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[Open-2] Shadow of a Doubt

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Re: [Open-2] Shadow of a Doubt

Daphne Collins | Witch; Necromancer

Posted on Thu Jun 29, 2017 8:59 am

I studied Kai with a look of annoyance on my face, what other option is there? If Kai thought I wasn't afraid at all, then he was wrong. It was important to have a little fear, but it was also important to stay calm. It wouldn't be at all helpful to anyone if we were to panic because that was completely unproductive. The only option here was to move calmly and rationally towards solving the problem. If I lost control of my emotions and my powers then I would become a problem myself. I could understand why he was frustrated, but that didn't mean that it was the best response to the situation.

My expression relaxed at his apology. I was being too harsh on him anyway. I'd had my own struggles with my emotions and powers. I couldn't- didn't expect Kai to have it all figured out all the time. His impressive library was helpful in itself even if he didn't have the expertise that I wanted in a partner. Finding that kind of expertise would mean finding another necromancer anyway and if that necromancer was someone like my mother then I wasn't sure that that would be any better anyway. Whatever was happening with the book the text message was nothing outside of what many warlocks experienced when training and dealing with their power. It required work to achieve mastery of any skill.

I listened to his suggestion and explanation silently, lips pursed. What exactly does this entail? I couldn't even begin to imagine what I would ask for in return if I were to accept his offer, but I wasn't really sure what he was asking of me. He said that he wanted to see the shadow people, so would this tether give him that power? Would it be like he was getting some of my power? Would I get any of his fire magic in return? How closely would we be tethered? Would he be capable of other death and life magics once we were bound together? Was it even safe? If he couldn't control his own fire magic then was it safe to give him death magic of any kind? I would need to know a lot more about what could possibly happen with this type of magic before I agreed to anything, despite his offer to give me whatever I wanted in return.

Is this some kind of power sharing? What do you mean by 'safety net'?

I wasn't sure why I was even considering it. This kind of bond made me nervous - we would be closely tether together in order to fight the shadow people which were already quite threatening without me being almost at the mercy of another warlock who didn't trust me and whom I hardly trusted myself. Our shared experience in the woods had earned him some points in my book, but we had hardly come out as best buddies. I couldn't bring myself to really feel comfortable with the idea that he had suggested. Yet I also knew that I was even less comfortable with the shadow people that had tethered themselves to us, and I recognised that at this point I wouldn't be able to get rid of him so I might as well utilize him.

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