Index was once a small and close-knit community, but the town located on the western side of Washington state has grown in recent years beyond anyone's expectations. It is the ideal place for those who work in Seattle but can't afford the city's high real estate prices, and for others the natural beauty attracts them to the town. And Index truly is a beautiful place - surrounded by thick evergreen trees, tall mountains and glistening rivers and lakes. While weather is typically rainy with overcast skies even this does nothing to take away from the beauty of the town, and it is only highlighted further when the heavy snow graces the town and caps the mountains in winter. To many, Index would seem like a paradise. And yet lurking beneath this visual beauty there is more to this town than anyone might ever imagine...

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 [Closed] Can't Go a Week Without Doing Wrong

[Closed] Can't Go a Week Without Doing Wrong

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[Closed] Can't Go a Week Without Doing Wrong

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Sun Mar 19, 2017 3:59 am

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The highway and a Hotel in the Middle of Nowhere | Light Snow | N/A

-DAY 10 Without an Alpha-

Kidd had returned. Little wolf had made some excellent time given his age. Fuck he was an eager thing. His Father had been a scout for their pack, according to Kidd, the best they had. Since he had trained Kidd himself I believed it. Fifteen years old and had found Onyx’s truck. When he’d told me how far away it was, I’d been shocked and amazed at how fucking brilliant Kidd really was at finding shit. That had been somewhat short-lived of an experience because when it dawned on me where the fuck the truck actually was. I was pissed. So fuming in fact I had scared the living fuck out of Kidd, flipping into a rage that I had been bottling up for ten days straight. This turning over a new leaf crap was tricky bullshit that was for damn sure.

The Dominion were very much a pack that ran on rage. Many packs seemed to have an all-encompassing emotion that trumped all others. Those that didn’t, had a mantra of some description. I think that was why I’d found the Pacific so fucking lame when I’d first met them. The only thing that they seemed to hold in high regard was drinking themselves into oblivion. While I could relate to those sentiments it was not a good platform in which to balance a pack. Since I’d been re-born into a community that lifted those on high who could release the inner primal fury, I was finding it difficult to really cut those ties. Fuck it pissed me off that all this time I’d held fast to something of their culture. At the same time it filled me with a fucked sense of pride. That The Dominion really did live on within me. Made the idea of dying at the hands of Onyx in the future, as per prophecy, a harder biscuit to swallow than it was before.

Convincing Ozra to come with me had been like jumping through hoops of flame. “I’m not leaving One Shot to go on a fucking trip with you Luxx. What the fuck is wrong with you? All this training is rattling the brain around in that skull of yours.” Every single night I had been out in that forest. Sessions had extended from two hours to three. The numbers of wolves increasing every single time. Some had begun referring to me as Nazi Bitch behind my back, others I’d heard had labeled me the Goddess of War. Holy fuck did both of those nicknames make me feel good. Both of them. At first it had just been talk. Slurs and slander which mated in an unholy union with rumors and gossip that had grown even out of my control. I’d heard some pretty fucked stories. The only ones I made a point of dealing with were the statements that belittled Onyx. Some shit about my vagina having teeth. Insinuating that he and I were fucking and my lower jaws had eaten his manhood, which was why he was letting a woman and a Lone run his pack for him. Dickless Pack Master. Fuck Wolves did my head in sometimes.

How did I combat this do you ask? I was fucking Orion again. He had returned with the Pacific members Ozra had brought with him. He wasn;t too happy to see me obviously but I didn’t actually find it all that difficult to convince him that I wasn’t interested in fighting to the death over past bullshit. Essentially that had started yet another rumor that ran parallel to the other one. This was one I left alone. That I was a wild cat in the sack. Hahahahaha. Fuck yeah baby. I let him parade around with scratches and love bites all over him, just to fuel that very thought. Was utterly hilarious, and fucking true dammit. It also helped with the fact that when I did sleep I dreamed of Onyx. Sleeping in his bed didn’t help. Though his scent was only just barely clinging to the sheets, it was gasoline to my imagination. I looked forward to getting some rest. Not only because it was a rare occurrence that spare time and Fanger blood worked in tandem for me to get some but also because in the darkness of my own head, Onyx was here. Debo still helped quell desires on the odd occasion, but nothing beat actually fucking a wolf.

“So you’re telling me that all this fucking time you were lying to me?” Ozra got into the passenger side of his truck and I turned the key in the ignition. He was drunk, as per every day, which was funny since he had always poked fun at both me and Onyx for having drinking problems. Now he couldn’t say dick. That was so fucking satisfying. “Yes, but it was a lie with good intentions. Imagine how everyone would feel if they knew Onyx had bailed on them.” That statement had left a heavy silence in the vehicle for about ten minutes of the trip. I hated silence now. Hated it. Since it had taken so fucking long to get him to agree to the mission, and even longer to give me the drivers seat, I was starting to sweat.

There was no timer ping to my blood drinking anymore. No set spaces between doses. I drank it when I needed it. When I wanted it. When I was bored. My skin was permanently pale. My cheekbones far more prominent. The grey circles around my eyes that had once been faint were a darker shade that was only hidden with black eyeshadow. Nails bitten right back, not allowed to grow. I never had my hair down anymore as it had lost its shine, the curls unable to swirl with precision. Training was the only reason I bothered to shower. Couldn’t rightly walk around with blood all over myself every single day. Bruises were taking longer to heal and I always had angry cuts and scratches. Not just from the intense battle simulations but mutilating myself in my sleep. I didn’t understand it. That I could have such tremendous orgasms and then wake to mauled marks upon my chest. Just one side. Same place every single time. Fucked up was what that was.

“Kidd found his truck.” It was Ozra that broke the silence and I could have almost hugged him. I was gripping the steering wheel with a growing desperation. Needed to keep my mind on something other than thoughts of thick red liquid. “Yeah, that’s all he said. He was exhausted so I wasn’t going to drill him for more information. It was enough for me.” Could feel Ozra’s eyes digging into me but I kept mine glued to the road. Speed limits were rough guide lines as far as I was concerned and he hadn’t said shit about the fact that I was breaking them on every single straight stretch of road. “Why?...why are you so...?” Another silence sat for what felt like hours. Could imagine the thoughts he was trying to run through a sieve. “Intent on finding him?” I finished Ozra’s sentence well after what would have been appropriate but the bar owner just slowly nodded. “Just because I’m not joining this fucking pack doesn’t mean I’m not dedicated to having it survive. It needs an Alpha…even if the Alpha is a…” My teeth gritted together. I’d been battling with this the whole drive. Stuck in my head because Ozra’s car radio didn’t fucking work and forcing him to talk didn’t seem right when I’d just dumped a hefty load into his lap.

Onyx had left because he was a coward and a liar.
Onyx had left because of me.

Swerving suddenly to the side of the road with no warning what so ever made Ozra bellow. “Fuck!” I ignored him and swung the door open quickly and ran behind the vehicle. Bending over….I threw up. So couldn’t be dealing with all those thoughts right now. “Stay in the fucking truck.” Yelling at him, I spat trying to get the sour flavour out of my mouth. Pulling a vial out of my pocket I downed a hit of blood, pausing long enough to suck every last drop from my teeth. Did the smell of vomit trump that of Fanger? Meh, who the fuck cared at this point? Making sure to scuff some spew onto my boot, I spun about to climb back into the vehicle. “You’re sick aren’t you?” No-one as of yet had grown the balls to ask me that question. I’d seen the looks they would give me when they thought I wasn’t watching. Some days I was fine. It depended on the strength of the batch of juice I had. My energy levels and overall physical health was an hourly seesaw though. “Slow down Luxx. I don’t get why you’re so hell bent on this. It’s crazy. You’re crazy.” I laughed and shoved my foot down on the accelerator as if he had been complaining about my driving rather than that ferocity in which I had been running about town. “You know what Onyx said to me the last time I saw him?” I grinned, some of the old sparkle reaching my eyes as I shot a quick glance in Ozra’s direction. “He told me to do what I want, so that’s what I’m doing.”

When we finally arrived at the hotel that Kidd had told me about I almost crashed Ozra’s truck into a parked vehicle. “Wait…Luxx.” Ozra just barely reached me as I almost ran to the Holy Grail. “Take a deep breath for me alright?” I’d been about to shift and just rip the fucking door off, without even checking to see if it was unlocked. Was losing my shit over this. Ozra bent down and fumbled behind the back tyre producing a key with a magnetic attachment. “Watched him fuck around one night in the carpark.” I felt a smile pulling the corners of my lips as I watched a grin reach Ozra’s own mouth. “Figured he was so pissed out of his mind that he thought his truck was a woman or something, but then that’s when I discovered how he had been driving his truck home when I had his damn keys.” A bark of laughter mixed with a string of giggles but both faded off into an awkward pained silence. Almost felt like we were talking about someone who was dead. Sharing memories at a wake. Of which there was no body. Just a fucking truck.

I let Ozra calmly open the door before finally just losing all patience and barging past him. On the front seat I found a note. I stood there holding it, reading, re-reading, over and over. Even after my travelling companion had taken the paper from my hands, I saw those words. I’m coming back. Shit was going to haunt me. I don’t know what I’d been expecting. For the longest time I didn’t know what to do with it. “Hey, I’m….look I need to get back to the bar. I’ll give you this and you can drive his truck back.” I nodded, mutely taking the key from him. Didn’t move from the spot as he drove away either, though I was aware of his concerned gaze locked on me the whole time.

It was sundown before I moved. Had no clue the stretch of time that had passed with me just standing there trying to decipher what it was I was feeling. The first thing I did was truly insane. I shifted a paw and with violence that Dominion would be proud of, I axed claw marks into the driver’s side door of the truck. Really ripping my paw through the metal, even though it shredded my own skin in the process. Didn’t even yell, or howl or anything, forcing all of the furor into the singular action of scarring something that belonged to the Pack Master. My lack of verbal reaction didn’t last however.

“Don’t bother!”

Screaming at the top of my lungs to the point my throat burned, I felt hot tears stream down my cheeks. I just…I didn’t…I couldn’t….Twitching with fury I leaped into the truck and started the engine. As the electronics clicked on Onyx’s music hit me full force in the face. Was fucked how the sound of it made my blurred vision clear. His scent filling my nostrils in a way that acted like a form of novocaine. Pulling open the glovebox I lay waste to the contents finally finding what it was I was looking for. A packet of cigarettes. Lighting one I slammed the door shut and burst out onto the highway heading back towards Index.

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