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 [Closed] Everything is 'Fine'

[Closed] Everything is 'Fine'

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[Closed] Everything is 'Fine'

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Sat Mar 18, 2017 1:18 am

Thread Details
Light Snowfall | 6:30pm

This is the start of various solos and threads dated in the days of Vincent's disappearance all threads will begin with OOC notes stating what day it is in the timeline. -DAY 3 Without an Alpha-

“Have you lost your mind?” Ozra’s deep voice rumbled in my ear as I pinned the upper corners of a large notice to the wall next to the bar. “A long time ago.” I muttered in response, smoothing my hands down to unroll the bottom of the poster. A forgery of Onyx’s signature came into view. Important paperwork of any description was hard to find in his home, but I’d eventually found a couple of things with his autograph on them and had spent some time perfecting a copycat. What else was I going to fucking do? The asshole hadn’t been seen by anyone in three days. So far they all didn’t think anything was amiss, since I would re-direct the conversation saying I’d just seen him having a smoke, or he was taking a piss. You just missed him. Onyx wasn’t a social butterfly at the best of times apparently so most Wolves didn’t think anything of it that he hadn’t been seen in the flesh by anyone recently. The only other wolf who was aware something was really wrong was Kidd. Not only had he been the last person other than me to see the Pack Master, he had now been sent as a scout to find Onyx. Three days was not long enough to declare a wolf missing. After the furious state I’d last seen him in. What I’d said. How he had responded. Three days might as well have been three weeks. “Shouldn’t he be announcing a mandatory training regime in person Luxx?”

Ozra was the only other wolf that seemed to have cottoned on to the fact that Onyx wasn’t just a hard Alpha to track down, but one that was completely absent. He had to know that Onyx was pissed with him but even though he probably wasn’t expecting him to drink at One Shot, all the whiskey purchases I had made at the bottle store were signed off by me. Ozra owned that too. “That’s hilarious, you think he actually has time to do this shit? This is my job.” I’d barely finished getting the signage fastened before Ozra grabbed my arm roughly and began dragging me into the back room. The poster was pretty blunt. I’d made it look as if Wolves were some kind of non-descript sporting team, or survivalists group or hunting community. All participants had to meet at a certain spot, where I could make sure that no humans, Fangers or ranked members were present in the masses before I relocated the group to a secure location. No wolf was allowed any communication devices at all. Didn’t need some feisty Sequoia sending out a text message to Apollo to come rain on my parade.

“What the fuck is going on?” Ozra snarled in my face pushing me up against a wall, leaning down so his eyes were level with my own. “This is the first time in weeks I’ve seen you remotely sober and as far as I can tell no-one at all aside from you has laid eyes on Onyx. Where the fuck is he Luxx?” He wasn’t going to intimidate me. I wasn’t going to cave and admit to him that I had no idea where his Pack Master was. “He doesn’t need to answer to you Ozra, he’s fucking busy alright? New wolves are arriving daily. Who the fuck do you think is sending them here?” Word of mouth was probably working its magic now. Either before I fucked things like I had a knack of doing, Onyx had been using his pack connections to locate survivors, or the natural grape vine had lit Index up like a lighthouse to the shipwrecked. Maybe I wasn’t even lying. Just maybe that’s where he was. Out looking for new additions to the pack which still wasn’t a pack.

Ozra growled, his eyes bursting into verdant green but I just rolled my own eyes. “He’s not the only wolf who is busy. Of course Onyx’s orders mean that I can’t work any later than 1am.” The first of the three favors Ozra expected from me for his return to Index with Pacific wolves in tow was of course instated. I was the newest slave wench for his bar which was about to undergo renovations. Ozra didn’t give a shit about health and safety regulations so he wasn’t closing the place while building commenced. Drinking in the fucking bar during the day was a nightmare with all the drilling and sawing noises. Even worse when you couldn’t leave of your own accord. “He’s meant to be here holding up his end of that bargain too.” Had no idea what exactly Onyx was meant to be doing. Helping with the efforts to transform One Shot into whatever the fuck Ozra was mutating it into? No fucking clue. Not a concern of mine. “Obviously that’s not fucking important right now Ozra, so you’ll have to put your big wolf pants on and deal.”

He clearly wasn’t used to me just being matter of fact without flipping off into the deep end, or throwing him a wicked smirk or playing some kind of complicated game of deception. Though this all had to be the biggest fucking lie I’d managed to conjure out of my arse of late. The fact that Onyx was around and using me as his emissary. “What happens if I call him?” Same thing that had happened when I had I imagined. I’d called him seventeen times. Yes, I’d counted. At first I would be connected, but it would ring until voicemail picked up. Then all I’d gotten was the same default robot drone, lazy fuck didn’t even have a custom ‘unable to take your call right now’ message. “He won’t answer. Anyway, I’m assuming he wouldn’t be in tower range right now but go ahead, waste some fucking time trying to whine to him directly. Be my guest.”

The bar owner snarled and snapped away from me, finally giving me relief from that stale beer breath that he always had now. Pacing up and down in front of me I almost felt sorry for him, seeing his frown making wrinkles in his face more prominent. Though Onyx was under the impression that Ozra gave no fucks about him or the pack having reserved his only fucks for the preservation of his baby, One Shot, I knew that this was tearing him up inside. A pack without a Pack Master wasn’t a pack. “Tell me, that you’re telling the truth Luxx. That you don’t have him captive somewhere, waiting for your chance to eat his heart and have everyone welcome you as a fucking Alpha because so help me…if you’re lying…” I swallowed.

“Like any story I tell you is going to be believed” I’d tried telling the truth. Only to one wolf of course but it had already proven to me that anything I said would be taken with a truck load of salt and an entire bottle of tequila. That was the very reason why I had crafted a delicate web of bullshit to keep up this charade so Onyx could have his little fucking vacation. I was intending to throw his signature around like celebration confetti. Then I was going to begin planting rumors. I was very good at inciting shitty gossip. Had been one of my main weapons in previous years. Soon there would be talk of such and such and their sordid night with the Pack Master. Whosawhatsits grand moment of being told by the Alpha that his moonshine was the best he’d ever tasted. Even if shit was a lie, most wolves had too much pride to start setting things straight. They would claim the tales as factual events and it would seem as if Onyx was alive and well and walking amongst us. I was literally writing a fucking bible but with high school tactics. “He’s fine.” Now that. That was a lie. He wasn’t fine. I wasn’t fine with not knowing whether he was still alive, well and walking. Fine was a fucking curse word.

“He won’t be though if you don’t do what I’m about to ask you.” Ozra stopped pacing and balled his hands into big fists still glaring at me with green glowing eyes. “What’s that? Oh Luxx, Alpha’s right hand lady.” An uncontrollable ring of giggles burst from my lips at the stupid nickname which was of course, uttered sarcastically. “Onyx needs you to collect information from every pack on their traditional ceremonies and rituals around the acceptance of new wolves into their ranks. Not turnings or births. Doesn’t have to be real experiences. Myths, stories, anything they might have heard and feel the need to tell you.” This wasn’t a pack without an Alpha, regardless though it wasn’t a pack until all the wolves were bonded. Something like this had never happened as far as I could tell. Mergers had taken place before in history but never the induction and formation of a new pack from many many others. “Wait…what?” I sighed and ran fingers over my eyes, smudging my eye makeup and not giving a shit in the slightest. I was tired, forever tired. Trying to look good was the least of my worries now. “There needs to be a rite of induction, something that isn’t going to take a fucking millennia to get through so this pack can finally be called a pack.” 

Ozra nodded slowly, running his hand over his mouth in thought. “You joining now? Don’t see you giving a shit about this if you weren’t” Turning towards the door I shook my head, plastering a fake look of disgust on my face. “Fuck no. As I said, Onyx wants you to do this. I’m just the messenger.” I was going to be saying that a lot now…I could tell.

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