To not know what I was seeing was real or not. Oh God. “You already know I want to be an Alpha. That I’ve wanted it for so long. But it’s not just for me this time Camille I fucking swear. It’s for them! ITS FOR THEM.” She took several steps back and shifted out. The expression on her face was one of complete and utter shock. “What do I do? Tell me what to do. I’m asking for your advice, yeah I know crazy but I feel crazy, I am crazy!” Scrambling up from the ground I fell to my knees in front of her. Begging was one thing I had always told myself I would never do. It was the lowest of the low.

“My prophecy says I’m meant to protect him but I he doesn’t even want to be around me. I’m the reason why he left because he hates me.” I pressed my hands over my face clawing at my forehead with fingernails that couldn’t catch against the skin. “Your prophecy?” Camille’s voice was soft. “Your Prophecy is about him?” I just nodded lamely and lowered my hands. “Get off the blood Luxx, this is your final warning. You’re killing yourself and if you’re dead you can’t protect him at all can you?” She was right. I knew she was right. I wanted it to sink in this time. To give me some strength. But like I’d said to Onyx himself. He was stronger than me. Though fuck it was easy for him to be stronger when he didn’t have to deal with this shit. “Done. As soon as he’s back I’ll get off it. I’ll detox. You get it that I’ll die anyway right?”

“You should have more faith in the ancestors Luxx.”

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