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 [Open-2] Shadow of a Doubt - Page 2

[Open-2] Shadow of a Doubt

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Re: [Open-2] Shadow of a Doubt

Daphne Collins | Witch; Necromancer

Posted on Mon Apr 17, 2017 8:25 pm

I paused for a moment at Kai's explanation that wasn't. I wasn't sure what his response was supposed to mean. It was a simple dress, hardly very different from my usual outfits. You don't like it because it's shadowy? I asked, confused. My eyebrow quirked once he continued, Oh... thank you, I said. I was rather surprised at the compliment. Not that Kai didn't seem like the type who would compliment someone, but rather that it seemed sincere. I'd been complimented once before by a warlock who had been trying to manipulate me, although I hadn't known it at the time. Later, Joel hadn't bothered to compliment me at all but treated me as a child instead. I'd changed a lot since I'd known either of them. I was not overly flattered at Kai's compliment, but I wasn't unhappy to receive it. It seemed genuine and I didn't mind being told that I was wearing a pretty dress if there were no ulterior motives for the compliment.

I'm led to believe that a shadow person has already attached itself to each one of us. The information regarding how they gain power was a bit murky, unfortunately. My mother was a challenge to work with. She told me that they could use psychological means to attack their hosts, but wasn't inclined to explain to me how to rid myself of mine. She was convinced that I should try to enslave it and use it as some kind of familiar. You're a necromancer, Daphne. Use your power, was all she would say on that matter.

The best I can ascertain for now is that we need to find a way to close our minds to the attacks of the shadow people, whatever those attacks may entail, it can't be good. Beyond that... I'm not sure. I wasn't omniscient, clearly. I'd hardly known myself to be a witch until recently. I'd been working to catch up knowledge-wise with someone of Kai's calibre, but it was a challenge. My mother's guidance was helpful and a pain as well, since we often reached disagreements regarding how my power should be used and such. My mother was a without a doubt a deceptive woman. I never for a moment believed that she cared about me, although she asked me to call her mother. I went along with her whims to placate her, but our relationship was hardly that of a parent and child. I felt the need to keep her on a short leash, but she felt the same about me.

The fact that you see yours and that it interacts with the corporal world worries me. It could be a sign that it's becoming powerful. I've seen what I believe to be my own, but I am sometimes able to protect myself from it using an old necro spell that I learned. The spell had also been taught to me by my mother. It didn't really hurt the shadow person, but bound it during a discrete amount of time and gave me time to protect myself from its plans.

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Re: [Open-2] Shadow of a Doubt

Malakai Greenmantle III | Warlock; Elementalist

Posted on Sat Apr 22, 2017 5:44 am

The topic of her dress needed to be one that was left and forgotten but I had been finding it difficult to concentrate on what should be more important. It wasn’t unheard of to find myself torn, dragged between usually my everyday mundane human workplace and that of my personal business but I’d never really experienced a fixation that had nothing to do with my work. Michelle invaded my thoughts on a regular basis and I had at least stopped myself from constantly messaging her. Resorting to looking through her Facebook page to the point I had now committed everything there was on display to memory. Daphne’s dress just reminded me of her. Had heat rising on the back of my neck at the very thought. I’d been reading over fire based spells, telling myself that it was all due to the fact researching my current problem brought with it freak accidents. It was that and it was also due to the owner of the Mad Platter Music Store. “You’re welcome.” Was scary in fact that I could let my mind run away with me. Into two very different corners. I needed some sleep. A stiff drink maybe and a strait jacket. Spending time with a Necromancer was definitely not medication for whatever ailed me.

“You too then.” A sick part of me that I didn’t really want to acknowledge was almost delighted that she was suffering the same as I. Seeing it as some form of retribution. Using her as a replacement for the Necromancers I would gladly weld together with malevolent spirits. A much larger far more dominant part of myself was horrified that Daphne had been inflicted with the same disease and having it all be because of my actions. I’d already forced myself to accept that I was going to need her help when it came to the Tree, somehow cleansing the forest and getting rid of whatever was following me. Now I was going to have to stomach and fix the fact she was haunted too. Removing the spell book from under my arm, I gripped it with both hands. Anger was not an emotion I liked to express. At least not in the company of others. It displayed a lack of control and everything about me was tailored to appear as if I was effortless in my actions. “Normally I’m a sucker for a little mystery. I like not knowing everything about something…but this…” I’d started questioning everything in fact.

“Energy barriers….Psychic shields…” Thinking out loud, my fingers pressed into the leather binding of the spell book trying to think of what volumes I had upstairs that could help. I’d used such spells for others more times than I could count but given the current situation, my company, everything that I had been thinking about and the fact I needed much more sleep than I was currently running on, details eluded me without the volumes being right in front of me. When she uttered the statement about being able to protect herself from her own shadow, I think I just lost it. Tossing the spellbook across the room it came in contact with a Native American display knocking several carefully arranged spears and other various hunting tools to the floor in a hail of noise. Had to at least be thankful the glass hadn’t been erected in that particular section of the exhibit yet. “So I’m a sitting duck because I’m not a bloody Necro, that’s just great.” Running both hands with furious frustration through my hair, I actually grabbed at the ends, pulling on the strands. “I’m glad, really relieved that you can keep yours off you.” I was. It made me feel useless but at least it was somewhat of a comfort that she could protect herself.

Standing around here wasn’t getting anything done, though the mostly complete exhibition did make me feel calmer than walking throughout the rest of the Museum. All of it was just a reminder of how out of character I was. Scatter-brained and stressed, even though pressure had always been something I had been able to feed positively from. “I have an occult library upstairs, I intend on properly organising everything and opening it to those that can benefit from it.” Strictly referring to those of species beyond human. The door had some haphazardly erected seals to keep humans out, though they would need to be properly addressed at a late date. Along with several others. “Maybe we can find something there that will help us both.” As I began walking past her, I automatically reached out an arm to sweep about her waist. I caught myself before my hand had completely found purchase on the small of her back. “Sorry….my mind is…well I guess you can imagine..” Flustered I gestured to the door shaking my head at myself. Ascending the stairs to the second floor.

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